Demon’s Souls on PS5: Here’s what’s changing

New details on photo mode, multiplayer, World Tendency, and more.

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ziggurcat33d ago

“The only thing we change about World Tendency is that we felt that it was difficult to understand what tendency you were in in the original”

Yeah, it was damned near impossible to tell whether you were white or pure white tendency. Don't recall whether it was as difficult to tell if you were black/ or pure black, but I honestly avoided going that route as much as possible when I played it a decade ago.

garos8233d ago

can someone give a tl:dr on this article, not giving polygon any clicks

P_Bomb33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

*You can play with the OG PS3 filter on
*You can play with the OG PS3 camera
*Cinematic and performance modes
*Original voice cast returned
*Full symphony enhanced the score
*Bladestone type drop rates improved
*No easy difficulty
*Top notch photo mode is top notch
*World tendency UI improved
*Boss exploits fixed, other classic quirks remain
*Healing grass has encumbrance to improve PvP
*New content and surprises but no 6th archstone

garos8233d ago

not all heroes wear capes, unless you are a wearing a cape! thanks

CrimsonWing6932d ago

Doing the Lord’s work here.

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zacfoldor33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I know a significant segment of the gaming populace don't "get" Souls games.

You have to fight through the frustration, as the game is actively out to trick you, trap you, out-think you, maybe even frusterate you a little. The game is testing your resolve. I would imagine, few make it through those first hours.

However, for those that persevere, the rewards are great and unprecedented in mainstream gaming. That is why I look at a new Souls game(or a new Nioh game) like Christmas. Once I've had my taste of that pure satisfaction and enjoyment, nothing else is like it. If you buy this game and decide that it is too hard, my advice is to not give up. Indeed I suggest you endeavor to persevere. The rewards may stay with you always.

Vanfernal33d ago

Having grown with the NES and playing the holy trinity of frustration (Ninja Gaiden, Ghosts N Goblins and Battletoads) I immediately fell in love with Demon's Souls when it came out. That feeling of persevering and accomplishment had been lost in gaming at that moment. That was around the time all games where fps where you just go from checkpoint to checkpoint until you beat the game.

Chevalier32d ago

Ninja Gaiden 1 was pretty hard, part 2 was easy, but, part 3 absolutely destroyed me

WelkinCole32d ago

Yeah, regenerative health. Shoot, get hit, find cover, recover, shoot. Repeat until the end.

u-bEttA-rUn30d ago

How about that Ninja Turtles game on Nintendo anybody here beat that? 🤔 probably not 😂😂😂 🤷
Talk about high blood pressure

WGAF32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I used to play this back then on the ps3. It was interesting back then. I remember ed my first encounter with that knight at the top of the castle. I couldn't counter him and he can kill me in one hit, not to mention he has a long lancer if I remember correctly. So I ran away, and to my surprise, he chase after me all the way back. That was nerve wracking at the time.

After multiple successive games after (dark soul, bloodborn) however, I find these games are a bit lacking in the way you can approach an enemy or bosses. It is all about remembering patterns, wait for your turn before you can come in for a couple of hits and back out, rinse and repeat. So imho, I think Sekiro bring that freshness to the genre a bit (allow more aggressive approach if you have the skill to do so).

Perhaps I'm more used to ninja garden, DMC, bayonetta kinda game play where its allow you much more flexibility in your approach which I feel more rewarding (if you can master such highly skill mechanics).

Demon soul is still a very good game if you are into dark soul types game or are not fatigue with the gameplay mechanic. I think I play it way too much back then, therefore, I dont feel that excited about it anymore.