PS5 Doesn't Feature Xbox Series X/S-Style Quick Resume Game Swapping

At least at launch, you'll need to boot up your games from scratch when jumping from one to another.

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NealGamby166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Don't need it, as the PS5 has really good exclusive single player experiences. Not a lot of game swapping needs to be done.

potatoseal166d ago

That have a patent for something like it. I'm sure they'll patch it in later. They have an overhauled brand new UI for crying out loud. They'll get around to it.

darthv72166d ago

I like that some things in the UI are new and some are familiar. It shows a good balance of keeping what worked and mixing it with new ideas.

4Sh0w166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Daaayum ps5 is lacking some key features to start next gen. Hope this wont be another cross game chat situation. I thought they were going go put that super fast SSD to work beyond just fast game loading.

Saigon166d ago

Because they have the cards, where you can start anywhere in a game, I assume this is their version of quick resume.

Babadook7166d ago (Edited 166d ago )


Yup. Good point, plus like the article says ps5 is particularly great at loading.

Dragonscale165d ago

@4sh0w, better to lack features than games like a certain other console lol.

UnHoly_One165d ago

I’m sure they will. They are usually pretty good about stealing everything Xbox does first. Might not be till next gen though, like when they copied part chat.

NealGamby165d ago


That's ironic you say that when it was MS who didn't even put a Blu-ray player in the 360 like the PS3 had, but only added it after seeing it become the industry standard. And don't even mention the fact that MS JUST copied the share button. So, you might want to not talk about a company stealing.

xTonyMontana165d ago

yeah they will, Sony have done a great job adding features in the past, I still remember them patching in 3d blu ray support for the ps3, back when Avatar was fresh on people's minds, it was a great feature and felt like they were future proofing the console.

1nsomniac165d ago

It requires a fair amount of storage real estate for quick resume which the PS5 just currently doesn’t happen. So I can’t see it happening for a long while yet. Until they get the storage situation fixed.

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aconnellan166d ago

Oh I didn’t realise PS gamers only played one game at a time, and never played any other games or used any other media apps until they were 100% finished with the current game

NEXUS-6166d ago

You can only play one game at a time on any system - what are you on about?

Going to the home screen and choosing a game to play and waiting a few seconds more for it to load is not a deal breaker haha.

Another bullet point blown out of proportion - but you've gotta take small victories when you can I guess.

Being 3rd place is lonely I'd imagine.

Nitrowolf2166d ago (Edited 166d ago )


You never had to put a game down in the middle of a part that didn't save yet cause a friend invited u into a multiplayer match?

This honestly is the biggest advantage, had plenty of moments playing a SP game knowing fully well a save point won't come till later or it would reset my progress if I quit because someone wanted to play a multiplayer game.

I'm not saying its a world ending feature, but its a pretty cool quality of life improvement.

Any way, I was under the impression ps5 card system resumed from a made save state, is that not true??

aconnellan166d ago


I have no choice but to assume you’re being wilfully ignorant of my point - not that Xbox allows you to physically play multiple games at once, but that it gives you the ‘quick resume’ ability for multiple games simultaneously. See below for hypothetical example.

Say I’m partway through playing Cyberpunk, I pause the game and turn off the Xbox for the night. The next day, I play some Squadrons single player, then some Call of Duty. Next day, I watch Netflix on the app, no games. The following day, I load up Cyberpunk, and because of quick resume it will spit me right back to the point where I turned off the Xbox 3 days prior, no having to wade through menus or load save files.

If I then decide I want to play more Squadrons instead, it will do the exact same thing and throw me right back to where I last closed the game, no menus or save loads required.

That’s cool as hell - it’s not a necessity, but it’s a great feature.

Give how everyone’s playing up how important load times are on both consoles, I’d think a feature that further eliminates loading and in-game waiting is worth giving credit where it’s due, wouldn’t you?

NealGamby166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

At least PS HAS games to switch back and forth to. Have fun with a pointless feature for Xbox. MS should've come out with a feature to let you quickly swap controllers instead, because they seem to release those more than they do games.

PS- You do realize that Sony started quick resume back in the PSP days, right?

