PS5 Desperately Needs Something Like Xbox’s “Smart Delivery” - Or At Least “Not Daft Delivery”

From The Gamer: "PS5 is an incredible machine. It’s stylish, speedy, powerful, and has a premium look and feel when you’re flicking through its menus or holding the incredible DualSense controller in your hands. But right now, there’s a major flaw.

If you download certain cross-generation games on PS5 and click “download all” - of course you want all the modes and DLC you bought, why wouldn’t you click this? - the PS5 sometimes downloads the PS4 version of the game by default. It’s baffling."

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waverider65d ago

Not. Really. With ssd speeds i really dont think that. Now, if Sony didnt had ssd...

alextdarling65d ago

Smart Delivery is around getting a next-gen version of a current gen game for free if you already own that said current gen game.

Nothing to do with SSDs...

leejohnson22265d ago

Its a new buzz word for cross play which has beem around for years

Atom66665d ago

When you're in such a rush to defend, you sometimes don't stop to read.

bouzebbal65d ago

Smart delivery is a desperate move when you don't have proper exclusives..
Sony invests in the future.. Their games is what will make you get their console, not quantity from previous gens

ABizzel165d ago

It sucks that some people are having this issue, it's a patch that will eventually fix it, but a win for having Smart Delivery.... pushing it. This is console launch woe, and something wonky happens every generation with new software OS. Keeping the same OS was a benefit to Xbox at launch, and PS5 will have a few OS growing pains in the first couple of months.

It happens every time there's a major OS rehaul on any device.

Challengerscatpack65d ago

Hahahaha “smart delivery is a desperate move when you don’t have proper exclusives.”

Why does the PS5 do the same thing than? Pesky Microsoft informing consumers they’ll get the upgraded version as to not confuse people.

UnHoly_One65d ago

From these comments is abundantly clear that people have not a freaking clue what Smart Delivery means.

It has nothing to do with cross play or backwards compatibility.

It simply means you get the appropriate version of the game for whatever console you are playing on, and you don't have to do anything special to make sure you got the right version.

In other words, it's automatically doing something that you have to do manually on PS5.

I know you guys can't handle this, but it's possible for Sony to not be perfect 100% of the time.

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Thomaticus64d ago

I bought my ps4 game and got my free ps5 version..... plus the updates. So im good. It's working fine.

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blady_man65d ago

You do know that dowloading games has almost nothing to do with ssd and a lot more to do with you internet connection right? So imagine if it tKes you 4 hrs to download a game to then find out it downloaded the ps4 version! You would have to download the ps5 upgarde which would count to another 2 hrs or so when it should have downloaded the right version in the first place!

RaidenBlack65d ago

He's just mucking about ...

LegoIsAwesome65d ago

Wait, Isnt "Smart Delivery" just a fancy word for Crossbuy?

Wikkid66665d ago

It goes beyond the purchase. It's actually going to install or update the games based on the console.

PixelOmen65d ago

Sort of, but not exactly, it mostly just means you get the best version of the game available. If there's a native SeriesX version you'll you get that one, or if there isn't you'll get a patched BC version, if not you'll get the original XboxOneX version, etc.

Teflon0265d ago

Wikk problem with that system is you may not want that version for a reason. Like how some prefer OG Spiderman simply because a face lol. Silly to me but some may prefer that. Also the rare case a older version maybe smaller or something. Could be whatever. It's better imo to have the option. Smart Delivery isn't anything important in the slightest. People need to start paying a bit more attention to what they're doing anyways

neutralgamer199265d ago

Xbox brand Desperately Needs proper AAA blockbusters. Games are more important than cross buy which is being given a new name as in smart delivery

To all xbox fans I simply ask these simple questions:

Xbox took this whole generation off and wasn't able to compete with ps4. Phil has been gente since 360 days why did it take him so long to finally realize ms needed more talent in house? They knew they weren't catching ps4 so why not start preparing 3 years ago for next generation and have games ready to launch? I know xbox fans blame don matrick but he was the only xbox executive to ever compete with playstation and actually do well. He knew exclusives, timed exclusives and exclusive dlc along with marketing mattered

Phil is the hype man who got a pass this whole generation and now once again we are back to xbox slogan of wait till next year

Ps5 hasn't even launched in UK yet 19% of games sold there are ps5. By the time xbox is ready to compete ps5 would have lead of 10-15+ million. And the irony of it all is xbox fans want sony to have service like gamepass and put their system sellers day one for $10 a month yet these same xbox fans don't demand that ms at least first match Sony's output of excellent GOTY system sellers

Simply disagree if you are a xbox fanboy and offended by my comment if you actually have answers reply

ApocalypseShadow65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Excellent post. Today's smart delivery is yesterday's cross buy. But the fans think it's something new. Surprised they didn't have a different name for remote play.

