Sony: No New PSVR Games On PS5, Hitman, NMS Need PS4 Version

PSVR games on PS5 aren't happening for now, Sony confirmed. If you want to play Hitman 3 or No Man's Sky in VR, you need PS4 versions.

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BigBosss23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Figured. That's why the PS5 supports PSVR for the PS4 games and future PS4 VR games and only the PSVR2 will support PS5 VR games.

crazyCoconuts22d ago

Maybe this is to draw a line where ps5 games no longer need to support the original PSVR. It's a little confusing right now though since nothing has been announced regarding psvr2

bouzebbal22d ago

We haven't got new psvr games in a while..

WireMucks22d ago

@bouzebbal ,... That is complete BS,... This year was probably the biggest year in terms of game releases on PSVR,.. There are almost too many great game coming out every month,.. to the point I cannot even go trough everything that is being released,..

On topic,.. : Still hope at least some of the games get PS5 PSVR patches,.. It would be amazing if we got everything to play on native reso,.. Because that is basically the only complaint I have with some games,.. PSVR is the best thing I've experienced in gaming.

SullysCigar22d ago

^ @WireMucks, couldn't agree more. Ti's year has been a bumper year for new PSVR games in terms of quantity AND quality!

The top 25 lists have been turned upside down repeatedly as new games come out to put the ones we previously thought were great to shame.

Same regarding PS5 too, I'm just looking forward to the natural boost it will offer where frameratesand resolutions aren't locked. The latter will bring clarity to some stunning games that the PS4 can't quite offer. LOVE VR!

NeoGamer23221d ago

Maybe VR just doesn't have enough of a following or the tech isn't far enough long yet to justify it.

I love VR, it is the ultimate gaming experience but there are issues and I am not sure they are resolved or resolvable yet.

I think in 10 years VR will be there. No question it is here to stay. Just not mainstream yet.

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mac_sparrow22d ago

Okay, I'm excited for the PS5 and I fully support the concept of generations, but as a day one PSVR owner who then upgraded to the HDR passthrough model, I'll admit this is disappointing.

I totally understand the idea of drawing a line in the sand and moving to a newer, better version in the future (that controller video looked great), but they could have gone with a new box art badge of 'PSVR2 REQUIRED' or something.

I'll keep using my PSVR and enjoying it, but some new games would have been nice.

crazyCoconuts22d ago

I think you'll get new games, they'll just be running in PS4 pro compatibility mode most likely

crazyCoconuts22d ago

So how would you play no man's sky vr on a ps5? Can you opt to play the PS4 version on the ps5?

Babadook722d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Yes. It works the same as on PS4 but you need a camera adapter for PS5 (which is free from the following link)

Nodoze22d ago

Million dollar question is whether or not the PS5 upscales PS4 PSVR titles. Providing a faster frame rate would work wonders for motion sickness.

Why does Sony persist with this cryptic information. Give us some solid messaging. What works? What doesn't? What is the benefit? More specifically DO WHAT MS is doing. They have come out with very specific messaging on what works (all games are back compat that worked on prior consoles), the benefits (framerate increase, 120 FPS in some games, 60FPS in some games etc).

BE SPECIFIC. It just seems that all Jimmy boy Ryan wants to do is tout how he is going sell more PS5's than PS4's.

Profchaos22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I know I'm just as frustrated as a person who plans to sell their ps4 pro for the 5 given that BC is present I won't need it but I want to keep VR and continue playing I want to know will my experience improve should I just not update hitman to a ps5 version just want a clear message.

neutralgamer199222d ago


Sure I'm sure he needs your advice it's not like PS5's are sold out and their message has been crystal clear that's why they are giving free adopters for psvr to work on PlayStation 5

Clear message from ms what like how they won't tell you if Bethesda games will be exclusive to their consoles or not oh wait they are dancing around that question

or how about they answer the fact when will they ever release AAA Blockbuster exclusive for their console? 2022? Yeah clear messages

They got smashed this generation and instead of being prepared for next generation and getting started on that preparation 3 to 4 years ago they are just as unprepared now for next generation

So forgive me but no I Don't want Sony to be like Microsoft when it comes to messaging

TheRealTedCruz22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Oh, okay.
So what your little tangent says to me is you're openly admitting you give full pass to any example of when Sony acts cryptic, or withholds information, about aspects of next gen, but gladly call out Microsoft any time they do.

