Xbox Has Tested Series X and S Backwards Compatibility for 500,000 Hours

Jason Ronald has reviled on Twitter that every Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One game playable on the Xbox One will also be playable on the Xbox Series X and S at launch. - IGN

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TheScotsman31d ago

How is my comment inappropriate, wtf, talk about hit the nail on the head

SegaGamer31d ago

Maybe because people are sick of these constant fanboy comments. You people are just regurgitating the same s*** every day.

gravedigger31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I wondering why IGN left out word "TODAY" from Ronald's tweet???

After 500K+ hours of testing, we’re are excited to share that all Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games playable on Xbox One today, except for the handful that require Kinect, will be available – and look and play better – on Xbox Series X|S at launch.

That means all games that are playable on XB1 to date will be playable on XSX, NOT ALL released games since first Xbox till today.

1899 XB1 + 577 XB360 + 42 OXB
So little more than 3200 games.


Also, Xbox tweeted this at the beginning of Oct :

The largest launch line-up of any new console, ever.

But when Sony announced over 4000 PS4 games will be playable on PS5, Xbox twitter acc. changed to this around 2 weeks ago :
The largest launch lineup in Xbox history

1000s of playable games across generations

30 titles fully optimized for Xbox Series X|S this holiday

20 Smart Delivery titles that upgrade for free on Xbox Series X|S

All available at launch

Makes sense since PS4 can play 50 PS2 games and Xbox One can play 42 OG Xbox Games
Xbox One can also play 577 360 games whereas PS4 can play 0 PS3 games
PSN store has 2976 PS4 games and MS Store has 1899 Xbox One games

Missing numbers of PS Store games are japanese maybe???

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jznrpg32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I wonder how many next gen games other companies could have made with those hours

Atom66632d ago

You think QA testers make the games?

Rimeskeem31d ago

Nah but I think QA testers could have been testing games built for new gen.

laserap32d ago

This is damning as far as I'm concerned. Only a minority of Gamers want to play old games on their new Systems. The MAJORITY of gamers want to play NEW games.

Maybe you should have learned about the horrible situation Halo: Infinite was in over a year ago and put some more man-power into that game, maybe put some more hours into that game's development? How come you couldn't tell a long time ago that game was in a garbage state?

Whatever. You're starting the new gen, neck and neck with Sony. Lets see who ends up getting the early lead. Lets see who ends up winning the race.

Blaze92932d ago

If the "majority" of gamers want to play new games - i doubt Sony and MS would waste time making that a selling point then. I think they might know a bit more about what the "majority" wants and

As with any new launch - current gen games will still run it for at least another year and if "majority" of people don't upgrade asap - friends still want to play with friends.

Chevalier32d ago

" If the "majority" of gamers want to play new games - i doubt Sony and MS would waste time making that a selling point then. "

And yet PS4 didn't have it and will be probably will be the 2nd highest selling Playstation console. The Switch absolutely dominated Xbox and all without BC.

Zhipp31d ago

Both the Switch and PS4 got a ton of ports and collections of old games, though.

darthv7232d ago

you'd have a point if the new hardware did nothing to these previous games but it enhances them to literally make them into whole new experiences. And for those who never had and XBO this gen... this would be the first time many of them played some of these games. So you can see them as old (existing) but for those who never played it, it's all new to them. And they get to experience some of them even better than those of us who played them on the XBO. Jedi Fallen Order in 60fps on the SX is now a reality where the Pro/OneX only did 40-50fps. New hardware can make old games feel like new.

laserap31d ago

New experiences? Get off it. You'll get used to the 60 fps in an hour. They are the same games taht you've already played

Chris1231d ago

@laserap, why is there always an assumption you have already played every game? I work for a living and have a constant backlog. I still have Jedi Fallen Order and Squadrons to play for example, I'm not starting those now knowing they will both be enhanced. People make BC sound like games have to be 10 years old, but very recent games will also get the benefit.

RedDevils31d ago

Got it all on PC, no need to buy a brand new console to play xbox games.

1Victor31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@ Darth just because someone didn’t play ET the extraterrestrial doesn’t mean it’s a new game regardless of Bering the first time played.
Rancid food isn’t (new) fresh food just because you haven’t had it before

Mr Logic29d ago

Yes, because you played them on console in the first place, like the peasant you are.

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Atom66632d ago

Hey look, Minecraft and GTAV are still the most popular games on the planet.

So much for your theory.

Zeeb32d ago

That may be true but that's not moving the art or the industry forward.

When I see GTA top the chats over and over it makes me a little sad to be honest.

Atom66631d ago

To each their own.

I think the titles that most move the medium forward are often discarded as indie trash by many because they aren't "AAA" blockbuster SP narratives. I deal with it because gaming is so widespread that there's something for everyone.

And what's new to you, isn't new to everyone else.

There's been literally thousands of games released this gen. I didn't play them all, did you?

All this whining is just fanboy nonsense. MS has 30+ teams making "new" games. We all know that they're coming. But for the short term, this is a nice talking point for the kids to rant about. Tiresome, but not surprising.

RememberThe35732d ago

Just some context, not making any sort of point because I intent to play at least a few BC games and I know times change but;

Neonridr32d ago

speak for yourself. I have a huge backlog of PS4 games. Now I don't have to keep both systems hooked up. That's a good thing. Stop complaining.

TheRealTedCruz31d ago

How about who the hell actually cares? Both consoles are obviously going to be successful.

I am never going to understand the nerdy, tribalistic mentality behind these fanboy console wars.

I play freaking games. They're f*****g videogames. If I'm enjoying a game, I don't give a single s**t if there's another plastic box that sold more than the one I'm playing on. It takes no entertainment value away from me.

soggyfalcon31d ago

Which is why your in every thread talking crap about PlayStation right. You’re just another clown who says “oh I’m such altruistic gamer” to make thier opinion seem valid but act exactly the same as the people you criticize.

1Victor31d ago

@the realted said “ I am never going to understand the nerdy, tribalistic mentality behind these fanboy console wars.”

Grab a pen and write this down ready

It’s fun to make others 🤬 with facts and jokes.

Pen down

DCarnage31d ago

Yes, only a minority of gamers want to play old games on their new systems. That's why remasters and rereleases sell so bad, glad there's none of those horrible things on the market...

Chevalier31d ago


"Both the Switch and PS4 got a ton of ports and collections of old games, though."

You suggesting Xbox didn't as well?!

Halo MCC, Gears HD, Rare Replay, Onimusha, Resident Evil games, Balders Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Borderlands collection, Bioshock collection, Assassin Creeds collection, Megaman collection. These weren't ports and recollections on Xbox?!

You make it sound like Nintendo and Playstation have far more of theses when Xbox has just as many.

LimpTool31d ago

So all the games you already bought you're just willing to let them go. I own hundreds of games and if I couldn't play them again I'd be pissed. Sure I could keep every console I own but having the new consoles that can play those games and also make them play better is a great thing. Just imagine if you bought a new phone and all the apps, music and movies you bought on the old phone didn't work on the new phone.

Smclaren198531d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Wow , why you getting so upset friend. It’s really not worth stressing yourself out over. Arguing won’t get you anywhere

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