XIII Publisher Admits Game Was Rushed And Promises Fixes

It is pretty much unplayable on PC and now the publishers have admitted they rushed the game. In a new statement the Publisher offer explanations for the problems and promises fixes and other updates.

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Relientk7765d ago

I was thinking of picking this up. I hope they can iron out all the issues with the game by then

monkey60265d ago

I was more looking forward to this than the usual CoD and Assassins Creed tripe this year but the game's condition is incredibly disappointing

Garethvk65d ago

I just do not know how it was released in that condition. 10 minutes of gameplay and I could see it was a mess. I contacted my rep to tell them the issues and he told me we have never heard of issues like this or seen them. I wrote the next day with observations, work arounds, and possible causes and got the ok. Now they finally said yeah we rushed it and have been flooded with angry gamers.

Garethvk65d ago

It is pretty much unplayable on PC. It is all over the place, the slightest movement of the mouse is a huge reaction as an example.

-Foxtrot65d ago

Then no buy at launch

You shouldn’t have rushed it

Ill pick it up super cheap

Not to mention the new art style strays away from the cell shaded goodness of the first one

Garethvk65d ago

Would saying hey there is a Pandemic and we need a few more weeks to polish it up been worse than putting out an unplayable game?

-Foxtrot65d ago

Yeah exactly

Like they are going up against next gen console launches, what's the point

Delay it, rework the entire thing, make it less buggy, give it a next gen release taking advantage of new features.

Garethvk65d ago

Sadly when I was at Sierra this was very common. We did not see this at Monolith but Sierra before they closed down WA office and new owners ran it into the ground. Game after game shoved out unfinished or buggy as investors demanded so many releases per quarter and tighter development cost. Outpost released without features listed on the box, Tribes 2 a highly unstable mess. Trophy Hunting 5 so bad they scrapped it days before release. They had carts loaded with boxed versions of the game and told us to take as many as we wanted.

mastershredder65d ago

XIII will never get a properly made game to do it justice.

XxINFERNUSxX65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Rushed why, there was no real demand for it like Cyberpunk 2077. Instead you released a turd to the world. I don't know what magic they have up their sleeves to fix the game but, going by all the reviews on Steam & GOG it's a shit storm. What remaster I'm really waiting for is the classic PC game Kingpin. I hope that won't be a turd.