Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition - The First PS5 vs Xbox Series X Platform Comparison

Face-off by Richard Leadbetter & John Linneman: "It's finally happening. Ever since Microsoft and Sony revealed the hardware specifications of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the question has always been to what extent differences in teraflops, clock speeds and memory bandwidth will actually translate into the gameplay experience and today, we have our first glimpse at how the systems truly compare. Capcom's Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition was initially supplied to us on PlayStation 5 last week, with Xbox Series X code arriving yesterday. There's what looks very much like feature parity across the board here, and a unique set-up that's very friendly for benchmarking - so which machine is faster?"

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alextdarling1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Interesting finds - would need to see comparisons on actual next gen games though.

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darthv721350d ago

Wow... that was quick. I figured the rt patch for x wouldnt happen for another month or so. Curious to see how it performs on the s.

S2Killinit1350d ago

It will be the same more or less. One game will look better on one or the other. The only real difference will come down to exclusives.

Jin_Sakai1350d ago


Regardless RT Quality mode performs better on Seriex X and 120fps mode performs better on PS5.

gamer78041350d ago

Agreed. Long short of it is gains are negligible either way so get what version you want and enjoy.

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StoneyYoshi1350d ago

Great start so far for both systems!

Amplitude1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

These systems are off to a fantastic start but not because of this remaster.

This is absolutely terrible. It runs at a completely unlocked framerate that jumps between 50 to 120fps constantly, the PS4 version cant be played at 4K at all on a HDMI 2.0 tv like mine, and all the modes are almost unplayable since you cant even lock to 60fps.

The PS4 Pro version of DmC5 is more stable and runs at a higher resolution than the PS5 version in its current state on my TV. Shockingly awful theyre letting this release like this lol

KingofBandits1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

That would only be for TV's that can't support 120hz?

Ju1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

You must have watched a different video... or not understood what was said. Either way...

Amplitude1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Go watch the DF ps5 analysis. It was super interesting. But anyway yes -

If you have a TV that supports 120Hz but only at 1080p, the game will ALWAYS run at 120Hz mode fluctuating between 60-120fps which will always set your resolution to 1080p with no way to change it to 4K.

I reeeeeally hate the 120fps mode on my TV. 1080p just looks really blurry and the benefit of 60fps to 120fps with a controller are just not worth the resolution trade-off.
Im sure what DmC is pulling isnt gonna be the norm but something definitely needs to be said lol. Runs constantly fluctuating between 60-120fps, making it stuttery too. Its a terrible port lol

Einhander19711350d ago

I really don't care about Teraflops I care about games. Thats why PS5 is the better system, sorry.

xHeavYx1350d ago

I know, right? The Xbox One X was more powerful than the PS4 Pro toot, but had no games to compete

tontontam01350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Then you really don't have to buy a next gen console right now.

unless you are an ultra demon soul's fan

Studio-YaMi1350d ago

You are "technically" correct, that's why I bought my ps5 at least, Demon's souls is just calling me out ...

and I'm weak ...

StoneyYoshi1350d ago

Notice how a game that actually utilizes the SSD architecture (unlike BC games) loads faster on PS5?

Outside_ofthe_Box1350d ago

It's always funny when things like this happens. Pointing out this fact a day ago would have been deemed 'damage controlling" or "making excuses" lol

ABizzel11350d ago

That's because deep down trolls know it, they just wish and pray it doesn't come true.

mechethegoat1350d ago

Of course. It was obvious that sonys bc isn't as good. But, then again. DMC only loading like a second faster which is miniscule.

Popsicle1350d ago

Yes loading from a time perspective is nearly unnoticeable, but when one loads at approximately 2 seconds and the other approximately 4, the difference is double or nearly double the performance from the SSD.

StoneyYoshi1350d ago

"It was obvious that Sony's bc isn't as good"

Yet XB fans still needed to rub it in for some reason saying "so much for that super fast SSD in the PS5 lol" even though it should have been obvious since the BC games don't utilize the SSD architecture

Sure its minuscule but the game still loads in 2 seconds. You know whats more minuscule? The fact that the XSX TFlop advantage does barely anything here worth mentioning.

wiz71911347d ago

@stoney but it’s funny , once they start actually taking advantage of the XSX performance you’ll start seeing the difference. But giving how fast the PS5 SSD is and it only loads 2 seconds faster , you Sony pony’s love to bend , spin , and be in denial as hell lol .... y’all hold that SSD close to y’all hearts ,

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Ju1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Speaking of SSD and BC. I ran the exact same test on a Pro with a 4TB WD SDD. Load times with the BC titles on the PS5 are identical (!!!) with what I get on the pro. So, this does not take advantage of any additional HW in the PS5 at all. It's pretty much simulating what a Pro can do. Down to transfer rates.

Most benefits of that will probably come from the HW decompressor which does not need to move data to system ram at all.

wiz71911347d ago

I mean but some of you PS fanboys denounce ever advantage the Series X has sooooo , this fanboy crap is annoying as hell ..

StoneyYoshi1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

It goes both ways dude..... Constant talk about the "huge" difference we are supposed to see for 3rd party games on XSX.... Until people see the proof, it's going to continue. Just like all the doubt about the PS5 SSD being as fast as it is. We wont stop hearing about that until you see the benefit and we already are to an extent. But still waiting to see this TFLOP advantage. Either way it really doesn't matter in the end. What matters are the new games which XSX is still lacking currently. I have a PS5 and PC so either way, I get the best of 3 worlds in two once MS starts releasing their new first party games.

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cfir1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

So in the first direct comparison XsX is not the Beast that some wanted to believe. Marginally faster at times (8%) and at others PS5 matches or exceeds.

"However, the average does not tell the real story. Xbox retains an advantage in cutscenes and in some gameplay content, but again, the boost is typically small. Meanwhile, in many of the gameplay areas we tested, PS5 is significantly faster and more consistent that Series X overall" - From the high frame rate mode

DFs overall summary.

"In terms of correlating on-paper specs to the actual experience on-screen, PlayStation 5 is either punching above its weight, or Xbox Series X isn't delivering on the full potential promised by a bigger silicon investment and a much more substantial memory interface"