Halo: MCC 120fps Update Is a Surreal Experience

MP1ST: Halo MCC received its Xbox Series X and S enhancement update, adding Halo MCC 120fps support for both consoles. Here's what our testing showed.

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waverider175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

What gamers wanted and were expecting Was to play halo infinite on launch and not old halos that can run at 240 frames at 8k....

DJStotty175d ago

I was one hoping to play Infinite at launch, but after the reveal i'm quite glad they have delayed to finish it properly and give the Halo fanbase the game they deserve.

The_Sage174d ago

Honestly... After that atrocious reveal, did they have a choice?.. I was literally shocked at how bad it was.

alb1899175d ago

I was specting to play Cyberpunk at launch but I'll wait calmly untill CDP is ready....what else?

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thornintheside175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Halo was delayed months ago, I really doubt there were alot of early adopters who got a new xbox last week and expected to play halo Infinite.

thesoftware730175d ago

Somehow, I don't think you speak for everyone, I know plenty of people wanting this for these wildly popular games. My 19yr old son and I for starters.

I get the feeling you wouldn't have gotten an Xbox no matter what came out.

TheRealTedCruz175d ago

I'll be playing on PC, but I'm excited for all those games coming from all those award winning devs that will be popping out over the next couple years. :^)

CaptainHenry916175d ago

It's beyond me why you're getting down votes for stating facts 😂😂

Imalwaysright175d ago

As a gamer I would be extremely happy if Sony did the same with Resistance fall of Men wich is easily the game I played the most in my life. I would even gladly pay for online play if it meant that I could headshot some fools with the L23 fareye.

The_Sage174d ago

Not to be that guy, but... Fall of Man.

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gamer7804175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

is 120fps surreal? i remember hitting over 200fps on pc over a decade ago and thinking, yah it seems really fast, but honestly after 60fps i really don't care. much rather have 60fps 4k, special effects rt etc

badz149175d ago

but did you have a display capable of showing that 200fps back then? you need to remember that mainstream TVs and monitors are 60Hz thus all those hundreds of fps aren't showing and your monitor will just display 60fps.

120fps is nice and all but as of right now, it's still expensive. 2K144Hz monitors are a norm right now but 4K144Hz, extremely rare and mighty expensive! it's the same story with TVs. TVs with HDMI2.1 is still far and between and mighty expensive.

not many will be able to taake advantage of this 120fps feature for now due to cost. maybe in a few years

gamer7804175d ago

I had an expensive setup with 4 monitors three hooked together. Thee would do 75hz and the single screen gaming crt was 200hz. Anything 60hz or less on a crt could give some people headaches

DJStotty174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Exactly Badz,

Most TV's are only capable of 60fps, i am waiting for a price drop in the UK, a decent 120hz TV will still set you back £700+.


As a PC gamer I can fully say you gamer7804 are not a PC gamer.

I mean what kind of filthy ditch troll are you 60 frames get the f*** out of here

nickanasty206175d ago

This is very cool. Consoles are now on parity with PC for MCC and Cross-Play has been added. I will give kudos to 343 where it is deserved here. Disappointed about Infinite not launching with the console, but also realize that if devs need more time to make a great game, give it to them. Cyberpunk is a great example of this. I don't want a half-baked game to be released if its not ready. Give us the good stuff and take your time to make it right, just like MCC. I will say though, if the game does turn out bad with the extra time taken, that is a different story completely. At this point it can't be anything less than a masterpiece, otherwise Microsoft is going to be in some real trouble here, and Halo should be taken away from 343.

Kavorklestein175d ago

I hope Infinite can be made into a head-turning and long lasting experience.
I have always loved my copy of MCC and always have a great collection to fall back on. The amount of things they have added and optimized has been fun to re-test every couple updates.
I hope anyone who missed any Halo's give them another go and gets a good feel for the entire universe so far.

I'm hoping for a big and Epic Adventure. I hope they don't play it TOO safe, not too "trendy" or fad based like recent shooters, has a fully developed story, and not too many new ideas at once, unless it fits nicely with the pace or flow of the Story.

I really hope Halo can get at least one more solid entry, and that Game will have Graphics that truly show 343 still has some true Artists left, and not just the average multi purpose developer.

If they Give it a soul and a real purpose, there is unlimited potential still left in the Halo Universe.

nickanasty206175d ago

They have now even brought in the lead from MCC on PC to oversee the development of Halo Infinite, so I'm thinking we are going to get something truly special here. In the meantime, MCC always remains in my playlist and never seems to cease to amaze me at how much fun can be had on this classic/epic franchise.

Kavorklestein175d ago

Nice! Well I'll keep my fingers, toes, legs, arms, and even EYES crossed hoping that they make the most of it, and take their time if they need to, in order to really perfect the experience for new Xbox fans, and the years of Halo fans who are waiting for the next hint or sign that we might finally get an Awesome, bold, and successful sequel to enjoy.

TheRealTedCruz175d ago

I've been playing on PC, but it has been awesome replaying the series at these sort of resolutions and framerates.

FPS just feels better on PC for me.

Deathdeliverer175d ago

Guess I’ll start the download. Haven’t played it in years. It’ll be ready by the time I hit the door. Thanks Xbox app!

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