Not biased nor hypocritical at all.

And oh yes; MS is so unprepared they acquired multiple award winning developers, now own some of the biggest series had in gaming, and offer the world's most popular game subscription service, which will bring in billions, itself, and is only growing in size.

Christ they're in a bad way :^)

King_Noctis22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

“ Clear message from ms what like how they won't tell you if Bethesda games will be exclusive to their consoles or not oh wait they are dancing around that question“

MS clearly said the games will be decided on a case by case basis, and more decision will be made after MS fully acquired Bethesda next year.

“ or how about they answer the fact when will they ever release AAA Blockbuster exclusive for their console? 2022?“

Their games are in development mate. How can they release any of them if those games aren’t finished yet?

“ So forgive me but no I Don't want Sony to be like Microsoft when it comes to messaging”

So what would you rather Sony do? Keep delivering cryptic messages?

neutralgamer199222d ago


world's most popular subscription service based on what data? best service becomes best with best games not by AA GAAS

I am not giving any passes man it is what it is just like xbox side gives ms a free pass for not having any legit AAA exclusives till maybe fall 2021? sony can act this way because they know they have the market share(not saying it's right) this is why ms losing everything they had gained with xbox360 is not even bigger loss

do you know how hard it is to convince gamers of one console to switch. it's a hard sell for many especially when they switched from xbox360 to ps4 now they have huge libraries and friends who play on PlayStation.


just answer me this very simple question: what was phil doing for past 4-5 years? xbox was doing so badly they stopped releasing sales data, knowing they lost the market share how are they not more prepared for next gen? legit question don't give me any BS. so you mean to tell me it's only recently they realized they need more studios what were they sleeping throughout this gen when both sony and nintendo were releasing AAA blockbusters GOTY contenders

ms are the ultimate definition of front runners when it comes to xbox brand when they start doing good they are touting and releasing all sort of stats when they are 50+ million behind they keep their mouths shut and want to provide hours played

King_Noctis22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

“ just answer me this very simple question: what was phil doing for past 4-5 years?”

Preparation for the new console as well as acquire 17 new studios including Zenimax? Creating one of the best value in gaming in Gamepass (as well as partnering with EA for said service)? And during these years they had also released games like Ori, Forza Horizon, Gears 5, Gears Tactics, MS Flight Simulator, Grounded, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, among many other.

You think it is easy to fix and undone the mistakes that Phil Harrison had caused?

22d ago
neutralgamer199222d ago (Edited 22d ago )


Book mark this in 3-4 years time Phil will be replaced and xbox will get a new boss with same promises as before. Xbox has the slogan wait for next E3 for a reason

Don't blame Phil harrison or even don matrick. Phil has been the lead guy now for whole generation. It's like a sports team going into a rebuild and they stay that way afterwards this is what Xbox brand has been

As someone who bought the OG Xbox over a ps2 this wasn't the original vision. That vision along with that passion has vanished and now we are left with a brand which is trying to become a service

You can say best service I will believe that when they actually start releasing AAA games that can contend with sony and Nintendo. It's easy to put your games on a service it wasn't like people were lining up to pay full price for those games to begin with

You once again gave me a excuse when I simply asked why wasn't Phil and his studios more focused on next gen? Shouldn't they have prepared for this 3+ years ago and have few big AAA games ready at launch

Ps5 will dominate and take the market share once again because in the initial 18-24 months Sony has stacked the deck with exclusives, timed exclusives etc

And another thing Phil has been a higher up at Ms for a while so y'all can blame Dom and harrison all you want but fact if the matter is Phil was on board with that

Book mark this in 3-4 years xbox brand will hit the reset because don't is bringing the hammer down

King_Noctis22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

“ Book mark this in 3-4 years time Phil will be replaced and xbox will get a new boss with same promises as before”

No one can stay in the same position dude. Just look at Sony, after Shawn Layden left and Jim Ryan took the charge, they started to make many blunders especially during the past few months when it comes to the PS5.

“ You once again gave me a excuse when I simply asked why wasn't Phil and his studios more focused on next gen?”

Aren’t Fable, project Mira, Hellblade 2, Awoved, Forza Motorsport, Everwild, SoD 3, and to a certain extent Halo Infinite all next gen games? While you’re right that they should have prepared sooner, you’ve gotta realize that MS is not all about Xbox. Phil just can’t go straight to Satya Nadella and demand him to hand over billion of dollars to spend on Xbox, especially after the mess that Harrison/Mattrick had made. Everything take time.

