Alanah Pearce joins Sony Santa Monica

Pearce announced on Twitter that she was joining the studio as a Video Game Writer

-Foxtrot1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

I’ve seen some of her “takes” on Twitter...and some of the controversies around her. Yeah...good luck Sony.

Little unfair to get a job because your super good friends with Barlog and his wife.

phoenixwing1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

A good portion of getting ahead in creative industries is knowing the right person. networking is important. Wish someone had told me that back when I was going to school.

edit: I can't find anything about her past where she's actually written content for a fictional story... unless she was a writer for rooster teeth content (halo skits) when she was younger. anybody help me out and know what her body of work is?

-Foxtrot1333d ago

I guess but still all those actual writers out there who have taken Media Production or Script Writing hoping to get a job in something they went to University for only to loose out to someone who was a video game journalist originally

ABizzel11333d ago


Welcome to the real world, where simply being the best or better than everyone else in your field doesn't guarantee you an ideal position that you more than likely deserve, because somewhere higher up a chain of in-group favoritism and alliances will almost ALWAYS bring their "next in line" employee over the more qualified candidate.

I've personally have been victimized by this ignorant mentality that generally ends up hurting the business. I had worked for a company for around 5 years and in less than 2 years I made it from Consultant, to Assistant Manager, to Manager. As a manger I had an undeniable performance record across 3 years the majority of the time being the best performing team under our Market Manager (out of 30 other teams), and consistently in the top 10 no less than top 20 under our Regional Manager (covers 4 states and over 100 teams). I won so many awards and was nominated by practically all of my teams as for performance and recognition awards that there was no denying I was easily the best manager in our market, if not the best manager in our entire region.

Yet I had to watch as people with 50% of my performance metrics get promoted to positions I applied for, deal with a district manager who constantly blocked my attempts at moving up by literally calling other DMs and recommending other candidates above me because they were her favorites, I won awards for the best performing manager in our Market two years back to back, I also would have won that award my first year but I was moved from my original area to a larger and lesser performing area in August and the area I managed for most of the year ranked 1st and the area I was moved to which was around 15/30 ended up being number 2, and this same district manager told me she wasn't going to recognize me because she didn't want me to get a big head, and if my team went a single day without hitting our goal she'd be on our heads asking if she has the right people in charge meanwhile our overall performance is still over 90% on a goal of 100% while other teams are being allowed to skate by at 60% / 70% / and 80%.

Simply put Life isn't fair, and People can make it worse.

I don't know Alanah or her creative writing experience, so I cannot speak on her and this position per say, but I would hope that she is qualified for the position and brings something noteworthy to the company.

dumahim1333d ago

Just because someone takes classes doesn't make them a quality employee. Just because she knows someone doesn't mean they won't be a good fit for the job,

NecrumOddBoy1333d ago

She is another former-shill in the echo chamber of San Fran elitist games journalism. She did pet projects and was also on IGN for awhile. I don't personally think she is even 1% as bad as Kallie Plague, Greg Miller, Max Scoville, or Janet Garcia in the "I'm anti-racist and super woke" crew but who knows if she would benefit PlayStation. I would assume she could do some marketing and interface with the Twitter crowd. Sony is trying to put younger faces and celebrities on their products now so maybe this is part of it. I still think it's cool to see Miyamoto and Shu on the stages being goofy. Maybe this is just the new direction.


Godmars2901333d ago

"A good portion of getting ahead in creative industries is knowing the right person."

Not seeing "talent" anywhere...

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DreadfulHero1333d ago

I think she was more in charge of editorial content for Inside Gaming for awhile, and was just a regular "talking head" for Funhaus for awhile. I think the plan originally for her at Funhaus was going to be to be more editorializing for gaming related news shows Funhaus planned on doing before Rooster Teeth acquired Inside Gaming. But then that happened and Funhaus shifted away from those plans, and she handled more of the gaming stuff there while just screwing around (and editing video content) at Funhaus.

