Video Games Coming Out in November 2020

Get the lowdown on all the games coming out in November! Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Spider-Man, Demon's Souls, and more!

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Jackhass87d ago

Yeah, between games and consoles, it's going to be an ramen month for some.

SullysCigar86d ago

I'm only getting one game - Demon's Souls.

I won't need any others, as I'll also be working through the 20 odd free ones on the Plus Collection (that I haven't already played), Bugsnax on PS+ at launch (we'll see if it turns out good) and then Destruction All Stars on PS+ in Feb. So I'll recoup some money by not buying any games for a couple of months lol

If I can't borrow Miles Morales from my mate in exchange for Demon's Souls, I'll just pick it up in the new year!

Chris_Wray87d ago

Cyberpunk moving is an obvious blow, but there are so many games coming out, it's just insanely crammed.

Jackhass87d ago

Yeah, a lot of November games breathing easy now that Cyberpunk has moved.

SyntheticForm86d ago

For people who just wanted to play Cyberpunk and didn't care about fidelity and performance, yeah, it's a blow and I understand.

Personally, I never intended on playing this game on anything less than a PS5 or Series X, and it looks like I'll be playing it on PS5.

I just want a great Cyberpunk console experience and I'm sure PS5 will be able to facilitate that nicely.

phoenixwing87d ago

Most excited for yakuza like a dragon for my pc. It would have been cyberpunk but we all know what happened.

NEXUS-686d ago

Get that muck out of here - AC will be run of the mill tripe.

ArchangelMike86d ago

They've got Godfall listed for PS4. I'm guessing that's a typo right?

SullysCigar86d ago

It's AndroidCentral - just look at the rumours they're peddling in the text above - on a 'news' article - and you get their angle lol

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