Digital Foundry - Dirt 5: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/ Series S Comparison + Performance

Dirt 5 is unique in that it's the ONLY arcade racing title available for next-gen consoles at launch - think of it as a combination of MotorStorm, DriveClub, Dirt and OnRush - it's good stuff! However, there are a number of issues that need addressing, especially on Xbox. All three modes are tested in this head-to-head, covered off on three consoles. Let's get going!

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elazz140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

PS5 version performance better overall. In 120fps the PS5 looks better and reaches average higher fps. With an upcoming firmware update VRR will also be available on PS5 making this practically a flawless experience.

Xbox Series X version comes in close second. Series S shouldn't have come with a visual mode. resolution can drop to 600p.

RazzerRedux140d ago

Leadbetter questioning Microsoft's marketing of Series S as a 1440p console is interesting.

darthv72140d ago

It can in some and cant in others but it also can hit 2160p which is surprising as well.

All I care about after watching this is for Motorstorm to make a triumphant return..... some day, maybe, hopefully

The Wood140d ago

Darth I would love motorstorm to be revived

bouzebbal140d ago

What's your take on xsx not performing well and not leading the comparisons we've seen so far? Want it supposed to lead hands down technically?

FlyingFoxy140d ago

Considering you'll need a high end PC for decent FPS in titles like Cyberpunk @ 1440p it doesn't really take a rocket scientist to know that Series S isn't really a 1440p console, in some less demanding games, sure.

dumahim140d ago

I always questioned that. It seemed odd going for half the number of pixels with about a 3rd of the power.

SullysCigar140d ago

^ @FATAL1TY, those pics look like you've tried to recreate a Dirt 5 screenshot in Minecraft..

bouzebbal139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

His opinion about the massive graphical differences xsx and ps5 is so ridiculous.. Devs didn't have time to finalize the game, and at the same time it's not intentional 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Yet they had time for ps5?? What a broken logic he has..
There is a graphical leap between both versions.. This ain't starting well for xbox

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ZeroBlue2140d ago

Seems like a trend. So much for tflops, eh? When you prioritize your marketing around "power" whilst almost completely ignoring games, you'd better be able to deliver in that regard. You're not in a great place if you're opponent is able to win at both.

SullysCigar140d ago

I'm a little shocked at how much better the textures look on PS5 compared to the Series X.

Like, to the point that I'm actually wondering if they made a mistake and compared to Series S or even One X.

In this video, the road on SX is just a blur. We're used to better than that on our old consoles - why on Earth is it so bad?

Shiken140d ago

Give it time. It was revealed that devs have not had the XSX devkits for more than 6 months, while they had PS5 devkits for over a year. Lack of time for optimization and Civid are likely the culprits, and I expect the XSX version to have the slight advantages as time goes on.

Anyone making a deal about it though needs to check their priorities however. Even now, they are too close to matter.

SullysCigar140d ago

^ Shiken, you make some fair presumptions, but this part I can't accept:

"Even now, they are too close to matter."

Watch it again. I mean, the car headlights are round and shiny, like looking at an actual car, on PS5. On Series X they are literally a hexagon!

Hopefully it's a bug, but as of now they are WORLDS apart.

StormSnooper140d ago

Since multiplats look better on PS5, what is there left for Xbox?

wiz7191140d ago

Granted developers had PS5 dev kits for a year and a half , and only just started getting series consoles dev kits .. I mean it’s definitely a interview with a Dirt 5 dev and he stated that ,

wiz7191140d ago

@shiken it’s funny when you present facts the downvote the hell out of you lol .. I still the interview with the Dirt 5 dev and he said they had the PS5 dev kit for a year and a half and only had got the series consoles dev kits basically at the end of development. The Series X version is basically a port of the PS5 version , and they just wanted the machine to brute force the rest of the work. RESEARCH CANT GO A LONG WAY I TELL YOU ...

wiz7191140d ago

Lol let them downvotes come in to ...

ABizzel1140d ago


I think there are a couple of things that make that a completely null point, there are many people arguing it's the tools, and they're right, but the argument of once the tools are fixed and developers get more time then we'll see the difference is where the issue comes into play. (Not saying you're one of them, just saying it's being said too much).

First, GDK Tools is a prime example of Jack of All trade, Master of none, as long as the tools and MS wants to support 6 different platforms with a new tool set, they will continue to lose these battles for the next year or so until they can catch up to where Sony has their toolkit which is an evolution of the PS4s.

