Halo 4 Joins Master Chief Collection on PC November 17th

The last entry in the Halo: Master Chief Collection finally arrives on PC on November 17th after a successful October beta.

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Eamon66d ago

Earlier than expected.

As an old Halo fan, I never got past the first level of Halo 4. Something just felt so different. I'm willing to give it another try this time round.

rockwhynot66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Different? The first halo was set in a space station, the second was also a space station, the third was Earth, Reach was an Earth-like planet and 4 started off in a space ship. You should at least make it to the shield world and more importantly the SECOND Halo 4 campaign called Spartan Ops. Spartan Ops is even better than the main campaign in my opinion except for a couple of levels where the main campaign shines.

The shield world where John crash lands in Halo 4's first level is a Forerunner installation. As Halopeida puts it it was "designed as a defensive strategy against the Flood and an alternative to the Halo Array. As opposed to sterilizing the whole galaxy at once, shield worlds would act as a more precise and conventional solution, serving as both refuges for local populations and powerful military fortresses from which to carry out strategic campaigns against the Flood. Several varieties of shield worlds were designed over nearly nine thousand years; in some iterations the interior was suspended in fractal slipspace, protecting organisms within from the Halos' destructive pulse. A prevalent variation of the shield world concept, known as the conservation sphere, was specifically designed in tandem with the Conservation Measure, sheltering various evacuated species from the Halo effect."

If Halo's are Yang, shield worlds would definitely be Yin.

Halo 4's first couple of campaign missions are the weakest of any Halo.

Michiel198966d ago

yeah starting location really is the ONLY thing that matters to how a game feels, not the handling, not the graphics, not the music, only the geographical location your character starts in matters how a game feels. /s

rockwhynot65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@Michiel1989 that's how my friend felt about Borderlands 1. I was like "but the game has like thousands of weapons or something" and after playing for 45 minutes the game was deemed lame and he never touched it again.

Also regarding the post above, I meant space ships, not space stations. And Halo 4's second mission is when John lands on the shield world.