PS5 Sets the Stage For a Truly Epic Future

Our gripes with the PlayStation 5 are very minimal overall. This is a console that is setting the stage for a truly epic gaming future. New controller, new styles of play and boundary pushing exclusives just mean there is a lot of fun to be had on the horizon in 2021 and beyond!

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waverider215d ago

Well if they were able to do games like Tshushima e Tlou2 thist year on the Ps4, i cant imagined what they can do with the PS5. I Think demon souls is already very impressive, but its just the start.

ApocalypseShadow215d ago

Yeah. I can't wait to see the, hopefully, amazing animation, lighting, A.I. and destruction of next gen first party game engines.

Army_of_Darkness214d ago

Hopefully I'll be able to get a ps5 by/ or around March... Bonus month😁
I can chill till then since I still got tons on ps4 games to play.

CaptainHenry916214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Rachet and Clank, Horizon:Forbidden West, and GOD Of WAR coming out next year and so much more unannounced exclusives on the way!!!!

NecrumOddBoy214d ago

I am truly excited to feel how powerful GOW2 will be on the DualSense. That heaviness replicated in the feedback is going to be really awesome.

Babadook7214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

The PS5 launch has been everything I waited for. Superb!

S2Killinit214d ago

So far its been great. That controller is something special. I really want to get the COD just to see how it’s implemented in a FPS.

Einhander1971214d ago


Hikoran214d ago

I know dude same! Hyyype!

Deathdeliverer214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Having my PS5 and Xbox both day one and after playing the heck out of both I can say that they are both great systems but all I thought is confirmed. The PS5 truly is the most exciting system for now and into the future. I love quick resume on the games that support it and Game pass is great, but not amazing as some make you believe. My reason for saying this simply applies to the selection. Yes the Microsoft big games are and will be cool. Most everything else on there is old OR is something you wouldn’t have bought but you will gladly start and not finish with gamepass. Those big titles from other devs like Yakuza aren’t on there UNLESS they are old or were old when they came to Xbox (like the Yakuza series was already on PS4 for years before it came to Xbox and game pass). So even with gamepass, it comes down to the games. I’d gladly pay for a Sony exclusive with the quality of demon souls than play ANYTHING on gamepass today. If history is a teacher in anything, it’s that PlayStation games do not let up. There will always be a game or games available to battle anything on gamepass until the Bethesda deal is finalized, contracts are up, and production starts on true Xbox exclusives. Fact is that could take anywhere from 1yr 1/2 to a few years. PlayStation has hit the ground on fire in day one. Imagine how things will be after 364 more of them? Amazing.

CaptainHenry916214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

"until the Bethesda deal is finalized"

I still think Bethesda games will be on other consoles because Microsoft would make more money that way. Maybe their games will be timed exclusives

Deathdeliverer214d ago

It’s possibility, but all the paper work and behind the scenes stuff with buying a company won’t be through until next year sometime. Again, everything you are saying is possible Henry.

TheRealTedCruz214d ago

You hope Bethesda games will be on other (Sony) consoles.
You hope, if nothing, they'll be timed exclusives.

If Sony acquired Bethesda, you'd be the sort screaming from the rooftops that everything gotten out of the deal was Sony exclusive, until the games ended on store shelves.

I, for myself alone, find it more realistic they'll keep the ES And Fallout series exclusive. Perhaps Starfield (or a potential sequel) as well, and then hand pick titles from the studios who were under Bethesda publishing.

MS is making more than enough from Gamepass to justify the acquisition of its devs in a few years. Let alone console sales and game sales.
If they're looking long term, it only makes sense to have Bethesda as one of their flagship 1st parties, if only for the series it brought.

It's like I keep saying, another Obsidian developed Fallout would set the internet on fire at this point.

Babadook7214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Remember Ted, that MS's newer business model is now different than Sony's is. It's way too early to expect MS to take the Elder Scrolls series away from one of its major fanbases, and its telling that MS has not confirmed or even hinted at doing this.

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Army_of_Darkness214d ago


Bro, Sony doesn't need bugsesda. If they acquired cd project red, ms's billion dollar purchase would be forgotten instantly.

214d ago
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CaptainHenry916214d ago (Edited 214d ago )


Speaking like a true fanboy. How wrong you are. I could care less since I'm a PC gamer first and have access to everything anyway except for day one Sony exclusives... Not to mention games are cheaper on PC including Windows game pass

RosweeSon214d ago

He’s deluded thinks a company is gonna spend $7.5 billion and keep the games on the least successful console where they basically give them away with a subscription 😂 good luck they’ll get 6-12 months timed exclusive max then it’ll be on every platform under the sun.
Disney didn’t pay $2 billion for Star Wars and make it exclusive to Disney+ you can buy it from everywhere. That’s how you get your money back making things available, selling games. It works for Nintendo and Sony when Nintendo got 70 million Sony easy 100+ million owners (sure some are shared) compared to Microsoft’s 50 mil max (again some will own the other 2) pretty certain those games are gonna be everywhere.

TheRealTedCruz214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Last two consoles bought was a PS4 Pro and a PS5, buddy :^)
You're just part of the lot who can't stand people can be unbiased; say negative things about one company, positive on another, and vice-versa.
That's why you're here on N4G.
You feel safe.



Stop taking games so seriously, you child. Lol.

Actual facts, MS let people get in on Gamepass for cheap. It got popular. It went from $5 to $15 on PC, and I didn't think anything of it because it's still a great value.
It's only going to get more popular going forward.
Then you have Sony, who most certainly put out quality content, but they are pushing PS Now that accounts for only 2% of the PS4 player base, despite also feeding into the PS3 and Vita install base.
It's a failure.

I've actually looked at the financials of both companies, just on the games front, and it's kind of funny how you find Sony this giant juggernaut, and MS this pathetic third wheel. They're doing far better than what you apparently seem to think.

And Star Wars was bought for 4 million. And a TV/movie studio is different than a singular subscription service, so get your logic right.

Let me know if I'm wrong though, when the time comes. :^)

CaptainHenry916214d ago (Edited 214d ago )


You got all the answers don't you. You don't know 💩$hit. All you do is assume and judge people because the real Ted Cruz knows everything and is never wrong 😂😂

TheRealTedCruz214d ago (Edited 214d ago )


You instantly call me a "fanboy". I explain that the last two consoles I bought were the latest Playstation releases.
You tell me I "don't known s**t" but I actually made points, where as you just made insults and threw out emojis because you're apparently feeling yourself today.

I also never said "I'm never wrong". I simply called out the mentality of someone I disagreed with, and did my best to make a counter argument.
You, on the other hand, decided to act in the way you did, making you no better than the person you felt the need to call out.
Worse, being you're the one actually acting like a biased child.

Figure that one out for yourself.

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