The Xbox One Generational Game-Changers

Richard writes: "Just as one eye looks forward to the future, the other looks back on the generation just gone. And what better way than by looking back at our thoughts on the Xbox One’s Generational Game-Changers."

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Beastgamerkuma685d ago

Not a bad list at all! good job!

SullysCigar685d ago

"Just as one eye looks forward to the future, the other looks back on the generation just gone"

Be nice if we could keep and eye on the present, but there's nothing to choose from, because Phil decided (on our behalf) the new console didn't need new games to launch with.

TravsVoid684d ago

Halo was supposed to launch with it and it did launch with new games (Call of Duty and Assassins Creed). Stop fanbarfing.

SullysCigar684d ago

lmao oh don't be so sensitive, I'm only saying what us normal people are thinking.

MadLad684d ago (Edited 684d ago )


"Don't be so sensitive"

You're literally the one who went off on a negative tirade, but God forbid people address it.

Maybe stop acting like a child and purposely instigating.

SullysCigar684d ago

^ Ted, it was hardly a tirade, just what I see. And I wasn't the one using terms like 'fanbarfing', which is just unnecessary, but sure, go for that moral high ground despite backing up the aggressor due to your bias.

TravsVoid684d ago

Normal people don't comment in every article for a product they don't like.

SullysCigar684d ago

Cool, me neither. I don't understand why you're het up over my opinion.

I do understand your frustration, but it's not my fault.

TravsVoid684d ago

You comment on every Xbox article negatively, it's the only reason I recognize your name. Stop trolling.

SullysCigar684d ago

Well that's not true, but okay, I'll stop commenting because it's upsetting you. Just wow.

Abnor_Mal684d ago

"The Xbox One Generational Game-Changers"

Lots of good third party games on the list, but odd that only one first party game was considered a generational game changer.

jznrpg684d ago

It’s not odd to me they had a very bad last generation

anast684d ago

This article wants 10 clicks.