Rare’s Everwild Has Lost Its Creative Director

In a statement issued to VGC, the Microsoft owned studio confirmed the departure and insisted that Everwild development would be in good hands going forward.

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DazaMc25d ago

They're dropping like flies!

DJStotty25d ago

Or it is just your standard member of staff that has got a different job, maybe that?

RpgSama25d ago

The creative director is not your "standard member of the staff" that leaves halfway.

DJStotty25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

He handed his resignation in over a month ago after having significant time off, chances of him currently having heavy involvement in the current project are zero.

regardless of his position.

This will be the "hottest" news of the week now, when really it should be the coldest.

medman25d ago

The trouble could be smelled way back in July, when statements from the studio after the conference said that they had no idea what the game even was at that point, and no gameplay mechanics had been decided yet.


DJStotty25d ago


Exactly, everyone spelling "oh my 1st party disaster" on a game that is not nailed down gameplay elements.

Truth be told, Everwild will be fine.

Hungryalpaca25d ago

You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

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lifeisgamesok25d ago

This was one of the few games on the XSX I was interested in because of the art style

NEXUS-625d ago

Another one bites the dust - something isn't right at ms 1st party studios.

DJStotty25d ago

They seem fine to me, this will not make xbox fans even flinch.

But for some reason, Sony fans are twitching?

NEXUS-625d ago

Yep - twitching with laughter.

Does 343i look fine? Isn't that one of ms's biggest studios? Deflect all you like - the reality is looking fairly grim.

medman25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

What should make you "flinch" is the fact there are zero, zero, I'll say it again, zero xbox first party studio games launching anytime soon. Halo in 2021 might be all there is for 2021, and it's not looking so great. According to Microsoft's own statements at the July conference, everything else is in early development, even Forza, so.......maybe you should be flinching?

Gamepass is fantastic, but it doesn't cover the fact that Microsoft still, after suffering through an entire generation of sporadic first party title production, is in the same boat starting this next generation. Hard to believe.

DJStotty25d ago

No flinching here fella's, i will just play any 1st party games when they launch.

Plenty of 3rd party games to keep me going till then, The medium, the gunk, gears tactics, cyberpunk 2077, COD cold war, Fifa 21.

I won't be losing sleep.

Hungryalpaca25d ago

They’re twitching with excitement waiting for a console that actually has games launching with it, which all also look like they’ll be great.

You seem to be tweaking out in full defence mode.

You fanboys aren’t even buying the console. It’s being out preordered like crazy.

I’m primarily a PC gamer and I can even see this. Halo is my favourite franchise, been with it since 2001 launch day. Got Xbox live back when halo 2 released. 343 has completely turned me away from Halo. They don’t “get it”.

Plus I can just pay for gamepass for a month, beat what ever mediocre (most of them recently have been very bland) exclusive MS releases and unsubscribe.

PlayStation fans are elated and celebrating how good their games look and you’re here on defence mode.

Rather than admit it’s not good news you just brush it off. You also seem to think the creative director is a minor role. I guess Steven Spielberg’s role in Jurassic Park and Jaws wasn’t important.

neutralgamer199225d ago


what i really don't understand is how ms is unprepared. Son'y released amazing exclusives and even have them ready at launch. Ms took this gen off and they have absolutely nothing to show for it besides acquisitions. By the time ms finally starts with exclusives this gen will be over and ps5 will be leading a major way once more(and ms will react by replacing phil spencer, phil was given this gen failures a pass but what will be the excuse next gen)

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lifeisgamesok25d ago

I hear their GDK's are a lot of work, much more than the typical SDK. Trying to get games to run on Xbox One X, Series S/X, PC and Xcloud has to be a ton of work especially without good tools and software stacks

NEXUS-625d ago

I've heard that also, and the assumptions that xbox one s will hamper development are more than likely true. Seems ms has spread itself too thin, they had trouble producing decent games this gen - to add more work for their devs is short sighted and frankly stupid.

Zhipp25d ago

I would imagine that M$ has the best tools in the business. I've heard nothing but good things about them going all the way back to the OG Xbox days.

Mcardle25d ago

Oh please, so when Amy Hennig left Naughty dog in similar circumstances, something wasn't right at Sony studios? People come and go and studios move on, Amy being forced out hasn't stopped Naughty Dog making great titles and I don't see why the same doesn't apply to Rare. They've been doing decent work of late.

NEXUS-625d ago

BIG difference between 'great' and 'decent'.

Amy being forced out and someone (I think 3, from 2 different studios at last count) leaving a project half way through are completely different things.

See the post above - no launch games, maybe 1 or 2 1st party games in 2021 - this is indefensible and should be taken seriously.

Not looking good.

Unknown_Gamer579425d ago

What's with MS first party titles and prominent individuals leaving their dev teams?

DJStotty25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Maybe they have moved to another internal studio to work on a different game?

Maybe they have got another job?

Maybe they were no good at their job and got the boot?

Who knows, but this will happen with all studios, across all platforms, you really think they do a public announcement every time someone wants a change?

NEXUS-625d ago

Considering they can't define what the game actually is - it's a significant achange and another blow for ms studios.

DJStotty25d ago

The guy has left for personal reasons, who resigned earlier this month after time off.

This will not affect the game everwild, nor the studio itself.

DJStotty25d ago

"No reason was given for the creative director’s decision to leave, though studio sources told VGC that he had been absent for some time after submitting his resignation earlier this month."

So it was his own decision to resign after he had quite a lot of time off? So nothing going wrong with the studio, just a personal decision.

Next article....

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Atom66625d ago

Hopefully he's the guy who came up with the world aesthetic (which is beautiful), but couldn't figure out what type of game it actually is going to be.

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