PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Load Times Comparison or Next-Gen Load Times Comparison

In this video, we test the loading speeds on Xbox Series X and PS5 with a handful of backwards-compatible games.

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RaidenBlack939d ago

So ... both are in back compat mode ... or is there any discrepancy in versions?
So Velocity Architecture even with lower bandwidth, triumphed?

Jin_Sakai939d ago

I’d like to see games that take full advantage of the SSD. That’s when things should get interesting.

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darthv72939d ago

Then they should revisit this topic in two years. By then they should both be in full swing on 9th gen games only.

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--Onilink--939d ago


I wouldnt really count seconds in destiny when travelling to specific destinations because those have to do matchmaking as well, the very first load or going back to orbit are a more appropriate metric though

bouzebbal938d ago

Let's see if PS5 games day one patch changes anything. So far 1-0 for xbox

Kingthrash360938d ago

Yall do realize Back compatible doesn't utilize velocity or one's oi.

Real tests will only show results with next generation games

NeoGamer232938d ago

The interesting thing here is that although the XB Series has a slower throughput by several multipliers, its actually performing faster for BC stuff.

Now that has nothing to do with performance when a game is using the SSD as a true next gen game, but this does show that the performance "secret sauce" many people have talked about on PS5, at least in this case is not all that much better. In fact, in this video it was consistently slower from next to nothing slower to many seconds.

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darthv72939d ago

I dont think back compat games even use the VA feature.

RaidenBlack939d ago

Yea ... true.
I just used the VA term to refer to XSX's SSD.

JohnJ939d ago

Oh yea that’s right - could it be just raw muscle then?

Bruh938d ago

They don't only games optimized to the Series X take advantage of it, both of these are just raw SSD speeds

UnSelf939d ago

As a Sony fan I vow not to find excuses to the slower start times.

I also vow not to invoke a desperate attempt to change the narrative to make my company seem more favorable.

Other Sony fans in here should do the same.

Kerppamaister939d ago

This guy deserves a meal. A medal? Both.

Saigon939d ago

Yeah but at the same time these are last generation games and if I am not mistaken only one company built their arcitecture to allow them to take advantage. But I do get what you are saying!

In all honesty, I want to see the results when a 9th generation game is put to test, such as AC: Valhalla!!!

Jericho1337939d ago

Fantastic comment - wish we had more humble opinions like this on here.

Army_of_Darkness939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

Looks like serious x wins fastest loading for old games. 😎 Bro... Next gen games appear to be almost instant loading from the previews we've seen so far, in which case is what interests me the most cause that's what I'll be playing 95% of the time.

AngelicIceDiamond939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

Meh this gen hasn't started yet. 3rd party games will take full advantage of the SSD's though they'll roughly be the same. Their exclusives like Miles Morales on PS5 is near instant. So I expect Sony and MS exlusive games to take full advantage of the hardware as they inevitably will.

2013 and 14 it was resolution comparisons. Now it's SSD none of this will matter later hell it doesn't even matter now imo considering we are leaving long load times in the past finally.

EasilyTheBest939d ago

Wow Unself. Comment of the day right there..

oof46938d ago

Commendable. It's really, really hard to have a civil discussion about the pros and cons of the Series X and ps5 without all the fanboying. Big ups, Unself.

yeahokwhatever938d ago

you're supposed to masturbate in private.

Popsicle938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

I agree. I didn't have an Xbox last gen, and will say that so far it appears the Series X is the best place to play last gen games.

CaptainObvious878938d ago

As an avid Sony fan that doesn't blindly defend them, I agree with this comment.

It makes me realise how optimising BC games can make quite a big diffence.

This confirms my decision to wait for a next gen patch for Cyberpunk before playing a single second of it. A game like Cyberpunk deserves to be played on next gen systems with their features taken advantage of.

porkChop938d ago


Thank you. We need more people like you.

outsider1624938d ago

Have an upvote my friend, have an upvote.

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CyrusLemont939d ago

I suspect the PS5’s SSD is actually too fast for old games’ loading so its max speed is emulated for backwards compatibility until a more effective solution is found, possibly through developer software updates.

DJStotty939d ago

"too fast for old games’ loading"

Just when you thought you had heard everything.....

alb1899939d ago

Hahahaha you guys get very creative hahaha!

