PS Now On PS5, Watch God Of War Ascension On PS3 Streaming To PS5

Check out PS Now on PS5 in action, with God of War Ascension on PS5 streaming to PS5! See how PS5 Now PS5 works in this handy video!

purple1011247d ago

yep this little game was on a portable device - in 2013! bask in the quality. mean while people were playing kandy crush, thinking it was gods gift to mobile gaming

I_am_Batman1247d ago

And also one of the most impressive technical showpieces of that generation. I still think it looks amazing on native hardware. Obviously the stream compression through PS Now is going to ruin it and then the additional compression from youtube is gonna make it even worse.

purple1011246d ago

Thought it was a vita/ crossbuy
. Sorry I got it wrong. I stand corrected.

Ju1245d ago

@I_am_Batman? Have you actually played this on PSNow? Because it holds up quite well with 720p streams and even with 1080p games its hardly noticeable (those still render native 1080p before those games get compressed over the stream).

oakshin1247d ago

This is one of the biggest showcases of the generation xbox 360 would melt trying to run this game just like uncharted

Spartacus101245d ago

Does anyone know if PS Now on PS5 lets you download PS4 games, or can they only be streamed?


God Of War Tried Multiplayer Too Early

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mkis007504d ago

Ruined Ascensions story mode. Taking away the one button parry sucked.

abstractel504d ago

Not saying it was perfect but I really enjoyed it. One of the more unique MP experiences. Wouldn't mind them trying again.

Palitera504d ago

It was nuts that they actually managed to make that experience work so well.
The story might have been the weakest (story-wise) in the main series, but the MP was super fun and well done.

hotnickles504d ago

I don’t play god of war for the multiplayer so it’s always too soon in my book.


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ClayRules2012516d ago

I won’t rank Ragnarok just yet, although it is honestly leaving me and my wife blown away…won’t go into details right now, not done as I assume others aren’t either, maybe some of you are, idk haha.

But here’s how I rank them

5. God of War 3
4. God of War Ascension.
3. God of War 1.
2. God of War 2.
1. God of War 2018.

MrNinosan515d ago

My same ranking exactly, with Ragnarök at #1.

ClayRules2012515d ago

Wow, that’s pretty interesting that someone has the same ranking as me haha. So, did you beat Ragnarok? I assume so with you placing it at #1

Flawlessmic515d ago

1. God of war 3
2. God of war 2018
3. God of war 2
4. God of war 1

Haven't played the others but about 30 hrs In to ragnarock now so safe to say if it keeps up it will end up being at the top of my list when I'm done.

CrimsonWing69515d ago

I will say the pacing of the original titles and the epic feel to them I feel is way better than the new one’s. Like, I could recognize and appreciate the praise God of War received, but it bores me to tears except for the pivotal moments.

However, that being said I feel Ragnarok is waaaaay better than 2018. I’m only on Ch. 6, but it’s pretty much rocked my face off from the get-go.

I’m really split between this being my GotY or Elden Ring.

robtion515d ago

I think different games in the series had different strengths but all are great. I liked the original as it was an origin story and the mechanics were fresh. The sequel added smoother gameplay. Three was just so far ahead of it's time graphically it wasn't even funny. Plus great gameplay and bosses and insane gore and nice use of sexy time. The reboot was cool but lost a lot of what I liked about the original trilogy (I don't need my games grown up, just fun). Will wait and see with ragnarok as haven't had time to play it yet.


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darthv72791d ago

2 is my all time favorite with Ascension being my least (but still worth playing). First time dealing with the colossus of rhodes as well as the scale of the steeds of time... just a great game overall.

Nacho_Z791d ago

3 is the best for me, closely followed by the reboot. The reboot lost some of the spectacular scenes in favour of deeper gameplay, 3 was jaw dropping at times. I'm hoping the next game will have the best of both.

Army_of_Darkness791d ago

Yeah 3 was my favorite as well! The Poseidon battle was amazing! Gameplay wise and graphically!

neutralgamer1992791d ago

Honestly first 2 were amazing. I really wanted Sony yo bring back David jaffe and have him do his own version of God of war reboot working in different mythology. David and Cory could make sure story made sense but I think God of war is a big enough series where multiple entries at the same time

nevin1791d ago

1. GOW 3
1. GOW 2
2. GOW: Ghost of Sparta
3. GOW 1
4. GOW: Chains of Olympus
5. GOW(2018)
6. GOW: Ascension

generic-user-name791d ago

GOW 2018 2nd from the bottom? Behind 1? Behind the 2 PSP games?

Your street cred is taking a hit today.

Demetrius791d ago