Crytek has paid €140000 for using Denuvo in Crysis Remasted for one year

According to some leaked documents, Crytek has paid €140000 for using Denuvo in Crysis Remasted for one year.

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masterfox55d ago

What a waste of money, most probably sadly this was pirated the very first day of its release.

Profchaos55d ago

Pretty sure it was pirated quickly however I don't think many people even wanted this game after its disappointing news on how it handles CPU threading.

Anyway with denovu from memory if the game is cracked in the first three months of launch the publisher gets a refund meaning crytek / EA paid nothing in the end

phoenixwing55d ago

dang denuvo making tons of cash for being as effective as wet paper

shuvam0955d ago

There has to be some sort of clause stating if a game is cracked within a specified duration then you get no money. You just cannot get paid for failing at your task while also pissing off the intended customers by unnecessarily using resources. That would be a scam.

XxINFERNUSxX55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

LMAO and guess what it was cracked pretty fast and I torrented it. :P But the game is shit, not really optimized so I'm not playing it. Original will always be better. Denuvo does take a performance hit in games as well not supporting that crap in any games.

Tapani55d ago

The "I committed a crime" section is the third door to the left down the hallway.

plmkoh55d ago

I don't support denuvo but this is pretty cheap, no wonder devs use it. It if has a hope of disrupting piracy for the first month then there is already a business case.

BlackIceJoe55d ago

Denuvo is trash and it makes your games run slower, plus more likely to crash. So please stop using this software.

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The story is too old to be commented.