NBA 2K21 Is 72GB on XSX, PS5 Version Will Require Minimum of 150GB

NBA 2K21 PS5 and Xbox Series X file sizes revealed and they're big! The PS5 version requires a minimum of 150GB.

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Neonridr314d ago

why the heck would the PS5 version be twice as big? And damn, that's almost 1/4 of the useable HD right there.

Atom666314d ago

This came up with COD too. I think it's b/c of the copying process.

bouzebbal314d ago

I'm really missing the time where no hdd was required for gaming.. Over 100 gig for a game is plain ridiculous

boing1314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

But Cerny said this won't be the case with PS5 because of super fast ssd? I'm pretty sure he addressed exactly this on his architecture lecture. This will be very annoying if PS5 will have the same issue. Storage space seems to already be pretty scarce.

potatoseal314d ago

Why don't you just write 'Because' instead of b/c ??

Who does that?

bouzebbal313d ago (Edited 313d ago )


You still need the data on the hdd, which is on the disc only, and the patches or updates you download.
Problem I'm seeing is, the transfer speed won't force studios to optimize..

Atom666313d ago


Old shorthand habit.

Also, b/c I fucking want to.

OptimusDK313d ago

No there should be no additional downloads for patches. And should not be listed as the size of the game in the store.

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Nitrowolf2314d ago

its a min requirement so it may not be the final size but the needed amount to uncompress

still thats insane

314d ago
SmokinAces314d ago

It wont be the final size but man does it make a good headline.

Timzster314d ago

Same question here. Thankfully this is not on the radar but that’s a lot of HD space that could go to another game.

Stanjara314d ago

Well I guess that it needs double space for installs just like ps4.
That 600gb is too small for next gen, just like it was for ps4.

Rhythmattic313d ago

Yeh 364 / 664 / 800 is not going to cut it.... But , with a game that's not taking advantage of the SSD capabilities.... Not the idea of streaming, but loading assets into ram like the old methods, you'd think that PS5 games not using the actual benefit Sony's invisioned should be able to be installed on the External drive... Sony needs to have a whitelist of (3rd party) games that dont need compulsory ssd installation.
Hopefully in a update.

Obscure_Observer314d ago


"why the heck would the PS5 version be twice as big? And damn, that's almost 1/4 of the useable HD right there."

It´s Velocity. More specifically it´s *Hardware Accelerated Decompression* component:

"Hardware Accelerated Decompression: Game packages and assets are compressed to minimize download times and the amount of storage required for each individual game. With hardware accelerated support for both the industry standard LZ decompressor as well as a brand new, proprietary algorithm specifically designed for texture data named BCPack, Xbox Series X provides the best of both worlds for developers to achieve massive savings with no loss in quality or performance. As texture data comprises a significant portion of the total overall size of a game, having a purpose built algorithm optimized for texture data in addition to the general purpose LZ decompressor, both can be used in parallel to reduce the overall size of a game package. Assuming a 2:1 compression ratio, Xbox Series X delivers an effective 4.8 GB/s in I/O performance to the title, approximately 100x the I/O performance in current generation consoles. To deliver similar levels of decompression performance in software would require more than 4 Zen 2 CPU cores."

nirwanda314d ago (Edited 314d ago )
Just drop this here
The games are likely to be similar sizes give or take a couple of gig.
Link is for series X file size story on gamespot

Rhythmattic313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

And that there is still minuscule to the PS5 capabilities... The choice and approach off a developer is different to actual technologies you imply makes Xbox better..
Hows this for numbers.
2.4 Raw data.. 4.8 Compressed.
well double both numbers.. but yet.... WAIT, theres more... Sony just Licensed Ooodle... So with Kraken implemented with oodle.. Guess wha? over 3 X...... YES OVER THREE TIMES the conceived data throughput as you SX compressed file..
And then theres a Hypothetical number..... 22GB a sec....
So pick and choose, but doing that you loose.
Velocity is in this case, Critical Velocity. lol
I hate when the idea that the relationship between a tech statement is the fact of reason posted by the uniformed...
Its nothing to do with the velocity engine, its how its used..... OR NOT.
A PS5 is not a Win PC .

Edit: Just because.

Rhythmattic313d ago

My Response based on Facts have been downvoted due too the immature, fingers in the ear, that you just deport want to believe....Obscure, brought it up , and I responded..... So.. You'll understand what "Pubes" are someday.....

Its just have to laugh.... Its like fake media illusion of an illusion....
... It just is.. because.... Becuase..... it just is ok... (Crosses arms like a child)..

Just bloody gold!

porkChop314d ago

It's not bigger, it's because Xbox and PS handle downloads/installs differently. Xbox is like Steam, where it downloads/installs individual files directly in to place. There's only ever one version of each file on your storage drive.