Necr0philiac166d ago

@ Neal Gamby
Sony could shit on a cracker and you would call it a five star meal

aconnellan166d ago


“At least PS HAS games to switch back and forth to”

How does the Xbox not have games? Is it because they also release their games on PC? Should I be booting up my nonexistent PC to play those Xbox games on then? Silly me, why didn’t I think of that before /s

“PS- You do realize that Sony started quick resume back in the PSP days, right?”

My 3 responses to this:

1. And the fan/critical response was really positive, yet now when it’s not on the PS5 you’re saying no one uses it?

2. So Sony was able to implement a really cool feature in their handheld 12+ years ago, but when it comes to the next generation of consoles - the leap forward in gaming technology 7-10 years in the making - they can’t be bothered? Why is that okay again?

3. No one’s saying Microsoft invented it, so I’m not sure why you’re making this comparison at all. Xbox has it, PlayStation doesn’t, but it’s a cool feature that would benefit the PS5 were it to be added in; the issue is every PlayStation gamer in this thread seems to think it’s not a cool feature and no one will ever use it

NealGamby166d ago


Well, in all fairness. It would probably be a better tasting shit cracker than MS's shit cracker.

NEXUS-6166d ago

Yes - of course I'm taking the piss, but you were being a tad flippant yourself. If I get an invite to an MP session - I'll tell them to wait or if I'm not that invested in the game, I'll join.

GOT pretty much starts you where you left off, but you have to manually save - so what?

This is not a deal breaker or even a negative.

NXFather165d ago

A lot of people must not be grasping that xbox users won't have to restart hard/or any failed missions, bosses, or even really tedious and long segments because they decided to turn the game off for say life events or they died in game.

VariantAEC165d ago

Why are people disagreeing?
Did they forget about PSP Go's game pausing feature?
Of course they did. PSP Go allowed users to pause almost any game to resume at any time even if the console is switched off (the internal rechargeable battery must have some charge remaining or this feature will not save your game).

Either way the PSP Go did exactly what Xbix Series systems will allow users to do in a few more days. quickly toggle between games with the only difference being PSP Go only stored one paused in the background at a time way back in 2010.

So yeah only fanboys would argue otherwise. Additionally PSP Go had this feature and it wasn't used all that much even when I played games like MGS:PW I didn't use "Game Pause" often on it or other games often.

It was a novelty then even when I was more invested in multiplayer and frequent gaming I didn't see a need to use it. PS5 seems to make hot swapping games much easier and nullifying the need for game pausing. It is a feature Xbox has over PS this gen, but it wasn't necessarily a killer feature on PSP Go and still isn't something many devices do today even phones and laptops.

In the end as per usual it wasn't cool when PlayStation did it but now it's the most important feature in the world and will forever change gaming.

ScootaKuH165d ago

I'm only capable of playing one game at a time. I'm not an octopus, I don't have 4 pairs of arms and 8 eyes looking at multiple displays.

Also who is so impatient that they can't wait a few seconds for another game to load up? Quick resume isn't really necessary is it?

outsider1624165d ago

"Say I’m partway through playing Cyberpunk, I pause the game and turn off the Xbox for the night. The next day, I play some Squadrons single player, then some Call of Duty. Next day, I watch Netflix on the app, no games. The following day, I load up Cyberpunk, and because of quick resume it will spit me right back to the point where I turned off the Xbox 3 days prior, no having to wade through menus or load save files."


Bro, do you mean fully turn off your xbox? And when turned on it loads back the exact same spot? Or do you mean just switching back and forth.

Bruh165d ago

All of a sudden game resume and quick swapping is archaic and playing one game fully and not even trying to touch another title is seen as the future lmfao

Ulf165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Yeah, that's right. Every time Sony releases a new game, all the PS users buy it and are playing it. No need to swap games, because no one makes good games but Sony.

What dufusoids those Xbox players must be.

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someone72166d ago

Classic “its not on my system of choice so its not important” deflection response.

Reality is, its an awesome feature and ps gamers would greatly benefit from it.

There is no question in my mind that something similar will be implemented at some point, but honestly, sony has a few other things to implement first. Most notably the activation of the m2 slot and ability to copy ps5 games to external drives for storage.

northpaws166d ago


Classic "the competitor doesn't has it so it is the most important feature in the world" response

Not saying it is not a good feature, but there is no point crying every time XBox has a feature that the PS5 doesn't has. I usually switch between 2 games, 1 single player, 1 multiplayer. But keeping a state of each game in the harddrive would take up some spaces as well, it is not the end of the world to just load a save, especially the load time is so fast.

