Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is not special enough for $40

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition brings the coveted action game to the new systems, but it doesn't do enough to justify its price tag.

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NeoGamer23261d ago

Exactly. all Capcom is doing here is duping gamers into giving them more money. They took a great game, add a minimum amount to it, and repackaged it to call it a special edition.

When all they had to do was spend a few weeks, upgrade to ray tracing, full 4K, and unlock the framerate for the new consoles. Then, release a free update. I gotta admit though, it is making them money, even though gamers are absolutely hoodwinked here.

GrizToof61d ago

Agreed, I also don't think any new game is worth $70, or any expansion is worth $50. I will be buying a lot of used games this generation. Unless limited my target price will be $40 or less for every game.

alextdarling61d ago

Sorry but this is the world now, if you cant accept that then you wont be playing any new AAA games ever again

$40 for DMC 5: SE is perfectly reasonable for someone who has never previously bought the game, however someone who already owns it should the upgrade for free or for a discounted rate.

thejigisup61d ago

Never purchased this game, im thinking $40 is the right price.