UltraNova1332d ago

I've seen a couple of her YT videos and tweets. She super feministic in her views and pro-xbox IMHO. I have no issues with eithe, as long as she can be professional. Cory is a smart, down to earth guy so I'm hopping he knows what he is doing by hiring her as a writer.

boing11332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

I work in game industry for way over 15 years now and I have a lot of friends in plenty of different game dev companies, small and major. I changed workplace at least 4 times in my career and every job I got was thanks to knowing someone that worked with me before, and wants to work with me again. I have no special school nor am I a genius, I just make people enjoy working with me. This trick works wonders for me. Never had a normal interview. Ever.

FanboysKiller1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

That's why people choose technical majors over other "bs" majors cause they know every effort they put into this field is fruitful .

Keltech1332d ago

There's this saying I heard in the 90's

"It's Not what you know, it's Who you know"

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Baza1333d ago

Unfair? Since when has this world been fair? Opportunity and knowing the right people will get you many things

-Foxtrot1333d ago

It is unfair but is that the attitude to have though? The world is unfair because we let it be like that and use the "the world isn't fair excuse".

It's not wrong to want people who have studied for a certain future job in University only to have people jump from one industry to the one because they know someone, it's almost the same as nepotism in Hollywood when most of the children of big movie stars or directors get to have the same jobs as their parents despite having no skills. It's unfair as that's "just how the world is" but it doesn't make it right.

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RauLeCreuset1333d ago

"Good luck Sony"

Stop it. You have your own "takes" that don't make the fact that you posted this as the first comment surprising. I think Sony and SSM are going to be fine, and if not, it won't be because they hired someone with writing experience to contribute "the tiniest little hand (seriously, very small, I am just a junior ok)."

gamer78041333d ago

A lot of Hollywood and gaming is all who you know, and not related to qualifications. Surely much more qualified writers with experience than her. But it is a junior level position. My guess is she’ll end up doing other things in the company or leave after a couple years.

Christopher1333d ago

As long as she's not public, she should be fine. But, yeah, she's extremely aggressive sometimes. She gives gaming trolls a run for their money that is worth watching sometimes, though.

Atticus_finch1333d ago

So Cory knows her and hired her and you're mad because you think you know her better.
Stop embarrassing yourself.

Flewid6381333d ago

You act like she isnt qualified. Like she works as a welder or something. lmao.

Dawknight3161333d ago

"Little unfair to get a job because your super good friends with Barlog and his wife."

LMFAOOOOO. This is how you get jobs, by networking.

moomoo3191333d ago

Ay man ive seen u posting on here for many years, but this makes you sound like you've never had a job or lived in the real world haha.

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tontontam01332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

"1) Don’t be an utter ass, you don’t know me

2) I’ve worked two jobs after Uni, lost one now because of COVID

So just...just don’t"

Lol he throws stones at somebody, then gets offended big time when someone throws it back to him.

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stupidusername1333d ago

If she’s a good writer and has proven to be a ambitious worker and a good person – why wouldn’t they hire her. Networking is important and if you’re a boss you’d rather hire someone who have proven their worth to you both as a worker and a good person rather than someone you’ve only met on two interviews straight from school. That’s why the entertainment business is hard in general. There’s few jobs, high risks and a ton of talent, networking is the key to get ahead.

CaptainObvious8781333d ago

A lot of people sure are getting upset and defensive at Fox's comment. Might it have anything to do with Allanah being a relatively attractive female?

stupidusername1333d ago

It might have something to do with him accusing a person he don’t know for only getting a job because they know someone and not because they’re good at what they do.
Do you believe all people who defend any female are simps/sjws/incels? I don’t get your thought pattern.

generic-user-name1333d ago

Bad "take" right here. She's been writing for a while (short stories and whatnot) but hasn't put that aspect of her life out in public until now. This job, as just a junior writer, is what she's been working towards throughout her career.

Did being Barlog's friend hurt? Most likely not but I'm sure Barlog has a lot of friends who'd love to work at SSM. Really unfair of you to dismiss her (or anyone's) ability without really knowing her outside of some tweets.