Playstation 2 classic "God of War 2" in 4K with Reshade Ray Tracing on the PC

YouTube's Sanadsk has shared a video, showcasing the classic Playstation 2 GoW game, God of War 2, running on the PC in 4K with Reshade Ray Tracing.

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xHeavYx232d ago

It's a PS2 that looks as good, or even better than the PS3 games, what are you smoking?

VenomUK232d ago

That's a spectacular improvement. God of War 1 & 2 with the whole Greek mythos and rage of Kratos are two of my favourite games but obviously they are dated. I recently played a bit of the GOWII remaster on PS3 and it's still great. But this 4K boost and raytracing is lovely. It would be great if Sony could find a way to boost their old classics like this.

lonewolf10232d ago

You do know you have to take the video off of 480p right?

XxINFERNUSxX232d ago

Yes, I have it so all youtube videos default to 4k, and also I have no ads at all I use this extension that removes all that ad crap. It's called Enhancer for YouTube. It has lot's of other features to.

chiefJohn117232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Ray tracing legit especially after seeing what it did for mine craft. Not gonna lie after this I wanna see Sony go back to making another GOW like this. It can feature his son as the main. It don't need to be big budget either have it as a lil side project spinoff.

CrimsonWing69232d ago

I like new God of War, but man I miss classic God of War. Way more in your face with the gratuitous violence and nudity. I still remember fighting the Titan and taking his finger nail off and the Hydra fight in the first game. Those games were nuts and I wish we could translate that over to the new ones, but gone are those times.

RonsonPL232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

The times are gone but hopefully not forever. Just until game devs realize that not everyone shares their opinion that movie-like games are better than games which rely on gameplay.

GOW on PS2 and PS3 were gameplay oriented. The new GoW sacrificed the camera view and some other things, for more "cinematic" experience.

The result is that I finished PS2 GoWs twice, Gow3 1 and a half time and GoW on PS4? I am not even at half of it and don't feel like playing it any more. If I wanted a good story, I'd get a book.
GoW on PS2 were simply waaay more fun to play. Pure joy and I don't even like the nudity and violence. Just the feeling of being a powerful god who can defeat armies of enemies. The superb graphics which are now sacrificed (fixed camera angles allow for SO MUCH more!) and 60fps.
GoW 4 aka GoW on PS4, is not even visually jaw dropping as GoW 1-3 were. It doesn't run at 60fps, and in general, is just yet another TPP game.
And the story.. to each of their own, but I really couldn't care less about some parenting stuff. But you know. Devsa became parents. That's what was on their minds. So have some boring moralising crap instead of fun gameplay.
journalists: 10/10. Finally a mature GoW game!

What a joke..

XxINFERNUSxX232d ago

Looks good, the power of the PC :D I use reshade in almost all my games. It makes them look so much better. It's too bad devs don't have any options in their games that would mimic reshade. This is the site for all your reshade needs:

jairusmonillas232d ago

Not really that impressive especially with next gen games sacrificing 60fps for a mere reflection.

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