10 years off since 360 yet still gets support. Can't win with effort so throws money at the problem with acquisitions. Makes you wonder if it's the windows contract commitments and advertising dollars to influence that keep them in the game.

How a console is supposedly more impressive that adds nothing new over a console that changed everything and evolved for the future even after successfully winning this gen is anyone's guess.

neutralgamer199265d ago

Exactly they took off last few years of xbox 360 than they have been taking last 4-5 years off and they are so unprepared it's unbelievable. Sony just launched 2 huge AAA blockbusters on ps4 yet they still had games ready for ps5. If this was ms they would have delayed both TLOU2 and Ghost to launch alongside next generation console

It's time to stop acting childish your console can have the best features but people don't buy consoles for features they buy them to play games. The day ms announced bethesda acquisition people and even I thought sony may react in some way instead they treated that announcement like a fly on the wall

This generation is over now before it even started properly

Wait for next year shouldn't be a slogan or a meme it's simply disrespectful towards paying customers. By middle of this generation phil will be replaced in my opinion

S2Killinit65d ago

The title is pretty stupid no? Desperate? What?

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S2Killinit65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Woah woah easy buddy, you sound like you take things too seriously.

dcbronco65d ago (Edited 65d ago )


How stupid can you get.

"No, charge me for a second version. I love getting fleeced".


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potatoseal65d ago

I've been skipping between games and honestly I don't think about it because it's so fast. The PS5 does NOT desperately need that feature. Would it be nice to have? For sure it would. But desperately? Spare us your hyperbole

East76lands65d ago

I agree, it's a great feature for sure but to say PS5 'desperately' needs it is over the top.

SierraGuy65d ago

As soon as they implied Sony as "daft" in the title they lost all credibility.

blady_man65d ago

You know its talking about smart delovery and not game resume right?!

potatoseal65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I thought it was talking about Quick resume. My bad. Now I would appreciate it if people would downvote me into oblivion. Thank you

potatoseal65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I got mixed up with MS' buzzwords :-( But I stand by that none of this shit is "desperately needed".

Sayai jin65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Happens when people rush to defend... Bring back the bubble system.

SierraGuy65d ago

Playstation needs smart delivery or anything like a hole in the head.

SierraGuy65d ago

Now if they could only come up with a catchy name like "smart delivery" for "new games".

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Antnee53465d ago

The only thing playstation should take from xbox this go around is quick resume.

AspiringProGenji65d ago

You can start any game from the activity/cards on PS5 So it already has its own quick resume

StoneyYoshi65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Yeah I actually was doing this to find and unlock everything on Astrobot to get the platinum faster. Once I collected what I needed from one level I opened the activity cards and hopped right into the next level that needed items found. Starting to use this with Sackboy as well. Honestly it seems to be faster than quick resume is. Literally 4-5 seconds from selecting the activity to being in the game. But apparently Xbox already has this according to some bots. lol

Wikkid66665d ago


Doesn't know what Quick Resume is

RaidenBlack65d ago

Quick Resume caches the whole state of a game as is on the SSD on a system/OS level.
Resuming is independent of a savepoint/slot. (Like pausing in middle of a free roam in GTAV and picking off later just from where was paused.)
PS5 switcher or via the cards is dependent on a savepoint.

ziggurcat65d ago (Edited 65d ago )


No, quick resume is definitely on the PS5. You don't quit out of the game, and go into rest mode. The game will resume at wherever you left off, save point or not, when you boot the console several hours later. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure you could also have two games running and do the same thing, and just use the Switcher feature to bounce between games while they're still running.

Also PS5 has a version of Smart Delivery - I bought the PS4 version of Valhalla, trasnferred it to the internal SSD from my external HDD, then just clicked on the ellipsis next to the "Play" icon, and selected the PS5 version. The console downloaded/installed the PS5 version over top of the PS4, so that's the only version installed.

