Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania Apparently Confirms Tifa's Bra Size

The Ultimania for Final Fantasy VII Remake has almost launched in Japan and with it, some early receivers have revealed a surprising bit of info...32” DDD.

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TheRealTedCruz27d ago

Truly riveting information had here...
Top-tier gaming journalism to be had....

TheColbertinator26d ago

TheRealTedCruz speaking TheRealTruth

Agent_00_Revan26d ago

Finally!! This has kept me up for months. I can now sleep soundly knowing this information.

TricksterArrow26d ago

Judging how many people were crying about her breasts being nerfed before launch, I'd say it's pretty news worthy. /s

medman25d ago

Ted Cruz, fix your face.

While you're at it, fix your personality.

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Knightofelemia27d ago

I care more for info when episode 2 comes out I don't care about the size of Tifa's rack. You can't even touch her rack unless Square does some sort of FF7 porn game or a VR porn game and I don't see that happening.

tehpees326d ago

I recall Tifa's size was due to a bust on one of the animators making her bigger.

Kaedro26d ago

Now my life is complete.

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