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jukins22d ago

They've already said certain psvr titles will have smoother framerates

Profchaos22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Yeah I think they will run in backwards compatibility mode with a ps5 profile however I can't recall any games that I've played on psvr with poor framerates or bad frame pacing by its very nature that would make you extremely sick.

It's possible that Sony wants to keep VR games playable on both ps4 and ps5 as there's only about 6 million VR units out there splintering the market would hurt that community but that's me giving them the benifit out the doubt I just hope this isn't the end of VR as I really love the platform and I'm excited for the future of VR plus I just love the simplicity of console VR over PC vr I know the limitations easier and there's less fine tuning.

The only time I've experienced a jitter in VR would be Skyrim only a handful of times

jukins22d ago

Right now the one that sticks out for me is iron man vr. Besides the horrendous load times. When rhe action gets heavy the fps dropped significantly enemies almost tick across the screen and that causes nasty blur as well Its totally distracting but with solid fps it wouldn't be an issue.

SullysCigar22d ago

I've been loving Star Wars Squadrons and that's one of the games that has dynamic resolution. Really looking forward to trying that on PS5!

jukins22d ago

Not entirely accurate. Psvr has 3 modes. 90hz native 120h, native and 60fps interpolated to 120hz

Rhythmattic21d ago

The Screens refresh rate is 120Hz.. The minimum Requirement that sony enforcers is 60 for certification.
Only a few games run at a 120hz output....

yeahokwhatever20d ago

its almost always a 120hz reprojection. like 1 game has bothered to use a 90hz refresh (basically pointless to not use reprojection)

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kryteris22d ago

So no ps5 exclusive? ugh. that will just hold back vr. damn. I suppose if they can make the game look great with upscaling or hd textures should last til the new unit.

MrNinosan22d ago

It’s exactly the other way around.
They do this to make Ps5 exclusive VR games.

crazyCoconuts22d ago

I think you're right. Otherwise why restrict it?

BLAKHOODe22d ago

This could also mean PSVR 2 will be sooner than later since VR players will be deprived for so long. Sony has already said it's not happening in 2021, but 2022 is a real possibility

AriesBear22d ago

Mmhmm. VR is fun but you're buying or using an amazing 4K HDR TV to support the visuals of the console. why would you want to diminish that quality with lower res VR? Doesn't make sense. It's a gimmick. Invest that money in a good name brand 4K TV with earc support, high hdr nit, surround sound .

boing122d ago (Edited 22d ago )

VR is definitely not for everyone but you shouldn't be so ignorant about it. It's a subjective thing. Flat screen won't give you this experience, no matter the resolution.

Profchaos22d ago

Because one word immersion.
I can have the best tv in the world but playing star wars squadrons will always be a better experience when I can look up to see an enemy tie fighter flying overhead vs flatscreen gamers who may be playing at 4k but can't see the battlefield like I can

subzero199222d ago

VR is just too isolating. I don't like using it at home alone and for it to be truly immersive you need space. That required me to move furniture around. Too much of a hassle for the 15/20 minute experiences.

Profchaos22d ago

It's not for everyone it's not isolating IMO as I play social games like squadrons and firewall frequently the latter has a really positive community also but unless you have studio headphones with noise cancelling on you can still hear the outside world.

I can understand feeling vulnerable if you can't see.or hear and see alone so no judgement but ive never felt that while being home alone the way the tech is I still feel as if I have a presence in the world and I'm mostly immersed but I know what is happening in my outside world. Probably the only time I've not clocked something is when my dog licked my hands when playing Skyrim and made me jump pretty high

FlyingFoxy22d ago

"why would you want to diminish that quality with lower res VR?"

Someone has obviously never heard of pixel density, why argue over this if you have no clue what you're talking about?

Profchaos22d ago

Immersion If you look at psvr screenshots the games look basic and not that nice but play it and it's the last thing on your mind

generic-user-name22d ago

You sound like someone who has nevrr used VR. No TV display can compare.

Rhythmattic21d ago

Aries ?
A gimmick?
The difference between Pancake gaming and VR is HUGE.
YEH..... Res7 on a 4K tv over PSVR... NOT.

Ridiculous to call int a gimmick.. The gimmick is your statement.

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