Resident Evil Village to Run at Dynamic 4K with Ray Tracing on PS5

New information regarding the PS5's specs of Resident Evil Village just came to light. The game will support ray tracing at dynamic 4K.

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alextdarling443d ago

Really looking forward to this release.

Like to see actual gameplay as dynamic 4K doesnt really mean anything from a high level, in my opinion.

galmi443d ago

doesn't mean anything why comment on it?

SullysCigar443d ago

Maybe because it's a comments section?

This is one of my most anticipated games - now gimme that PSVR confirmation, even if it's only for the next revision of the headset!

Neonridr442d ago

@SullysCigar - I mean I wouldn't expect a next gen headset until early 2022 realistically. I don't see there being any VR confirmation (at least console wise). Sucks, but nature of the beast.

DarXyde443d ago

All I care about is frame rate. I really don't give a damn about ray tracing.

Toiletsteak443d ago

Same. I turn it on to see what it looks like on the PC games I have but once I look I turn it off again and that's what I'm going to be doing when I get Miles Morales.

Jin_Sakai443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

It’s baffling to see Assassin's Creed go to 60fps while Resident Evil drop to 30fps.

Capcom better give us an option to disable this Ray Tracing crap and go back to 60fps.

thesoftware730443d ago

Why? Don't you want both?

Wouldn't that make it the best possible it can look?

Emme442d ago

I recommend Pong. Runs super smooth. No raytracing.

Neonridr442d ago

I mean Ray Tracing, higher res, etc are sort of reasons we are pushing for next gen. 60fps is nice and all, but I want some new features.

DarXyde442d ago


Sure. Why not?

But if I have to drop some frames to have light bounce around realistically? Never. I really don't care much about graphical settings or fancy effects. You can bet I'm going all in on Demon's Souls at 60fps because that directly impacts how I experience gameplay.


Good thing ray tracing is not the only new feature of next generation then. People make the case for ray tracing as a means of immersion... and I don't doubt that. But there are other ways to experience immersion that are more impactful in my opinion: the Dualsense haptics, the tempest engine, the eventual coming of PSVR2, and better frame rates are all great features to immerse yourself in a game, and the best part is that these are hardware features that have (or will have in the case of PSVR2) dedicated resources to their implementation though frame rate will largely depend on whether a game has options for that.

The absence of some lighting isn't going to ruin that for me.

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S2Killinit443d ago

Everyone commenting on your common wants something different. One person says he only wants FPS, another wants ray tracing. I say, we want great looking games, now how they achieve it is not my concern.

where-eagles-dare443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

I'm not going to indulge in resolution wars shenanigans. I will, however say, that I'm very excited that the developers are utilising the new features, such as super fast loading times, 3D audio and haptic trigger feedback. The addition of 4k with ray tracing into the mix makes me a happy chappy.

Imp0ssibl3443d ago

I can't wait to experience the DualSense features, those may be the most next-gen part of the PS5 for me.

where-eagles-dare443d ago

I'm also really looking forward to trying the new Dualsense features. On top of this, I raided the ole piggy bank for the 3d Pulse headset & I'm eagerly anticipating seeing how the developers scare me half to death, hearing monsters creeping up on me from all directions. Yikes!

Neutrino443d ago

Can you imagine if they lock the trigger when you're trying to open a door while that werewolf is chasing you? I'm certainly not ready for that, However, I'm still getting because I'm a huge fan of the resident evil series.

Gardenia443d ago

I hope we see most games have the option between no RT 60fps and with RT 30fps in whatever 4K resolution that will be. Gamers most likely care more for a higher framerate than a light version of ray tracing.

sagapo442d ago

Depends on the game imo. A creepy horror game doesn’t need 120fps for example, ray tracing can add to the atmosphere. FPS, racegames and alike are better with higher framerates indeed.

FreeFallFrenzy442d ago

Personally, I'm stoked that devs are utilizing dynamic resolution more to keep games at solid frames! Plus, all of the other QoL features Sony is implementing has me stoked for the future of gaming

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RaidenBlack443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Dynamic 4K with RT @ 30fps right?
Will there be a 60fps mode without RT?
Edit: Is there an 1080p PS4 version?

Kornholic443d ago

Last time I heard, the current gen version of Resident Evil Village was rumored to be cancelled.

Ash01Live443d ago

It will be 60fps by default, doubt there will be 30fps at all, the engine is designed to run at 60+

RaidenBlack443d ago

4K + RT + 60fps? Delusional, much?

WeAreLegion442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

DMC V SE has a 30 fps mode, I believe. Same engine.

Charal443d ago

This is nice and all, but the only information I'm interested in for this game is when it is expected to be released.

airshiraz443d ago

good news that it has ray tracing
games without ray tracing are old gen games