JackBNimble165d ago

Sure it's an awesome feature that's not in the ps5 , but that's not going to make sony fanboys go out and buy an xbox instead.

Lore166d ago

Dude, lol. It’s okay to admit when something cool is missing. You will begin to feel a lot better about who’s behind the keyboard if you looked at the greater picture of things moving forward

165d ago
Sophisticated_Chap166d ago

If the PS5 doesn't have it, it doesn't need it /s

NealGamby166d ago

MS hasn't hardly had any exclusives in years. Does that mean they don't need them?

165d ago
King_Noctis166d ago

This was one of the most touted feature when the next gen console was revealed. Now you “don’t need it”?


165d ago
notachance166d ago

well again, it's nice to have but not even close to being a dealbreaker

I never even played 2 games concurrently in my entire gaming experience... even in my 32gb ram gaming PC I would've closed the first before starting up another one. It's funny how over exaggerated the importance of this feature is.

NXFather165d ago

Not grasping that xbox users won't have to restart hard/or any failed missions, bosses, or even really tedious and long segments because they decided to turn the game off for say life events or they died in game.

Minimal do this 20 minutes or 60 minutes again with your 10th death on a layered boss or this 20 or 60 minutes of a failed mission again. Just hit the quick resume option to say forget that.

FinalFantasyFanatic166d ago

It's not something I'd use alot of, but I understand the benefits of it, I hardly ever have a reason to change like that because me and my friends rarely play the same multiplayer game.

Cueil166d ago

That has to be the dumbest thing you've ever typed... if anything that is a MASSIVE REASON to have a quick resume as a part of your platform. It doesn't work with MP games. The ability to jump between several Playstation exclusives without having to worry about saving the game. Get frustrated on a part of God of War go play Spiderman then jump into Uncharted... etc... I don't understand the fanboy need to make excuses for a massive oversite by their preferred brand.

potatoseal166d ago

It's not a "massive oversight". JUST STOP IT.

I would like this feature, but massive oversight? Be quiet.

Even the PS4 have suspend/resume for a single game. I'm sure they're working on more features. But it won't be there at launch.

YOU are acting like it will never come and PS5 will get nothing like it ever. You're overreacting

notachance165d ago

massive oversight lol.. did you read what you typed?

I'd argue XB1 having shitty game library is a massive oversight, didn't stop them from getting rabid fanboy like you

TheBrit166d ago

And if you are playing one of the few single player only games, and your friend sends you a request to play a multi-player game???

marioJP87165d ago

You sound stupid as hell...

S2Killinit165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Dont need it, it has other features that the other does not have.

Sadist3165d ago

What kind of stupid response is that?

tontontam0165d ago

Lol so many downvotes.

Xbox fanboys are really upset, they are expecting people to say "oh no fu*k ps I'm gonna buy an xbox because it has quick resume game swapping feature, xbox exclusive games are so boring I switch games after a few minutes, quick game swap is gonna be the most used feature on my xbox."

OB1Biker165d ago

Actually I agree. Constantly swapping without concern about where your progress in the game goes is more like a casual attitude.

smashman98165d ago

oh shut up and speak for urself fanboy

Bigman4k165d ago

And yet 121 people disagree with you

165d ago
Teflon02165d ago

While they got the card system which essentially eliminates the need for such a feature. I would have liked if you could quick resume the current and game before. Sometimes you'll be playing a single player game and a friend wants you to join them in a game outta nowhere. Would be nice to just do it once atleast. I think 3-5 is just unnnecessary but I definitely ain't going to complain. In such a case more is better than less. Sony gotta add atleast 1 extra eventually. I thought and still think that's a BIG feature like when Sony announced games staying on in sleep states

165d ago
richie007bond165d ago

Damage control is strong in this comment

headshotfrosty165d ago

What? HAHA Makes no sense in relation to this. Seems like if you have so many great games you'd be swithcing between them even more....