Secondly, just like everyone keeps saying wait until the tools improve or devs get more time, the same is going to happen with the PS toolkits. In a year or so GDK will start to reach where PS DK is currently, but at the same time the PS DK will be reaching the point where all developers in the industry will start getting 100% optimized performance out of the PS5 and we will be in the same situation still as GDK will still be supporting Xbox One VCR, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X for a final year.

Lastly, by the time the GDK gets Xbox to a performance advance and drops all Xbox One support it won't matter. The DF articles will be less important to the masses and fans (except trolls) because people will already be invest in what platform they're going to buy regardless of a 10% - 20% performance increase (which results in a slight resolution boost and/or simply a more stable fps). Games will matter then, and Xbox will just be releasing all of it's major exclusive AAA IP's in 2022 - 2023, but PlayStation will already have a library of AAA IP's and working on their 2nd wave of exclusives AAA IP's. And based on both companies saying their platforms are doing better than their last-gen console, we can guesstimate that if the numbers stay consistent without either console exploding in sales for some reason, then we could be looking at a potential 30m - 40m Xbox Series consoles, compared to a potential 50m - 60m PS5s, and again no one will care.

The reason this is even an issue at launch is because it's launch and fans and fanboys are here to swing their consoles around and see who has the bigger one. Also, because POWER was Xbox entire marketing narrative, the fans / fanboys built this up to be the issue that it is, and now Xbox and fans are for lack of a better phrase eating crow to the point MS changed their branding from World's most powerful console, to Most powerful Xbox Ever. But after a few months, no one will care about this as it becomes about playing the best games, which is another issue Xbox has as PlayStation already revealed several AAA first-party exclusives in their first half of 2021 exclusives and timed-exclusives and compared to Xbox 2 - 3 3rd-party exclusives.

Soc5140d ago

Good point, it's looking a little tough for Microsoft right now. Not sure how/why they let some of their exclusives fizzle out.
I loved Halo, that was a system seller when it came out, how can you not capitalize on that universe? Their other exclusives seem to be doing ok like Gears, Forza, but don't seem to me to be getting the same amount of attention or media as the sony exclusives, Spider Man, Last of us, God of War

Critic4l_Strik3140d ago

So basically wait till next year E3?

Ju139d ago

This minuscule difference in power and the overselling on Microsoft's part was the main reason the PS4 outsold the XB1. No matter who's fault it is, it leaves an impression history repeats itself. I can only imagine Microsoft's goals are elsewhere (Gamepass, coherent PC gaming strategies etc) so that they just need to stay in the console game to stay relevant. Sure too early, but not so good of a start imo.

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elazz140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

For Series S I meant 120fps shouldn't have been an option. On the other 2 modes is around 1080p

angelsx140d ago

series s is a mistake. Who wanted this?

RaidenBlack140d ago

Supposed "game-pass-owners" and "casual-gamers"

StormSnooper140d ago

The unwitting buyers, like moms. And little children who think they have a next gen console.

NotoriousWhiz140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

I wanted a Series S. Not anymore though. May not even get a Series X if it's going to underperform PS5.

I couldn't care less about 4k. But I do care about frame rate, and if the Series S can't keep up in that regard, then I won't be getting it. The price is nice, but that performance is not.

CaptainHenry916140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Like I said Xbox has a long way to go 😁

PC/PS5 for life

AngelicIceDiamond140d ago

If you really think it ends with early gen games then you're very short sided.

CaptainHenry916140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Xbox first party exclusives just can't compete with Sonys. Having a PC makes Xbox irrelevant to me

AngelicIceDiamond140d ago

We don't know yey. But 9th gen should be interesting it already is.

gravedigger140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

XSS console is a mistake. It was damn obvious since the reveal

Series S version as low as 570p. You can't be that serious

sagapo139d ago

One mistake you made; in 120fps PS5 looks indeed better, but XSX kept the higher framerates because PS5 uses v-sync instead of VRR, and the fact that XSX looked less detailed. But I agree that when PS5 will support VRR, it will probably beat XSX in 120fps mode.

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RazzerRedux140d ago

Took notes:

PS5 SDR is a little dark. Dev looking into it.

Image quality Mode
Focusing overall world detail
Dynamic resolution
Series S - tops out 1440p but scales down to 1080p most of the time
PS5 slightly better texture filtering
PS5 average resolution is higher
Both PS5 and XSX deliver 60fps. Slight advantage to PS5
Series S lower frame rate

Resolution mode
Highest pixel count- Dynamic
Series S 1080p range.
"Series S 1440p target is somewhat optimistic"
"MS marketing needs to be clearer"
Series S - details cut back
All three consoles mostly consistent 60fps

Frame Rate Mode
120hz mode
XSX and PS5 "seems to be 900p to 1440p"
Series S - as low as 600p range
PS5 detail level is significantly higher than XSX
Probably a bug on XSX
Runs better on XSX on some tracks due to lower detail
VRR makes a difference and eliminates tearing for XSX

RazzerRedux140d ago

Apparently there is a very specific reason why PS5 has much higher detail than XSX in frame rate mode:

Mr_Luke140d ago

hahahaha that's brilliant :D

russo121140d ago

Craig's is MS new mascot.

