Annapurna Interactive Presents Thirsty Suitors, Hindsight and More at 2022 Showcase

Alex David Johnson from NoobFeed writes - Fresh from the success of the cyberpunk cat game Stray, Annapurna Interactive's second annual showcase debuted a diverse set of stylish and unique titles.

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CrimsonWing69182d ago

Y’know, this is going to sound crazy, but I’m actually interested in this game

sourOG181d ago

It does look kinda cool lol. Scott pilgrimish story. The skating looks decent, turn based combat looks decent. It still looks indie but good indie. I will probably give it a try on gamepass if I still have a sub.

pietro1212181d ago

“It still looks indie but good indie” what does supposed to mean? There have been indie titles the past three gens that rivaled AAA games

sourOG181d ago

It looks budget but budget in a way where they used the most out of their resources. It wasn’t an insult.