PS doesn't do that. It downloads a big batch file to the storage, then uncompresses and copies all the individual files into place. It deletes the original batch file after installation. You basically have two versions of the game on your storage while it's installing. To be honest I thought they were going to change that this gen.

Rhythmattic313d ago

Cerny Talks about updates no longer do that.. But as for New installs, hmmm, not too sure....

CBaoth313d ago

And they bloody well better. COD if anything taught us moving forward this ridiculous patch method is unacceptable. We don't even have the ability to upgrade the storage yet in PS5s. I assumed this was a given with Sony moving to SSDs. Don't understand what the point of removing redundant data, language packs, and portions of the game once completed (i.e. SP campaign) if we're still hamstrung by this archaic updating method? This isn't going to prevent me from buying a PS5 once I find one but this is very disappointing news.

kfk314d ago

Because this article is comparing the PS5 pre-install disc version to the XSX post-install digital version. This other article says the Xbox pre-install size is 121GB:

Nick_515313d ago

So the article is intentionally misleading... interesting

RangerWalk267314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Microsoft has machine learning for AI compression and decompression built in. That's why you're seeing games running faster (SSD) than the PS5. It requires less space as well.

senis_kenis314d ago

wow the amount of misinformation in your post and still getting up-voted :D

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itsmebryan314d ago

I guess this is the advantage of smart delivery.

Christopher314d ago

On drive, the end result will be 72GB, but Sony does this: downloads all files to the drive, then "copies" the files over to a specific location while validating the downloaded content, and then deletes the download file items.

So, it requires 150 just to download and install, but only 72 in the end.

I. Do. Not. Know. Why. Sony. Does. This. With. A. SSD.

Sector prioritization made sense on a HDD, but not an SSD.

RangerWalk267314d ago

I think this will be addressed in the future. It's just not feasible to have to download all of that extra data just to turn around and delete certain files. People with data capes are doomed. I believe Xbox uses Machine Learning and AI baked into the SOC and DX12 to compress and decompress files in a very efficient way. Hence the quicker load times on the XSX. IGN and Gamespot have done side by side comparisons to the loading speed on both consoles. As of right now, XSX is faster then the PS5. Both are blistering fast.

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DeadlyFire313d ago

Probably means Series S version is 72 GB. Series X probably has 150 GB version as well.

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Jericho1337314d ago

Hate when games require more space to install than it’s actual file size. The amount of time I’ve played hard drive Tetris to make room for game files and they don’t fit.

This issue shouldn’t be being brought into next gen. I don’t know the ins and outs but there must be a solution surely?!

MoonConquistador314d ago

The easy solution seems to be don't buy COD or NBA but I agree with your point

itsmebryan314d ago

Or just buy it on XSX.😉

elazz314d ago

for the future casino and pachinko updates of course

xer0313d ago

Indeed. 150GB is just unforgivable... It shows how lazy the studio is.

CrimsonWing69314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

that 600GB drive space, eh?

Silly gameAr314d ago

Yeah, it's that much because Astrobot comes installed already. You can uninstall that anytime. People like to conveniently forget that a game already comes on the drive.

You can also uninstall anything else that's just sitting taking up space. Those first world problems tho. Just to difficult to deal with, I know.

CrimsonWing69314d ago

I don't think Astrobot takes up 200GB worth of space, my man.

Bruh314d ago


Let him believe that man hahah

Silly gameAr314d ago

No I don't think it takes up 200 gigs, I'm just saying, any space that is on the drive that you're not using, delete it. Not everything has to be a dramatic event.


Sorry, if it's hard to believe common sense, man hahah. I don't really care if you believe it or not to be completely honest.

iplay1up2314d ago

The UI is what takes space up. The UI also uses ram that could be used for gaming.

Silly gameAr314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

So the UI takes up 200 gigs?


BenRC01313d ago

It is a problem. A massive one that only fanboys like you will ignore. These initial releases are massive and they're only going to get bigger like last gen. Believe all the marketing spin you want, maybe its your first console launch, I dunno but believing Sony or ms b.s is why they get away with this crap.

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SmokinAces314d ago

I found a simple work around for this very issue, I won't be installing NBA 2K21, problem solved.

Ninver314d ago

Thanks for the hack lol

Muzikguy313d ago

Same. It's a basketball game for crying out loud. There's no reason it needs to be that much

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cfir313d ago

@CrimsonWing69 Sorry to be pedantic, but it's 664BG available and XsX is only 138GB more at 802, so it might manage 1 or 2 additional AAA games

CrimsonWing69313d ago

I don’t mean to be pedantic either, but it’s 664GB not 664BG available and what I meant to say was, “that 664GB drive space, eh?”