Crysis Trilogy Remaster Spotted In Crytek Documents Leak

Crytek was planning to remaster the whole Crysis trilogy according to a leak of their internal documents that also revealed canceled projects.

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kryteris452d ago

multiplayer would be nice.

UnholyLight451d ago

It's hard to remember because it feels soooo long ago, but I really enjoyed the Crysis 3(?) multiplayer, it was fun

annoyedgamer452d ago

If only they could get Crysis 1 to take advantage of the new engine iterations...

shuvam09452d ago

Ikr? Although the remaster is pretty sweet, I feel like it could have been so much more. Crysis Warhead would be nice, but it's still based on the first iteration of CryEngine. Don't care much for Crysis 2. And that leaves us with Crysis 3, at which point I'm like "Does that game really need a remaster? Just port it!". Really, it's that good even now!

jeromeface451d ago

Crysis 2 was amazing for its time.

Bnet343452d ago

lets not make them ports of the console versions like you did last time.. -_-

jeromeface451d ago

why kick off a remaster trilogy with a garbage console port?