CaptainHenry916939d ago

It just depends on the game that's optimized for the SSD. I just saw Demon Souls loading under 5 seconds in every part of the game on Twitter. Rachet and Clank will do the same

Popsicle939d ago

I’m too fast to run a 4.2 second 40. As a result, I usually clock in at 6 seconds.

1Victor938d ago

@djs I seen worse here like the secret chip on Xbox one and the power of the cloud that would make it 10X faster.

About this test I’ll wait for the games designed to take full advantage of the system and have those comparisons, but in this instance xbsx win

CyrusLemont938d ago

@all the disagrees lol definitely not trying to be a Sony fanboy here was just speculating as all the information we know about the hardware says it should load data twice as fast as the Series X’s SSD. Did not articulate what I mean well but at Cerny’s PS5 tech conference he mentioned that such high speeds required new control chips and I wonder if PS4 emulation can’t recognise SSD drives as fast as the PS5 so the drive speed itself is emulated to prevent any major bugs in back compat thus making it slower than the Xbox? If my logic here is flawed I’m sorry lol

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TheProblem939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

They don’t mention if they have installed ps5’s day one system update.

Nxgamer showed a significant loading difference in astros playroom after the day one update had been installed

Grievous939d ago

Astro's Playroom is developed for the PS5. All the games tested here are not PS5 games but PS4 games running in BC mode. They are not designed to make use of the PS5's hardware and Microsofts BC solution is better.

TheProblem939d ago


That has nothing to do with the fact the firmware update reduces the cpu calls among other things and improves the loading times 3 fold

If they don’t have the firmware update installed this comparison is moot

CruseMissle939d ago

They made it sound like Velocity doesn’t now work on games that aren’t optimized for it

AngelicIceDiamond939d ago

They're actually not using Velocity here for Xbox. VA has to be built from the ground up for X Series. So expect it in exclusive games but not so much in multiplats.

Obscure_Observer939d ago

Yes. Xbox Series X.

The Ultimate Next Gen Console and a true masterpiece.

The PS5 is also great, but the Series X is just a masterpiece. :)

1Victor938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Keep observing quietly from the shadows

RangerWalk267938d ago

Valhalla and Dirt 5 loaded faster on ther XSX. Assassin's Creed was around 9 second difference. Dirt was 5 seconds faster.
They are both FAR better than this gen. It's really not a big deal in my opinion. Higher frames, fidelity, and features are what I care about the most. I'm buying both day one. It's kinda odd Sony spent so much effort to make the SSD what it is, it decided not to out more time and money into the other components. Such as CPU, GPU, and system memory bandwidth, and stable/ locked frequencies on the CPU and GPU.
I know Microsoft has some of the best Hardware engineers on the planet... But they continue to impress me once Phil took over. The fastest, most powerful console in the smaller console. Very impressive. Not gonna lie.

cfir938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

In my head this isn't a good test. Yes they are comparing the same game, but it's not the same code. We don't know what the differences are between the code bases. Would it not be a better test to compare the differences in load times between the same console families which are using the same code i.e. ps4 pro vs ps5, and XoX vs XsX. At least then you are comparing apples with apples.

Zhipp938d ago

Cpu has a lot to do with load speeds too. Tbh I've forgotten what (if any) the gap between Series X and ps5 is on that front. If it's significant that might explain this.

Kaze88934d ago

PS5 uses PS4 Pro BC settings when running PS4 games. XSX has it's own BC settings for all last gen games. Due to this XSX has overall better results and uses more of it's muscle when running old games.

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Atom666939d ago

Yay! Let the months (years) of side by side comparisons commence! Ugh...

I think most of us fully expect frames and resolution to go in favor of XSX, but seeing faster load times was surprising. I would expect that should change once we get titles optimized for next gen. Interesting start though.

Killer73nova939d ago

Honestly I was expecting the ps5 ssd to blow the Xbox out of the water. Gears is fairly quick as well which has an updated path and we are seeing around 10sec to load up. I’m not to sure of the old time of the any ps5 exclusives like demon souls but right now it seems like ps5 is a weaker console all around. Let’s see how Xbox new exclusives will stack up in the coming years but this generation is gonna be amazing. I won’t buy a ps5 until next year since I’ve already played a lot of their games last gen and there isn’t much exclusives for them right now. Now with gamepass I still have a lot to play 😂

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UnHoly_One939d ago

That's basically the same boat I'm in. I'll get a PS5 eventually, but honestly I only really need it for a couple exclusives, and all of those are going to be single player games anyway, so it's no rush to get one right away.

