PS Now On PS5, Watch God Of War Ascension On PS3 Streaming To PS5

Check out PS Now on PS5 in action, with God of War Ascension on PS5 streaming to PS5! See how PS5 Now PS5 works in this handy video!

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purple10168d ago

yep this little game was on a portable device - in 2013! bask in the quality. mean while people were playing kandy crush, thinking it was gods gift to mobile gaming

I_am_Batman68d ago

And also one of the most impressive technical showpieces of that generation. I still think it looks amazing on native hardware. Obviously the stream compression through PS Now is going to ruin it and then the additional compression from youtube is gonna make it even worse.

purple10167d ago

Thought it was a vita/ crossbuy
. Sorry I got it wrong. I stand corrected.

Ju66d ago

@I_am_Batman? Have you actually played this on PSNow? Because it holds up quite well with 720p streams and even with 1080p games its hardly noticeable (those still render native 1080p before those games get compressed over the stream).

oakshin68d ago

This is one of the biggest showcases of the generation xbox 360 would melt trying to run this game just like uncharted

Spartacus1066d ago

Does anyone know if PS Now on PS5 lets you download PS4 games, or can they only be streamed?