How to turn your Xbox Series X/S into an emulation powerhouse

Console “Developer Mode” offers a way in for RetroArch’s dozens of emulation cores.

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darthv721240d ago

I forgot all about dev mode. I should do this with one of my spare 1X units. Maybe put that Taco Bell eclipse edition to use....

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Sciurus_vulgaris1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Unfortunately, Xbox one and Series S/X can’t have 100% backwards compatibility with the 360 and OG Xbox library due to licensing.

nickanasty2061240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

This is precisely the reason i still keep my OG Xbox and 360 around. Really bums me out that games like Max Payne 3 aren't backwards compatible. Yet alone Amped Snowboarding! Would love to play some Amped again in 4k 120fps.

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Nintendo should protect its IP, but how bad is emulation, really?

Nintendo has once again flexed its legal muscle against emulation, this time swiping at Dolphin. Where do we go from here?

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z2g321d ago

Uuuhhhmmm. Emulation is literally software that imitates hardware to run code on nonsanctioned, no licensed hardware. That code and the architecture it runs on are intellectual property of Nintendo. So you are in fact running software that they own that you got someplace else on hardware that was not licensed nor sanctioned - this is essentially copying and stealing. It’s literally the epitome of what licensing agreements were created for. In that license agreement you agree to running a copy of their game on their hardware under their rules. Even if you can run the actual Nintendo software you purchased from Nintendo, you are still running it on separate hardware which is a violation. Those are the stipulations. That is how bad emulation is.

Rynxie321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

No, stop, just stop. I get it, you're a Nintendo fanboy, but stop it. Really, stop. Nintendo or any medium that targets pirating sites and sues for money, were doing it just for that reason, MONEY. People who tend to pirate for nefarious reasons, weren't going to buy those products to begin with, so Nintendo wasn't going to make a single dime from them. If it was just about protecting IP, they would sue to take down the site, but having some schmuck pay millions? Nintendo would have you pay millions even if you owned a legit copy but also an emulated version. That's how BAD Nintendo is. I mean, they're argument is always "lost of revenue."

Snookies12321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

"you are still running it on separate hardware which is a violation."

Okay, so who does this hurt? If I have purchased a Gamecube. And have purchased a copy of Luigi's Mansion. But want to play it on my PC because my Gamecube is in storage (for example.) How does this hurt Nintendo? Serious question here.

Snookies12321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Getting so many disagrees for asking an honest question? Kinda weird, but okay, you guys could at least let me know why you disagree. I was just curious.

@Tapani - I can understand that to an extent, especially the part about putting up videos where games are running better than the original hardware. Thanks for at least giving your input! I don't really mess with emulation these days, but it's an interesting topic to discuss.

Tapani321d ago

I fully agree. I don't have anything against the homebrew communities and creations, and I get the "freedom to do what I want with what I buy" argument, but I feel for the people who create art and it's taken from their hands exactly as is, and then put into a container in which it was never meant to be. It's like watching a 16:9 24p movie at 48fps at 4:3 and auto HDR on, and having some image and performance quality problems while at it. That's not how the creator wanted it to be watched, and would not give the cinemas a permission to run it like that.

I feel for Nintendo, they are heart-warming people creating products that are interesting and fun, and then other people take their thunder away and flood youtube full of videos of 8K version of their game, which can at points look better, but may also have bugs that cannot be squashed due to lack of controlled QA environment. Also, Nintendo creates products for a particular screen, with particular hardware and controls.

I get it from both sides, but I would have to take the side of creators on this one. I honestly feel like it is stealing and morphing their products into something they were never meant to be in the first place. I would simply not want someone to do that to something I would create, and would feel personally very bad about that, and like someone stole from me.

Rynxie321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Emulation is not bad at all. People who use it for bad intentions, weren't going to buy your game to begin with. This is just Nintendo trying to profit by getting money they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Second, privacy can be good, as sometimes people who originally pirated a movie, or game, ended up buying it because they enjoyed it and wanted to show support. Third, some people use emulation to make their own games, look at the Sega Dreamcast. Fourth, some people own legit copies, but also an emulated version to take it on the go.

Hereandthere321d ago

Only nintendo could get away with trash polices like this. I'm glad they're not in the dedicated home console race anymore. I never supported them, and ill never spend a cent on Nintendo products.

jznrpg321d ago

It’s not our place to decide. It’s their property and it’s up to them.


Nintendo shadow drops firmware update to stop 3DS modding

Nintendo's relentless fight against emulation has led to controversial tactics, but fans remain resilient. Patch 11.17.0-50 aims to disrupt 3DS emulation, but the battle is far from over. Will Nintendo ever embrace their fanbase and find a permanent solution?

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328d ago
CDbiggen328d ago

Too late Ninty, I've got it all.

JokerBoy129328d ago

So check this out... I won't update mine lol

Chocoburger328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Nintendo doesn't want to keep the online store open because they don't care about 3DS or game preservation. But they also don't want piracy, because they don't care about their fans. Nintendo doesn't care about anyone but themselves, and their ability to exert control over their fan base.

IanTH328d ago

Didn't matter. Same day they dropped the update, the homebrew community already had a way around it. Apparently it is already live for EU/JP systems, and one for US systems is around the corner.

FinalFantasyFanatic327d ago

This, it's an exercise in futility and they can't afford to keep patching it every time some gets around it.


EmuDeck update brings new emulators, better UI, ES-DE 2.0

A new version of EmuDeck is in the works, with a big focus on UI improvements, the introduction of a new store, new emulators and much more.

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UltimateOwnage391d ago

EmuDeck is awesome. Happy with the steady updates that make an already great project even better.