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RaidenBlack33d ago

The lucky individual has even got Miles Morales installed.

Doge33d ago

It was originally posted by Dean Takahashi from VentureBeat on Twitter but then deleted after realizing he wasn't supposed to show public use of the UI yet. You can tell from this tweet that it was him:

SmokinAces32d ago

Someones going to Sony jail. lol

32d ago
garos8232d ago

that guy is such a pathetic journalist its not even funny. waste of a preview console if you ask me

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ArchangelMike33d ago

Review copies are in the wild.

*sigh* I wish I was one of the lucky ones who will be getting a PS5 for Christmas, but unfortunately I'll have to wait until next year sometime 😢

ClayRules201233d ago

I’m sorry to hear that, bud. I’m sure the wait’ll be worth it once you do get it next year tho, Mike!

RaidenBlack32d ago

So what are your plans then? Wait till you get next-gen console(s)?
Or ... get some of the cross-gen titles for your current-gen system(s)?

32d ago
SOAD112233d ago

Don’t think I’ll ever have mine near carpet.....

shabz66633d ago

I love that in the ui they have ps now up front and center. Sony should be pushing this service. It has so much potential.

boing133d ago

Hopefully they won't be pushing it where it's not available yet.

shabz66632d ago

Well by definition of pushing it, I do hope they bring it to more territories. Expand their market, it’s best for everyone subscribed to the service.

DragonWarrior1933d ago

I'm sure they will more and more through the generation, especially if they can get people the ability to actually download PS2/3 games instead of crappy unreliable streaming only. PS Now's only real weakness.

shabz66632d ago

For now only the ps3 games on psnow are for streaming only

Gamist2dot033d ago

How the hell do you play comfortably when the tv is on the floor?

CoNn3rB32d ago

Honestly this is the thing that is bothering me most about this whole article

TitaniumExposed_VIP33d ago

Hey, good to know that the light stays blue and not fade to white like the PS4. It will look sick in my poorly lit man-cave!

Stanjara33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yeah, I always though that it supposed to be other way around. When you turn on the PS4, controller goes from white to blue, and console goes from blue to white.
To this day I don't know why, and it bothers me.
I hope that the console and a controller have the same color this time.

Edit: But I kinda see that is the same as ps4.
I think that is white.

VenomUK33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I'll be happy with it if it does stay blue! I remember the PS4 console reveal with the blue light and it looked great, and it does on boot up - but it doesn't stay blue!

TitaniumExposed_VIP33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

@Stanjara @VenomUK
I may have jumped into conclusion too soon on this one, i don't know, it seem like its a dim blue light on the pic but it may be a illusion caused by the screen light. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.