Sayai jin65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

The Series S/X w3uivk resume will allow you to play a g3am, then open another game, then open another game, then go back tp the original game you opened and start right where you left off. I have had up to 5 games open at once and quick resume worked like a charm. There have bern been times that it hasn't worked. Which I take issue with.
My PS does not have a feature that matches this.

Again, another no. My PS5 does not have smart delivery like the Series S/X. I brought multiple PS5s and Series Xs for my family. All of the games that have been downloaded to the Series X is upgraded and for thst console. I downloaded Spiderman and had no issue, but my daughter downloaded Spiderman on her PS5 and it downloaded the PS4 version

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Popsicle65d ago

Having both consoles, the PS5 would benefit from both smart delivery and quick resume. I downloaded several games for my PS5 and initially it defaulted to the PS5 version. However, every time I reset the console the games default to the PS4 version and I have to actively go in an change it to the PS5 version. On Series X I don't even have to think about what version of the game I am playing because it simply always defaults to the best version.

Keep in mind, I am more familiar with Playstation because I had a PS4 and PS4 pro last gen and have not owned a Microsoft console since the 360. So far the Series X has been much more intuitive and easy to use. It is actually the opposite of what I expected going in.

Sirk7x65d ago

Sony has far better exclusives, for sure, but I've always liked Xbox's OS and online functionality much better. On my PS4, even with the proper ports open, half the time I can't even load into the store at all to see what's on sale. It hangs until I test the internet connection through the system settings to reset it. And if you're not using voice functionality, and have alot of digital games, PS4 is a pain to cycle through the games/menus.

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JEECE65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

People on here are going to blast this, because we all understand enough about PlayStation to double check this kind of thing. But I'm sure there are thousands of casuals playing Ps4 versions of COD and Miles Morales on their PS5s, completely unaware of any of this.

RememberThe35765d ago

For sure, obviously baffling and even more so that they haven't fixed this yet.

JEECE65d ago

Yeah. There should be some sort of extra question that pops up if you are about to download the old version of a game when you also own an upgraded version. I appreciate that they allow you to download the old version, but it should have to be a conscious effort that requires several steps, so that it can only happen on purpose.

crazyCoconuts65d ago

I think there's a bug on which version should be the "default" version installed/displayed that needs fixing. But the design decision to allow you to choose versions (vs. the smart delivery approach where you only get the "right" one) is a conscious decision. I suspect it's there because of the PSVR situation (which is a whole other conversation) where the PS5 version doesn't support PSVR. So you can have either or both the PS4 and PS5 version of, say, No Man's Sky installed on your console, running the PS4 version for PSVR and the PS5 version for improved visuals/dual sense support. That's the only reason I can explain for them to implement the choice as a feature. No doubt that creates some confusion

Sayai jin65d ago

My daughter was, until she went into our theater and saw me playing the same game, but instantly noticed the difference.

NeoGamer23265d ago

Ya, and those same "brilliant" casual gamers probably bought the Standard version of Call of Duty Cold War and are marveling at the nextgen graphics even though the standard addition is the PS4 BC game.

I don't think lack of Smart Delivery is big deal either. But, give credit where credit is due. It was ridiculed on this site when it was announced, yet it is a good feature. And it is becoming clearer why it is a good feature now.

I didn't say great or awesome feature. It is just good. Because that is what I expect. When I download a game I should get the best version of that game for my console.

RazzerRedux65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

"the PS5 sometimes downloads the PS4 version of the game by default."

Then it just needs to be fixed so it doesn't do that. That isn't a matter of adding a feature. It is a matter of fixing a problem.

ProLogY65d ago

That's what smart delivery is. Delivering the correct version of the game based on the console you are on.

So if they fixed it. They would have added this feature.

RazzerRedux65d ago

I'm a developer (not gaming) and as much as I or others devs would love people to think otherwise, the truth is fixing a problem isn't adding a feature. I can't imagine downloading the PS4 version of a game to a PS5 when there is a PS5 version available is a the system working as intended.

MagicLebronJordan65d ago

@RazzerRedux, Not sure why its so hard for them to do a check on whatever identifies what version of console you are using.

RazzerRedux65d ago


I agree. This should be simple.

Zhipp65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

So the PS5 already has a sort of smart delivery, it just doesn't work properly/as well as Xbox's? Or does the console not have any automated system in place at all for detecting your system and installing the right software?

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