Playing God of War on PS Now made me rage harder than Kratos

Hit-and-miss would be generous.

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SenorFartCushion504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

Yeah, cloud gaming will forever suck. I don’t care what anyone says, the concept was designed for the companies to own more of their own product and nothing more. It’s to make more money off the backs of us gamers, be it voluntarily or involuntarily.

Seraphim504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

pretty sure Gaikai and some other cloud services weren't developed for game publishers to own more of their product. Honestly this was something I always felt gaming could take advantage of. I was a kid when the Sega Channel rolled out and it was a tremendously useful and a beneficial service. Also keep in mind that some families or gamers can't afford $60+ a month on games but most can afford the service price to have access to a lineup of games. For whatever reason/s cloud gaming just still doesn't work as it should; apparently. I haven't tried PS Now it was in beta form early on. Anyway regardless of opinion as to why or value of these can be beneficial services.

SenorFartCushion504d ago

My comment in on an article pertaining to PS Now. Of course I also mean PS Now and what it was beforehand: Gaiki.

Same goes with Xbox Game Pass’ cloud service, as well as Game Pass itself. Netflix also counts. It’s not just in gaming.

I don’t like the naivety. Just read up on the topic next time will ya.

Zhipp503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

Gaikai was not a publisher-owned service, though. Neither is Nvidia Now. These companies must see some value in providing these services beyond "owning more of their own product". (Whatever that even means) It's crazy to say the same of Netflix, too.

There's a very obvious reason why companies are going the service route. It's nothing conspiratorial, but it is, like literally everything any company does, aimed at increasing their own profits. Just read up on the topic and you'll get a basic understanding of it.

Zeref504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

Yeah technology will never improve is always a good bet to make.

Extermin8or3_503d ago

Tbf the issues this tech faces aren't easily if ever solved. The primary issues it faces is limitations due to speed if light and distance from exchanges and servers which for plenty of people can never realistically be fixed and will for the foreseeable future likely be an issue on games that require quick reactions and low input lag.

Profchaos504d ago

In a way but the geforce now seems to take the approach of we don't care what games you own as long as the publisher agrees you can use your existing license tomplay the game you already own in the cloud free but if you want extended okay sessions you need to pay for our resources.

CrimsonWing69504d ago

It’s getting better. I’ve used Luna and have had 0 issues with latency. I also don’t have the best bandwidth either. I definitely like the idea of paying an annual price to play games, especially since games are more expensive now and being an adult doesn’t really allow me to just pour all my money into my hobby.

Azurite504d ago

Solution 1: Faster than light internet speeds
Solution 2: Quantum computers perfectly predicting your moves before you do them and time them so it feels like there's 0 latency

Extermin8or3_503d ago

Well the latter isn't possible aaaand the former.... also isn't possible.

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Livingthedream503d ago

It's a concept designed to increase their revenue, in order for this to work the consumer has to see some value in the offering. Most consumers pay for a convenience, service, entertainment. I don't know if cloud gaming will forever suck, tech will improve exponentially over the next decade so that remains to be seen. These companies should be making money off your back since you're a gamer, how else would they stay in business, and generate income to fund more projects? There's shady practices out there, like pay to win, or the terrible loot box systems that have been in place for, well don't know how long. I honestly don't see an issue with cloud gaming if someone out there is getting use out of it, I won't go out of my way to pay for it, and it sounds like you wont either. These companies are competing for our $$ and are trying to find ways to make gaming more accessible and convenient let them try, and I hope they succeed.

x_xavier_x503d ago

"cloud gaming will forever suck"
"Just read up on the topic next time will ya."

Your two statements are diametrically opposed to one another.

SenorFartCushion503d ago

I read up a bit more, still sucks

itsmebryan503d ago

Yakuza: Like a dragon streaming on my phone and it runs pretty good. Maybe it's the type of game you Are playing.. like a dragon has turn base combat on gamepass and it don't have any major problems.

I haven't heard a lot of problems streaming with gamepass.

SenorFartCushion503d ago

I like twitch shooters, mostly. I’m not destined for this medium 😅

TheEroica503d ago

Disagree... It was designed to make gaming more accessible. It hasn't arrived if people are writing articles about how frustrating it is, but we should all be rooting for our games to be more accessible.

SenorFartCushion503d ago

More accessible despite gaming being the most popular entertainment medium in the world. Accessibility in gaming should involve how to make games accessible for those who lack the physical ability to play comfortably. This is making it accessible in a financial sense, which I do not care about.

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Eonjay504d ago

It's a downloadable title to so if streaming isn't working just download it.

talocaca504d ago

That was my first thought, but you can only download on PS4/PS5.

The PC App is streaming only.

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Zhipp503d ago

This is PCgamer. It should be understood that their readers are going to be PC users looking to find out if psnow is worth investing in. To make informed decisions as consumers, we need journalists like this to periodically review services and titles to see where they stand at the time.

DOMination-504d ago

Sony paid $350m for this technology. The largest acquisition ever by PlayStation.

In future they will be moving to Azure so it'll be better.

derek503d ago

There is nothing wrong with psnow, I tried it out input lag wasn't an issue for me at all. This dope from pcgaming or whatever should speak for himself. I just don't see the point, that's the problem. There are too many games for me to play locally that psnow is simply more games to play that i definitely won't. Just like gamepass, I simply don't play games enough as is to make such a service worth it.

porkChop503d ago

"This dope from pcgaming or whatever should speak for himself"

That's exactly what they're doing. They wrote an opinion piece about their experience. That is, in fact, speaking for themself.

Extermin8or3_503d ago

Yeah I can use it fine. There's so many factors at play here like your distance from the isn't local exchange. Exchange capacity. Distance from exchange to the servers etc...

Orchard504d ago

Can't download it to a PC...

Elda503d ago

Download it to the PS4,Pro or PS5.

Orchard503d ago

@Elda The service is available on PC and doesn’t require ownership of a PS console.

Viking_mo504d ago

So why not download it? Pc gamers always complaining

Orchard504d ago

Because you can't? It is only streamable on PC.

Eidolon504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

I got a PS4 with a broken disc drive for $100 and still using it. I will never like streaming, unless it's a slow(no reflexes needed) game. Author said it wasn't worth it, for the month, but that's only if you're playing on PC. I paid like $40 for a whole year, and it's definitely worth it if you have a PS4, otherwise, naw.

yoshatabi503d ago

Hmmmm probably because you can't?

MadLad503d ago

I'm trying to wrap my head around how dumb this comment was.

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