This Is the Perfect Time for a New Marvel vs Capcom

The recent Capcom leaks mentioned nothing about a new Marvel vs. Capcom game -- but there's no better time than now to bring back the series.

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amazinglover12d ago

Only if Marvel stays out of interfering with it's development and not force in characters because they have movies coming out.

ABizzel112d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Well, they own the X-men and Fantastic Four film rights and moving into Phase 2 which also brings more characters, so that's an improvement already. They lost 12 from 3 to infinite and gained 6 new characters. Hopefully, we get 40 - 60+ characters again, and I'd rather they go back to 3v3, and individual comic-book like storylines of MvC3 than the poorly told and rendered cutscene story of Infinite.

Infinite had some cool ideas, but it was overall a step back for the franchise from 3 IMO.

spwittbold12d ago

X-Men needs to be in it :|
Marvel is not Marvel without X-Men

Retroman12d ago

Right!! who in the hell want to play as Hawkeye and Blackwidow??
I rather have the Fantastic 4 instead.

sourOG12d ago

Nothing in the leaks unfortunately. We need a capcom vs capcom. They have enough characters to make a good game.

Gaming4Life198112d ago

Put the digital mvsc2 back on the psn & xbl store and ill be happy

UnSelf12d ago

I have it on my PS3 and it still works. Idk what magic is behind it but I thank god for it daily

Gaming4Life198112d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Lol yea man i had it on xbl but then my nephew was doing some bootleg stuff on my name and that name was banned. Everything i owned gone all because he wanted to use someone else's name to play mk online back when if you bought a used copy they made you pay 10 bucks to unlock online play. Thats the only game i regret losing, I would give anything to get that game back lol.

As long as you owned it and had it downloaded it will work forever just dont ever erase it.

UnSelf12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Damn that sucks man lol. Is there anyway I can transfer it to my PS4 or 5?

I have a bunch of PS3 games that I wanna transfer over

Inverno12d ago

wasn't there devs who spoke out after the meds that was MvsC3? Saying Marvel and Disney were very unpleasant to work with? Same thing seemed to have happened with KH3 with Pixar not allowing any creative freedom. I feel like this would just suck, even tho Capcom has really turn around in the quality of their games I don't trust Disney