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New PlayStation Handheld Reported Again, Supposedly Runs PS4 Games

Another leaker has claimed that a PSP/PS Vita style PlayStation handheld is in the works, and it'll supposedly support PS4 games.

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anast1d 4h ago

If this is true, it will crush everything for the price.

VenomUK15h ago(Edited 15h ago)

Needs to be a PS5 portable.

Cacabunga14h ago

PS4 native with PS5 remote play capabilities. Would be sweet.

And let PS Portal support cloud streaming for all PS+ games.

anast13h ago

Going off all the pricing behavior of Sony to this point. I'm willing to bet it will be cheaper than the Steam Deck. And when the price is revealed and I am right, send me a message.

Cacabunga13h ago

Could be an attempt to counter switch 2 which will have PS4 power.
Imagine all the PS4 third party re releases switch 2 is going to get.. “PS4 portable” could get the exact same games once again and publishers can resell software ..

If this portable has provides PS5 remote play on top then it will have a nice argument and exclusive feature.

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crazyCoconuts15h ago

It would be a niche product like Portal. Not bad, but not mainstream. It's legacy PS4 right?

Kneetos14h ago

The switch 2 and next steam deck will be out by then and will likely be way more popular

anast13h ago

The switch 2 will be a handheld Series S for kids and the next steam deck will be ridiculously over priced for a bunch of aging CRPGS and F2P mobile style games.

Kneetos5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

@Anast the switch 2 will Fortnite dance on the new Sony handhelds grave
Playstation can't compete with Nintendo there

With playstation porting all it's games to pc and by extension steam deck it pretty much makes the new pshandheld system irrelevant

Especially since all I ever hear from the Sony crowd is "I NEED graphics or I can't enjoy the game" a handheld PS4 is going the same way as Sony's handheld ps3

Hypertension1404h ago(Edited 4h ago)

If the switch 2 isn't backwards compatible, it will fail.

If this is true, then it will already have a large of games to play from the start, add ps1,ps2,psp,vita games to the mix, and it can be massively popular.

Vits12h ago

They literally charged people $199 for a bottom-of-the-barrel tablet with a DualSense controller bolted on. So I really can't see them releasing a powerful yet affordable native handheld.

Ps5conehead9h ago

I love my portal I’m handicapped and the portal lets me play on days I’m not at my best. It’s great .and the screen is admazing even though it’s not oled

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-Foxtrot1d 3h ago

If you had every PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and PSV game then sure but I mean if it's just the PS4 why not just get a Steam Deck?

anast16h ago

You might be correct, but it depends on the price point. Also, most PC gamers wait years for Sony releases, so it might be better just to get the PS4 handheld.

crazyCoconuts14h ago

I'd be surprised if Sony reversed course and continued to put new releases on PS4. It would cannibalize their PS5 sales

MrBaskerville15h ago(Edited 15h ago)

If it supports your library, some people own more ps4 games than steam games. I know I do.

crazyCoconuts14h ago

I might buy something like this to play my old library but man those old games are cheap on steam. This console would have to be cheap to make sense. I don't see it happening

MrBaskerville13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

I also think it sounds a little off. I would probably buy if it could run Ps5 games, but that sounds expensive. Being ps4 only is a little limiting I think.

But if it ran all ps4 titles and new stuff created for the handheld. then it could be interesting. Basically a Vita that just happened to come with a huge ass backlog of existing games.

SegaSaturn66914h ago

Deck is very viable option given how good PS3 and switch emulation have become. Even new releases are chugging along at 30fps.

Lexreborn213h ago

To be fair, I have a lot of ps4 games I don’t have on steam that is can play on my ps5 but I choose to play ps5 games on my ps5.

I also haven’t rebought any of my PlayStation exclusives on PC because I own them on my ps4/5 and even the upgraded ways that rival the pc version. So, if I wanted to play them on my steam deck I would still have to buy them again which if I bought the 6 top games Spider-Man 1,2, mm, horizon, fw , GoW and ragnarok and GoT with LoU1,2. It would more then. Likely be the cost of this device.

So, instead of double dipping I would buy the handheld and if it has a playable sf6 that actually works online (steam deck is not functional) I think I would want it for myself

Vits12h ago

If you have them in digital form, for sure. Because I don't see Sony giving you a digital copy of your old physical PS4 games. That doesn't sound like them at all.

And also, Steam doesn't depend on PS4 games. PC got more games that generation than all the consoles combined. The ports of PlayStation games are just one of the cherries on top of the cake.

Lexreborn27h ago

@vits I do have them in digital form which is why I said from my perspective. I also have a steam deck but that doesn’t mean everything runs on it which not everything is playable. And as I am also stating the perks of why people WOULD want them even while having a steam deck it’s weird to see people disagreeing purely because I wouldn’t want to double dip financially.

But even in the event you have physical copies of games, if you have ps plus most if not all of the ps4 games are there. So, it’s not like the options are non existent and people can’t find VIABLE reasons to purchase the device.

If people are justifying the portal, they can justify a dedicated portable. The desire to make it seem like people can only own one thing these days is an odd occurrence.

Vits6h ago

Then for sure, if you already have your library in digital form, something that can tap into it is definitely a good deal. That's basically the same reason why the Steam Deck is popular with PC and Steam users in general, because their library is available on it.

PS Plus is an extra cost though, and those games aren't yours. So I get where you are coming from, but that is a different discussion. As for the Portal, I don't get how people justify that piece of crap either, but they sure did so I can see a PS Vita 2 being sucessful. I don't see it being cheap or better value than the Steam Deck or any Windows Handheld, unless Sony really makes some radical changes.

As for why people want one device to rule them all instead of a bunch of them, it's likely because most people here are adults. If I recall correctly, the N4G user base is around their mid-30s. At this point in life, the issue is not usually owning things but actually having time to use them.

Profchaos7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Because if you already have a large digital library of PS4 titles and this plays PS4 games you don't need much more than the system. It's also rumoured to play some ps5 games.

If you buy a steam deck you have to re buy your library.

Eonjay1h ago

If you are already in he PS ecosystem you probably have hundreds of digital PS4 games. Especially if you are on PSPlus Extra. These folks, of which there are millions upon millions would probably rater have access to the games they already own vs buying them all again on Steam.

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XiNatsuDragnel18h ago

I am hoping for amazing games