Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Online Features Going Offline This Year

WB Games has announced that the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Online Features for Monolith's widely acclaimed action RPG later this year.

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traumadisaster267d ago

I need to get around to playing this, I bought it day 1 from best buy on pc and it wouldn't even load. I got a refund which is rare for an opened pc game but they said they had reports of it being unplayable. It stayed in my steam library I think all this time I just haven't gotten to it, even though it looks great.

SlothLordPootus267d ago

This is one of my favorite games from the last generation. The first couple hours can be difficult to play because you don't have many abilities, but once you get shadow strike and sprint, it's one of the best feeling games to play. The combat flows incredibly well.

If you're looking for a power fantasy where you can kill Uruks, this is your game. I couldn't set it down and played 70 hours in a week.

CorndogBurglar267d ago

Its a great game. And one of the cooler features is if someone on your friends list gets killed by one of the Orc Generals then it shows in your game that that particular Orc killed one of your friends and you would get bonuses if you got revenge and killed him. But the Orc Generals also get promotions any time they kill a player, so if one kills you or a friend, then next time they have better armor, weapons, and stats.

It is a great game but it sounds like all those features I just mentioned will go away if they are shutting down online for it. But still, those were only noticeable if you had friends that also played it. So they aren't necessary to play the game at all, but it was a cool little feature.

Juiceid267d ago

That feature was great. Ordering armies to train and the constant ambush attacks were not. Some of the enemies were stupidly powerful and resilient to certain attacks. The last time I played I entered a new area and was ambushed by four enemies at once. That was it for me, couldn’t even muster up the desire to finish the story.

TheSinsibleOne267d ago

One of the most underrated games this gen. If you had to explain what was in this. It would sound like a witcher scale masterpiece. Not saying it is. But it's a damn good game.

Darkborn267d ago

Looking forward to their next release.