Onimusha 3 SteamDB Update Rekindles Hope of a Remaster

Onimusha fans who want something new from the series need to temper their expectations. The sales of the remaster were lower than Capcom's expectations.

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MrSwankSinatra818d ago

I hope so, i hope 2 and dawn of dreams gets remastered as well. The onimusha remaster was still as fun as i remember and ended up platinuming it in week.

KingofBandits817d ago

I want a Dawn of Dreams remaster more then the others.

TheProfessional817d ago (Edited 817d ago )

No way. Dawn of dreams was not as good as the first three. Pretty sure it didn't sell as well as any of the other games either and maybe was the reason we never got another one. Onimusha 2 would be the best to remaster but 3 would still be a better one to remaster than 4.

Dawn of Dreams is still great but definitely shouldn't be the next one they remaster unless they just remaster them all.

CrimsonWing69817d ago

Publishers need to cut it out with testing interest with Remasters. A lot of people don’t want to play the older games, I guarantee if they released a new entry it would sell better.

ShinKamiAkuma2468817d ago

Onimusha brings back so many awesome gaming memories from the ps2 era. Would love the rest of them to be remastered. Instant purchase from me :)