PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Load Times Comparison or Next-Gen Load Times Comparison

In this video, we test the loading speeds on Xbox Series X and PS5 with a handful of backwards-compatible games.

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RaidenBlack1323d ago

So ... both are in back compat mode ... or is there any discrepancy in versions?
So Velocity Architecture even with lower bandwidth, triumphed?

Jin_Sakai1323d ago

I’d like to see games that take full advantage of the SSD. That’s when things should get interesting.

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darthv721323d ago

Then they should revisit this topic in two years. By then they should both be in full swing on 9th gen games only.

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--Onilink--1322d ago


I wouldnt really count seconds in destiny when travelling to specific destinations because those have to do matchmaking as well, the very first load or going back to orbit are a more appropriate metric though

bouzebbal1322d ago

Let's see if PS5 games day one patch changes anything. So far 1-0 for xbox

Kingthrash3601322d ago

Yall do realize Back compatible doesn't utilize velocity or one's oi.

Real tests will only show results with next generation games

NeoGamer2321322d ago

The interesting thing here is that although the XB Series has a slower throughput by several multipliers, its actually performing faster for BC stuff.

Now that has nothing to do with performance when a game is using the SSD as a true next gen game, but this does show that the performance "secret sauce" many people have talked about on PS5, at least in this case is not all that much better. In fact, in this video it was consistently slower from next to nothing slower to many seconds.

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darthv721323d ago

I dont think back compat games even use the VA feature.

RaidenBlack1323d ago

Yea ... true.
I just used the VA term to refer to XSX's SSD.

JohnJ1323d ago

Oh yea that’s right - could it be just raw muscle then?

Bruh1322d ago

They don't only games optimized to the Series X take advantage of it, both of these are just raw SSD speeds

UnSelf1323d ago

As a Sony fan I vow not to find excuses to the slower start times.

I also vow not to invoke a desperate attempt to change the narrative to make my company seem more favorable.

Other Sony fans in here should do the same.

Kerppamaister1322d ago

This guy deserves a meal. A medal? Both.

Saigon1322d ago

Yeah but at the same time these are last generation games and if I am not mistaken only one company built their arcitecture to allow them to take advantage. But I do get what you are saying!

In all honesty, I want to see the results when a 9th generation game is put to test, such as AC: Valhalla!!!

Jericho13371322d ago

Fantastic comment - wish we had more humble opinions like this on here.

Army_of_Darkness1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Looks like serious x wins fastest loading for old games. 😎 Bro... Next gen games appear to be almost instant loading from the previews we've seen so far, in which case is what interests me the most cause that's what I'll be playing 95% of the time.

AngelicIceDiamond1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Meh this gen hasn't started yet. 3rd party games will take full advantage of the SSD's though they'll roughly be the same. Their exclusives like Miles Morales on PS5 is near instant. So I expect Sony and MS exlusive games to take full advantage of the hardware as they inevitably will.

2013 and 14 it was resolution comparisons. Now it's SSD none of this will matter later hell it doesn't even matter now imo considering we are leaving long load times in the past finally.

EasilyTheBest1322d ago

Wow Unself. Comment of the day right there..

oof461322d ago

Commendable. It's really, really hard to have a civil discussion about the pros and cons of the Series X and ps5 without all the fanboying. Big ups, Unself.

yeahokwhatever1322d ago

you're supposed to masturbate in private.

Popsicle1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

I agree. I didn't have an Xbox last gen, and will say that so far it appears the Series X is the best place to play last gen games.

CaptainObvious8781322d ago

As an avid Sony fan that doesn't blindly defend them, I agree with this comment.

It makes me realise how optimising BC games can make quite a big diffence.

This confirms my decision to wait for a next gen patch for Cyberpunk before playing a single second of it. A game like Cyberpunk deserves to be played on next gen systems with their features taken advantage of.

porkChop1322d ago


Thank you. We need more people like you.

outsider16241322d ago

Have an upvote my friend, have an upvote.