The best games coming out in December 2020

If you're wondering what games are being released, then you might want to check out this list of the best games coming out in December 2020.

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ArchangelMike67d ago

What would actually happen if Cyberpunk got delayed again? I've got my pre-order locked in already, but it would be funny if something went wrong again, and the game had to be delayed until next year.

geekmandem67d ago

I know it Europe things can get complicated when a product is delayed outside of a release year (I think that's why Blizzard always put WoW as released before 31st December 2020 etc) - though I think all it does is entitle anyone to a refund.

VTKC67d ago

Mass hesteria. People having a melt down over it. Such a first world problem.

SDuck67d ago

CDPR would lose even more money, interest in the game and credibility as a trustworthy gaming studio. To you personally? You would either wait or ask your rightfully deserved refund

DragonWarrior1967d ago

I honestly would be more shocked if it actually came out in December. They could push it to Jan, other than Hitman they would basically have the month to themselves.

ArchangelMike67d ago

I actually wondered if CDPR pushed it out of November deliberately so the could have December all to themselves. It really wouldn't surprise me, the pre-orders for this game are apparently off the charts anyway. They could release it in January and it would still sell 1mil+ on day1.

Critic4l_Strik367d ago

We'll find out in less than 3 weeks from now!

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ZeekQuattro67d ago

I'll get Cyberpunk when I can get a next gen console to play it on. The way things are going right now that probably won't be until April next year. The next gen upgrade will hopefully be out by then as well.