Konami Partners With Open Bionics To Create MGS V Prosthetics

Konami have partnered with the British prostethics firm Open Bionics to create an arm based on MGS V's Venom Snake.

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xer069d ago

It looks like a child hand.
The proportion to the head is ridiculous.

Ratchet7569d ago

Is that the Trump size hand model? 😂 😂

CrimsonWing6969d ago

How about you guys make some good games instead?

bangoskank69d ago

Gamers: Please give us a new Castlevania and Silent Hill game!
Konami: Okay, here's a bionic strong hand.

It's as if they're intentionally trying to go bankrupt.

telgou68d ago

Right ? Like what is even the size of a prosthetics market, specifically one in which people are interested in games ?

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