Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition - Vergil Hands On Preview - IGN

Vergil will be playable once again in Devil May Cry 5 in the upcoming Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, and he's better than ever.

RaidenBlack1351d ago

"Finally, as for how DMC5 plays on PS5, the DualSense controller has an excellent form factor and felt great in my hands while playing, though interestingly, Capcom decided to use the adaptive triggers to apply resistance to the left trigger when you try and rev Nero’s Red Queen sword. Sure enough, it has the feel of revving a motorcycle, but considering how much any seasoned player uses that technique, having to apply extra force in order to get it to work got tiring very quickly. Fortunately, you can turn it off in the options menu."

Hellcat20201351d ago

That ultimate dark knight mode looks absolutely amazing with Vergil


5 Years Later, Devil May Cry 5 Still Quenches My Hack-And-Slash Thirst Like No Other

Huzaifah from eXputer: "Devil May Cry 5, the latest iteration in the iconic DMC franchise by Capcom, still holds its own as a fantastic hack-and-slash in 2024."


PlayStation Plus lineup for January: Back 4 Blood, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Life is Strange

Also added this month: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Jett: The Far Shore, Just Cause 4 Reloaded.

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Duke19552d ago

Perfect for the person like me who wanted to play Back 4 Blood but didn’t want to pay Back 4 Blood

frostypants552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

B4B is the definition of mediocrity. It feels like it should be good, but it's just...off somehow. Then you remember L4D/L4D2 and how much a remaster of that would be more fun. One day, please, Valve?

Dirty_Lemons552d ago

Sad though isn't it, it had all the genetic makeup needed to be L4D3 - but, as you said, something felt off. Plus I hated that card system. It overcomplicated a great formula.

gold_drake552d ago

yesss DMC 5 and DBZ fighterz, life is strange

its a very good line up not gonna lie

Exvalos551d ago

Those 3 games alone justify the price

gold_drake551d ago

they're pretty solid gaming experience imo xD

monkey602552d ago

I've never played before the storm so I'll give that a go now

gold_drake551d ago

its good, but the OG is still the best

Aloymetal552d ago

DMC 5 time to give it a try.

crazyCoconuts552d ago

I had this on my Steam wishlist... Guess I don't have to buy after all!

Aloymetal552d ago

Yeah, you got lucky. Enjoy it;)

boing1552d ago

Woah, that is pretty solid. Lots of games I'm interested in.