The PS5 Is Kind Of Buggy Right Now

Stalled downloads. Crashes while games are suspended. Occasional freezing. The PS5 has some great games, and it’s been fun to finally get some hands-on time with PlayStation’s future, but the next-gen console has had some weird issues.

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marison14d ago

Watch Dogs: Legion, the first game I tried on Xbox Series X, is working without Quick Resume and doesn't autosave very well. I lost progress a lot of times.

Buggy Covid New Gen Start, I guess.

stevej33613d ago

This is very relevant to this article.

lalalala13d ago

Don't worry about it too much, Sony is literally known for stability updates

sinjonezp13d ago

I guess I’m grateful? Only issue I ever had was Spider-Man Miles sound not working but that was easy fix. It’s crazy you see all these reports...I just haven’t had any issues at all

AnalogStickGaming13d ago

Weird. I've had no issues with Legion at all. Saves.. Quick Resume.. all works. Valhalla tho.. Quick Resume only works when it wants to. Saves are fine tho. Hope it ends up working on your end soon.

StoneyYoshi13d ago

I thought quick resume was disabled on legion?

Babadook714d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Its kind of not buggy, in my experience.

mrsolidsteel2014d ago

So true, I had a couple crashes, but nothing to serious.

But leave it to kotaku to stir something remotely negative about any Sony system.

stevej33613d ago

I would consider my console crashing as "serious" but maybe its just because I'm not a sony excuse maker like most on here.

MajorLazer13d ago

The way you lot defend these companies is borderline cultist. I honestly don't think some here would defend their own family or friends the way they defend these corporations.

Tacoboto13d ago

Crashes of any kind are serious and need to be called out so devs (1) know about them and (2) prioritize to fix them.

Demons Souls crashed once on me immediately after returning to the Nexus, with 10,000 souls. If I lost those souls or the crash happened on an autosave corrupting it, I would've been one angry Taco that night

VTKC13d ago

"a couple of crashes" and that's not serious? There shouldn't be ANY crashes what so ever! Your fanboy is showing.


@majorlazer Its terrifying. Who needs plugs when your fanboys are this smug

Babadook713d ago (Edited 13d ago )

“I would consider my console crashing as "serious" but maybe its just because I'm not a sony excuse maker like most on here.”

My ps5 has never crashed. A game crashed once. So that’s pretty much as good as any console I’ve owned for the last decade.

mrsolidsteel2013d ago (Edited 13d ago )


I see your point and I agree. It’s the risk we all might potentially face when buy any type of hardware at launch.

The problem with this article is the inbreeds at Kotaku is spreading this news like it’s the majority of the people that have a PS5 are having these issues and I’m just telling you guys my experience that I’m having with my console. You guys must be a special kind of stupid to think that intentionally wanted my system to crash.

It clears that you and the other five assclowns didn’t even read this article and choose to harp on my one comment about “my experience” with the PS5 and never mind all the other commenters that shared their experience saying that they didn’t have any issues with their system.

Next time read the article.

Neonridr7d ago

I have 3 crashes in a row playing Spiderman Remastered on my PS5. Hopefully nothing too serious, but I wouldn't just brush that aside dude.

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LucasRuinedChildhood13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I put my PS5 into Rest Mode with Astro's Playroom in the background. When I turned it back on, no matter what I did (turn off PS5, play different game, etc), everytime I played the game it would just load indefinitely but other games worked.

I deleted and reinstalled the game and now it works fine again. At the very least, Rest Mode is a bit buggy.

Yppupdam13d ago

Yeah, I just learned to make sure all games are shut down before I logout the the PS5. I had only one issue, and it was a PS4 game on an external HD, Rage 2 froze (the game, not the console itself) and I had to reboot the system, The game updated and I never had the problem again.

Kornholic13d ago

Kinda bug and kinda snack.

ziggurcat14d ago

No bugs so far in my experience.

Mr_Luke13d ago

me neither but it seems that 6 people tried your PS5 and got a lot of problems, judging from the disagrees.
What a sadness... -_-

Chronichero13d ago

Same no issues with mine. Playing valhalla and dark souls

potatoseal14d ago

My experience has been fine. Not a single problem.

SaveFerris14d ago

Is this before or after you install Bugsnax?