I don't care about Demons Souls and I'm not in any hurry to re-buy Spider Man so it's going to be quite awhile until anything comes along to tempt me. Horizon sequel will be the first one that I really want, but again, I can wait on that for awhile.

For how little I used my PS4 this gen compared to Xbox I just can't justify buying both at launch, it makes no sense at all to pay full price for something that is mostly just going to sit there.

imtiyaz6938d ago

For me, personally, I don’t have any use for the Xbox. It’s a good console but Sony has the better developers and the better games. Spending that much money on such a weak library isn’t good in this economy. PlayStation will come out with the better games as they have every generation and it won’t be close. Sony’s pedigree is unmatched. Wish MS were at Sony’s level.

Magic_Spatula938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

I've watched some videos of Spider-Man Miles Morales and it takes a little bit over 2 seconds to go from the main menu fully into the game. 2 second load times? That's super impressive. I think it's been noted by some tech Youtubers that the XSX brute forces loading with the CPU and SSD while games need to be patched to take advantage of the PS5's SSD. I'm also waiting about a year before getting both (gonna be the first time I buy and Xbox since the original 360). Still waiting on if the Switch Pro rumor is true or not.

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RazzerRedux939d ago

Yep. I'm genuinely surprised even with last gen games. I'd expect PS5 to win this battle hands down. So far, Cerny's SSD isn't looking as good as it was billed.

Welshy939d ago

As games become exclusively created for next gen and are built from the ground up around the SSD's we'll see how these results vary over the months and years to come.

I'm more of a PS guy, but fair play to the Series X, those are some impressive times on the BC mode.

Ghostbob939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

TLOU2 takes way longer to load on PS5 than on PS4. This seems to be a bc compatibility issue

chiefJohn117939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

I learned quickly not to listen to Cerny and use my own judgment

garos82938d ago

Lmao. Call me when xbox series x loads a detailed open world game with complex geometry and hundreds of NPCs in high detail in under 2 seconds! Good luck out there, it's gonna be a long generation for you

East76lands938d ago

Less than 2 seconds from menu to game on Miles M is fast enough, same speed with fast travel. Have a look at the latest DF video.

potatoseal938d ago

If anyone think these old games are using the full power of the SSD then you're crazy.

Babadook7938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

"So far, Cerny's SSD isn't looking as good as it was billed."

Check actual PS5 games. They are loading levels in about 2 seconds and that's significantly faster than anything XSX has shown.

ziggurcat938d ago

I don't think this is related to the SSD at all.

DarXyde938d ago

I'm withholding judgment. The evidence is currently on your side, but I imagine that if these games are properly updated to take advantage of the SSD, it's a different story—this is likely the case for both machines, but I think the PS5 SSD if taken to task will outperform Series X. An SSD in your PS4 doesn't help much, if at all. A similar principle very likely applies.

I'll wait on it.

GamerRN938d ago

It's Raw Speed was supposedly faster. Games don't need to be UPDATED. It should just be faster. Apparently, it isn't. Must be a bottleneck somewhere

r2oB938d ago

Isn’t there a video showing the Witcher 3 load in like 10 seconds for PS5 and like 26 seconds for the Series X? Last gen games are running emulated on both consoles, so there are bound to be games that run better on one or the other.

MagUk938d ago

None of them are using there new decompression architecture but the Xbox is designed to run at constant a speed. I’m not sure if the ps5 runs at it’s top speed constantly as ssd’s normally lose speed when they get hot.

Kaze88934d ago

XSX runs games on it's own BC mode, PS5 runs games on PS4 Pro mode. Only sony patched first party games run in PS5 BC. This is why some ps4/x0 games run better/steady framerate compared to XSX since it runs games lower/checkerboarding resolution instead of trying to play it in Native 1800p or 4k. Cudos to MS, their BC with load times and automatic HDR etc. is amazing.

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Sharky231939d ago

I had to watch the video with the sound. Do they say if the ps5 had the day one update. From my understanding that is where they make the BC titles faster on the new hardware. I could be wrong though.

Killer73nova939d ago

They did say in the beginning that all games have been updated to their latest version

AngelicIceDiamond939d ago

@atom I was thinking the same thing I wanna see Next gen games optimized for these consoles only. I'm not goal posting by any means I'm just e