Ulf165d ago

Good point. Yes, those Xbox fanboys only need fast swapping because they don't have any engaging games to play. Plus, the PS5 SSD is so fast, it even beats up the Xbox with backwards compatibility games, probably. I mean, for the 5 people who care about BC.

Limitedtimestruggle165d ago

Now this is spoken like a true fanboy.

thesoftware730165d ago

Worst comment I heard in a long time..smfh.

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darthv72166d ago

FWIW... both systems dont have to have the same features. Thats what makes them unique. Both are different in their own ways and thats why both will be mine.

Jin_Sakai166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Regardless, NXGamer loaded into gameplay in 6 seconds by using the card system.

--Onilink--166d ago

One cool thing thats not usually mentioned about quick resume is that it works on games that are on external storage, since the actual functionality of quick resume is saved on the ssd.

So yeah, a game on the external drive wont benefit from the improved in game load times, but it will completely skip the opening load because of quick resume

NXFather165d ago

Okay but,
Not grasping that xbox users won't have to restart hard/or any failed missions, bosses, or even really tedious and long segments because they decided to turn the game off for say life events or they died in game.

Minimal do this 20 minutes or 60 minutes again with your 10th death on a layered boss or this 20 or 60 minutes of a failed mission again. Just hit the quick resume option to say forget that.

RaidenBlack165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

People here are confusing between the functionality of PS's Switcher and Xbox's Quick Resume.
PS5 lets user jump back into a game's savepoint from the game's card from the UI and it does it pretty quickly.
But every time, the game needs to rebooted from scratch and all resources needs to be pulled in from the SSD.
So reaching that particular save point in the game is the key factor here.
Edit: Here's PlayStation Universes video:
Xbox lets user save the entire state of a game application as is on the SSD and maintained at OS level. Its like pressing the pause button and freeze the game. Essentially in suspended state. And the whole system can be switched off, too. When the user revisits the game via quickresume, the game will start from exactly where he left off, non-dependent on any save point or checkpoint. This is pretty useful for open-world games, where you might not get savepoints during free-roam small quests.
Honestly, I don't how many people will actually benefit from quick resume and gamers will at all have 6 games in suspended state but nevertheless its a cool feature and might help in some real-world scenarios.

Rhythmattic165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Yep.. I imagine Sony could implement a quick resume, but they don't have the resources like MS when comes to code.. Thats all it is, a save state.. And hardware wise , quick resume rurally is about RAM (The same) and Sonys SSD has Double the data throughput), for that type of feature, Sonys hardware could easily do it, but , I Guess like the last few Sony gens, they've concentrated again on what makes their console Attractive.... Games, VR, Move, Dualsense ect... They really can innovate . I could imagine the feature gets added, it would be hard, But I'm assumning, just a drain on resources taking away what they wanted to be focused on ...

smashman98165d ago

That's not worth a whole a lot. It's a great feature and we should want it.

jznrpg166d ago

Not worried about this as games load so fast anyway and not necessary . I am a physical gamer and don’t mind switching my discs . I assume it has to be digital to do this but even if it isn’t it’s not a big deal .

Saigon166d ago

That is something to think about. QR works well with digital games, but how will it work with physical games. Mainly because, some need games require you to still use the disk though the content is still installed on the HDD. So how will it work?

FinalFantasyFanatic166d ago

I imagine you'd select the game and then it would ask for the disc before going any further, hopefully someone will test this out in the near future and see what happens.

smashman98165d ago

Well it does work with disks, So yea we want the feature.

rdgneoz3165d ago

They do load fast. Hell, they showed it off like 3 weeks ago when they showed off the PS5 UI.

Hellcat2020166d ago

Just digging deeper to find something positive to say about Xbox SX

darthv72166d ago

No digging required. There is a lot of positivity about it.

NEXUS-6166d ago

Just don't mention anything about games.

SmokinAces166d ago

When they play the "doesn't have what the other one has" game it doesn't come off as positive, comes off as rubbing it in and we see it done this way quite a bit. Oddly enough we dont see any "series x controller has no haptic feedback and adaptive triggers" articles. If people are going to make these 'pit one against the other' articles then do it equally or don't do it at all.

Silly gameAr166d ago

That, and trying to find something they consider negative about PS5.It's usually something small that they try to make large.