The Tim Schafer Interview

This week Indie By Design sit down with Double Fine founder and industry legend Tim Schafer to talk everything from Microsoft and LucasArts to how Covid-19 restrictions have impacted work at Double Fine.

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mastershredder311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Sellouts. Following Rare’s footsteps.

So long freedom of design. Hello MS overloard. Goodbye DF teams (slowly breaks off with disenfranchised employees). The deer in headlights look on the Psychonauts preview team E3 said it all (right around the time of the merger, still reeling about the take-over).

Tim’s contributions to gaming are some of my favorites and very inspiring, however times do change.

Screw your tweets of multiconsole fandom Tim Schafer. You are a full on blowhard gaslighting poser when you choose to pretend your consumer base would just jump ship with you (in the name of profit) and support one side (warped thinking promoted by new MS management).

Now we’ll get your non-mainstream games turned into mainstream drivel that will go stale as your team tires of bs and dwindles. Brilliant.

I give Doublefine 5 years before they go full Rare or Free Radical.

dhammalama311d ago

Or maybe he's just a dude with a job and he's taking the opportunities that better his life. He's making video games, by the way, not public policy. You can sit behind your keyboard and shout angry things into the internet like calling him a "full on blowhard gaslighting poser". Based on what's out there to compare how he lives his life vs how you appear to live yours, you seem like a bigger blowhard to me. What have you given the world?

NeoGamer232311d ago

You officially get the longest non-factual post award.

TheRealTedCruz311d ago

No, tell us how you really feel. :^)

oof6781311d ago

Kickstarter scammer. Lol

darksied311d ago

Are you talking about the DFA kickstarter? I backed that and got a game and a documentary. How did he scam you?

311d ago