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Jacob writes: "So what do we have with Persephone on Xbox? Quite simply, a game that is brilliant both in design and execution. The world our titular hero finds herself in is beautifully designed, with puzzles that make full use of that unique central concept of death as a means to progress. By using a ‘show, not tell’ approach, the game places experimentation at the forefront and encourages the kind of lateral thinking that is so often missing from indie titles in the genre."

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instantstupor59d ago

As a heads up, this can be had cheaper on mobile. This is simply a port and, as most mobile to PC/console ports do, they raised the price. At least not too much, but it is $7.29 on Xbox & $3.99 on mobile. I actually picked it up for a buck when it went on sale a while back, so you can certainly save some money that way.

And while some mobile ports benefit from proper controller support, the controls in this game are perfectly suited for mobile. And the bite-sized levels do make for a good mobile time waster.