Starfield, The Elder Scrolls 6 Confirmed as Xbox Game Pass Day One Titles

Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard confirms both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 will launch day one on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

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LordoftheCritics1049d ago

2021 onwards is going to be big for all gamers.

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TheEroica1049d ago

Good gravy Xbox... That's gonna get a lot of people using gamepass.

potatoseal1049d ago

Oh for sure. Most will Sub in for the first time. Play and finish the game, and then sub straight out. It will make you feel like a thief lol. Millions and millions of people will do just that.

dcbronco1049d ago

And you get people talking about subscribing for 2 months and cancelling. Psst. People played Skyrim for hundreds of hours and still play. They'll subscribe and 8 months later will still be there.

RazzerRedux1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

" People played Skyrim for hundreds of hours and still play. They'll subscribe and 8 months later will still be there."

Nope. Subscribe for a month. If it looks like it is a game for keeping for the long term then buy it outright. But most games are not going to have the content of ES. Look at The Outer Worlds. Paid $5 and completed that entire game in less than a month. If some want to stay continually subscribed to a service that they only use part of the time then they are free to waste their money. Now if MS offers enough content to warrant that subscription then great but let's not pretend we get an Elder Scrolls game every year.

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EasilyTheBest1049d ago

Thats great news. Gamepass is the gift that keeps on giving. Best ever situation for my gaming needs.

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NeoGamer2321049d ago

It is funny on the disagrees. You are stating your opinion for your personal situation yet no one knows your personal situation and disagrees. LOL.

Shiken1049d ago

Its because those that disagree hate that they don't have an option even near as good.

DaveZero1049d ago

That's how the fanboys roll.

orakle441048d ago

Its because if you say anything good about Microsoft around here you get the downvotes. For whatever reason Sony can do no wrong and Microsoft does no right on this site.

Ausbo1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

You know this site is cancerous when a comment like this gets voted down. People really just want to see Xbox fail. Kinda pathetic

Chriswheeler221049d ago

id love for Xbox to thrive, but I dont want Gamepass to get big. It devalues games and its a race to the bottom.

DaveZero1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

That's the truth, it can be a site with real crappy people at times disliking and pulling things down because they dont support it, dont agree with it or the best one just dont own it. I mean you can own one thing and still agree on what you dont own, articles, comments and so on you wont be seen as weak you know.

NeoGamer2321049d ago

Please sight facts on how GamePass has "Devalued games" and created a race to the bottom.
If you compare Gamepass games at the start with now, the quality of games available has continually improved. Also, Developers have continually praised what GamePass has meant to them financially.

There is not a single news article or fact to back up this claim.

leejohnson2221049d ago

Why dont gamers actually buy and support games? Simce when were gamers cheap skates

Ausbo1049d ago

Just because we can use gamepass doesn’t mean we don’t buy games too. In fact, Microsoft has said that gamepass members buy more games than people who don’t have it

DJStotty1048d ago

Even as a gamepass subscriber, you are still supporting games, more than a "one-off" purchase from the pre-owned section.

potatoseal1049d ago

I'm a Sony fan and I agree. It's great for me too because I have a gaming PC. I can play any of their massive AAA games for the cost of a 1 month sub. Unsub straight after I finish the game. Gamepass is great.

Truplaya1048d ago

Or use the rewards program and just keep getting game pass for free

RedDevils1049d ago

I know right, this make my choice of never buy an Xbox much more easy. Just PS, PC and Nintendo is all my games needs is completed.

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Trueflames1049d ago

Sweet cant wait for both games to arrive good times my friends