Good News: PS5 May be Supersampling 4K

The PS5 may be supersampling your games to 4K on 1440p monitors. Twitter users report the console renders 4K before pushing it to 1440p monitor.

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SullysCigar261d ago

Well this would be a turn up for the books!

Tacoboto260d ago

... nope, this is just how technology works.

If a 1440p monitor accepts a 4K signal, it'll render in 1440p. Because that's the monitor's resolution...

The PS5 isn't supersampling, the monitor is downscaling the signal it's receiving. The PS5 doesn't know it's on a 1440p monitor.

Fishy Fingers261d ago

Pro did it, no surprise the PS5 does it too.

neutralgamer1992260d ago

Didn't ps4 pro do this so my guess is sony would do the same with ps5

Ju260d ago

I'm going to try this. I think the Dell 27" I have does that, but I haven't tried. It does specifically say it does support consoles on the HDMI 2.0 port, however.

Ju260d ago

Sorry to disappoint. I tried but unfortunately not working on my monitor.

Teflon02260d ago

It does supersample. I can confirm. Someone broke my damn tv today and now using one of my monitors, the 1080p one since it doesn't do 1440p native. I can 1000% confirm every ps5 game is supersampled. Now I can't find the option to super sample the few games that have 4k modes and use 1080p modes in pro without forcing the 4k mode. So example I can't use the 4k mode in No no kuni 2. It runs 1080p because I apparently can't use the force high res mode on ps4 games like you can with the pro sadly

Ju260d ago

That's not what that is about. Problem with 1440p screens is, that most do not accept a 4K signal and so the PS4/5 will switch into 1080p mode (with supersampling). But you loose resolution that way. Turns out quite a good number of 1440p monitors actually accept a native 4k signal which then is sampled down to 1440p by the monitor which gives you much better results then downsampling to 1080p.

nirwanda260d ago

Perfect explanation and you still get downvoted lol.

LordoftheCritics260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

How dare you speak the truth??? Here's a downvote.

DerfDerf260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

I'd hope so since the Xbox One X did it this already at the system level

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