The Pathless - Review - Jump Dash Roll

Excitingly The Pathless is one of PlayStation 5's launch titles. Involving open-worlds, puzzles and a similarity to games like Breath of the Wild, JDR has found a way through in today's review.

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I sometimes have that gut reaction when seeing lower review scores compared to the average, but then I also think back to games I've played where I disagree with average review scores.

I don't think it necessarily is a troll, so to speak, to give a game a lower score than average. Doubly so if it isn't an exclusive or extremely high-profile game, as the clicks gained for giving a middle-tier multiplatform game a low score would be (comparably) minimal. I just think this is a case where it didn't click for someone, where it happened to click for most others. Certainly happens - or it has at least certainly happened to me lol.

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I'm going to buy the physical PS5 version when it releases Dec 8th. The game has a score of 80 on Metacritic & user reviews are high as well with a score of 9.