'Give us the 20Gb PS3'

Leading games retailers have told MCV that they do want to see the 'basic' PS3 hardware launched in the UK – while consumers have already begun petitioning Sony to make the lower-priced unit available.
In its European PS3 launchplan (MCV Newsflash 24/01), Sony revealed that the decision to only launch with a 60Gb model only was down to "retail and consumer demand".

But retailers have told MCV that they would welcome the 20Gb SKU, whilst conceding that rolling out a single version at launch may prove a wise move.

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UNREAL-T4275d ago


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"Give us the 20Gb PS3"

i don't know about them, but i'm getting the 60GB one.

jerrell4275d ago

If Sony was to just change their Hardware to where the 20GB Playstation 3 would have the extras like Wifi and Memory SD Slots for Cameras like the 60GB does, then they can knock down the price of the Playstation to $499 baseline. Only have that one and have the 60GB or higher optional to the consumer. It is real easy to change out the harddrive to whatever size you want. It only has to be a 2.5HDD. Same as in the laptop. You do not have wait for Sony to send out bigger harddrives. That would be a very smart move for Sony to cut cost.

the_bebop4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Exactly since the Wifi and Memory card Slots are relly the only difference between the two models and since you can just swap out the Hard Drive what size hard dive you want the point becomes mute.

Dick Jones4275d ago

I dunno where Sony gets their facts, maybe from krazy kaz. But where I'm at the 60 gb version has remained untouched since new years, while every once and awhile somebody picks up the 20 gb. Poor UK.

UrbanJabroni4275d ago

Just 60 for the initial run is fine, I guess, since most of us imagine a sell-out.

VERY shortly after that, though, I hope they decide to go with the cheap pack as well. The premium version is just a little pricey at this point for those of us that really don't care about wifi. Plus, eliminating as much sticker shock, even if it is just in news stories, is as important as possible.

BrotherSic4274d ago

i dont think it will sell out, 220,000 is more than the wii sold from launch the christmas.

The Wii sold around 200,000 from launch to christmas (4 weeks i think). So the PS3 will be alot less than that. I am thinking around 80,000 to 100,000 in the first 2/3 weeks. I will be interested to see if the time of year actually makes that much difference because if it does then i could see 40,000 to 60,000 sold.

Odiah4274d ago

If I had the choice I would go for the more expensive one anyway as it has wifi.

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