Horizon Zero Dawn and Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Saves Transferable to PS5

Game studio Guerilla Games recently announced on social media that popular video games Horizon Zero Dawn and Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 saves can be transferred to the PlayStation 5 with other perks.


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masterfox115d ago

Maybe I'm the only one but I'm so effing excited to play KZ Shadowfall at 60 fps!!!.

instantstupor115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

You and Richard at DF :-p - I was a bit surprised at how highly he seems to regard that game. I think I only got about halfway through before I moved on - not a fault of the game, more of me and my seeming inability to finish most games lol. Perhaps I should go back and give it another go.

arvfab115d ago

I'm a bit confused. Why is it necessary to have confirmation that saves of PS4 games can be transferred to PS5? I know that some PS4 games which have a PS5 Upgrade have not compatible saves. But Horizon and Killzone will be playable as BC games on PS5, so why shouldn't their saves work? Or did I miss the announcement of some PS5 Upgrade for them?

Juiceid115d ago

Is there any real incentive to play these on the ps5? It’s a serious question. HZD Is one of my all time favorite games, and I’ve not heard anything about any enhancements for it.