Valve tests wireless rumble support for the DualSense in Steam

There’s good news if you’re trying to use Sony’s new controller to play PC games.

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SullysCigar10d ago

This is my new fave controller, so it's great to know we can use it with Switch and seemingly now PC (with haptics!) too!

MajorLazer9d ago

Anyone know if it connects to android phones? Was hoping to try out Xcloud using the DS once my PS5 is delivered.

SullysCigar9d ago

I use my DS4 fairly regularly to remote play and Sony have confirmed that Remote Play is supported on PS5, but I've yet to test it.

I'm sure it works just as great, but now with the benefit of streaming form PS5 via WiFi6, if you have the router to support it.

S2Killinit9d ago

I think the game has to implement the DS for the haptics to work.

8839d ago

I believe you are correct. It will still "rumble" but the true effect of the DualSense's potential for precision etc. will likely not be utilized without specific development focus.

born289d ago

it does indeed its kind of wonky at the moment bluetooth randomly discos on my note 9 but serviceable

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1Victor9d ago

Se viene (It is coming)
Yá viene (there I fix it ) the first have a sexual slang connotation.

@MajorL If the controller get android support I highly doubt it’s main features like the adaptive trigger, microphone, etc will work on xcloud

ecchiless9d ago

maybe thats a hidden feature of the control? xD

¿Quienes somos para no dejar que se venga el dual sense? xD

spdarksky9d ago

I have low hopes in the Adaptive trigger support. Even the current XBOX Controller Impulse Trigger is lacking support on Steam. Even MCC lacks Impulse Trigger on Steam. Anyway if it does happen, it should be great for PC Gamers.

TravsVoid9d ago

Does a single PC game not made by Microsoft even support the Xbox triggers?

spdarksky9d ago

A number of games does support the impulse trigger but only a handful. There's no telling why this feature was not implemented on most of the 3rd party games, hopefully with the DS now available devs will start implementing impulse on XB and PC. MS already has a patent on force feedback triggers, why they don't implement it on XBSX Controller. Other then money talks, only they have the answer.

Father__Merrin9d ago

It will never have the same functionality on steam. As some have pointed out rumble triggers don't work on steam, No developer will program specific haptic for a steam game

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