AngelicIceDiamond140d ago

I could see it as fanboy drivel but I se it as more light hearted. What do you have to say about the new Forza running in engine at last summers Ms showcase?

RazzerRedux140d ago

Yeah.....all in fun. Forza looked great. Codemasters isn't in Turn 10's league. Not even close.

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gamer7804140d ago

Now if they can just make dirt games fun. I really want to like them as I like racing games but the controls and gameplay are terrible.

IRetrouk140d ago

As a massive racing fan and gamer, I dissagree completely, the sim versions are great and so are the more arcade focused ones like this, was in two minds with the choppy footage we had seen, but it looks well on the ps5 so I might be getting it earlier than planned🤷‍♂️

SullysCigar140d ago

Dirt Rally is amazing in VR and controls beautifully.

gamer7804140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

IRetrouk that’s fine many people enjoy them it’s just not my friends and I’s racing group cup of tea

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TheTony316140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

And another one. Looks like the PS5, while weaker is actually the better designed console with less bottlenecks. And don't forget the Dual Sense. Oh boy, can't even imagine the meltdown if Cyberpunk turns out to be superior on PS5, lol.

shabz666140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

lol that would definitely be someting, Microsofts line about sereis x being the most powerful console unfortunately is not panning out. Dirt 5 specifically seems to be a bug bringing xbox one texture quality to series x with high framerates possibly due to the universal sdk devs are using according to df. And the devs acknowledge the issue. Thats a massive problem for development if that can even happen in the first place.

buffig140d ago

It may be the most powerful, but it's not the most effective. This was always the danger of making your entire narrative about tflops. Sony never talked power, but they did talk speed. And speed is what we're getting.

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SullysCigar140d ago

Even the DualSense on its own is a big differentiator. Reviewers have been loving it, yet the devs have said they're not satisfied they've got the best from the controller, so are reworking it and rolling out a patch!

Great to see the 3rd party devs so absorbed by the possibilites DualSense offers the gamer!

TheTony316140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Yeah, got my PS5 today (EU) and played Astro Bot. By far the best controller i've ever had.

angh140d ago

Obviously ps5 is not weaker here. Comparing only tflops is simply stupid, is like comparing engine capacity - difference in capacity do not decide which is faster.

purple101140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

That's a real good comparison actually.

An old american v8 4.0litre will get say 350-500 horse power

But a Ferrari with a v8 4.0litre can get 500 -700 horsepower

This comparison seems totally fair.....untill you realise the ferarri is half the weight.

It's these type of things make you realise there's more going on under the curtain. Things that arn't always immediately visiable

purple101140d ago

What's funny is the Xbot's are going to say...wait till it's optimised -

but I'm going to say wait till Sony makes use of their fast SSD

.. it's going to be nail in the coffin once it's actually used for games -and not just to improve loading times by a couple of seconds.

Bronbron92140d ago

If cyber punk looks better on ps5 Microsoft will really look bad and I think if that were the outcome they’ll try to win Bethesda over to get all games exclusives to them to cover their ass lol

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shabz666140d ago

It seems like having a vrr tv for series x seems to solve the screen tearing, i'm glad i picked up the LGCX. anyone looking into new 4k tvs i would recommend going for that.

Btf_1991140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Most of us are not sitting on that kind of money


Then why are you worried about 120 fps?

Btf_1991140d ago

I'm not worried about about 120fps. What led you to think I am?

Rainbowcookie140d ago

Also burn in deters me from borrowing that kind of money too🤣

Kornholic140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Burn-in is an old meme. The risk of getting a burn-in on a modern OLED TV while viewing a variety of content is almost non-existent. Worrying about that is silly and irrational.

shabz666139d ago

@ rainbowcookie.

I am also constantly tensed about burn in, but honestly the picture quality and black levels on the tv is so good, lol. There are options like a pixel refresher and a static logo luminescence adjuster that can help with burn in prevention. So far so good though.


You can get a 65 inch for 1700 now, that a great price.

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yeahokwhatever139d ago

the game got patched and im not seeing tearing anymore on the PS5.