PS5 DualSense is one of the coolest controllers ever made

The PS5 DualSense controller shines in Astro's Playroom

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Jin_Sakai947d ago

Man, I’ve never seen so much praise for a controller. This thing must be amazing!

TheScotsman946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

And deserved, it's the difference between Ms and Sony, next gen really is next gen this time. People will say the elite series 2 pad is better., Which is a great pad, buy untill people have hands on they will never know. It's the same as VR, people will hate till they enter it or use it

The Wood946d ago

. . .or until their console of choice have it or an equivalent. . . . .

SullysCigar946d ago

Yeah I'm thinking those few people that claimed Xbox/switch already had haptic are feeling pretty dumb right about now.

smashman98946d ago

I'm curious. Have you tried it for yourself. I'm only asking because you're speaking like someone who has. I'm excited for the controller too.

boing1946d ago (Edited 946d ago )


I did. I had a chance to try all tech demos quite some time ago. It wasn't a retail version, which probably is even more refined now. I'm saying 'It's amazing!' since then :D. We are all for an absolute treat with this one. I just hope devs will step up and will start using this tech really creatively. You can make the case that 3rd parties won't invest in it as much as Astro Playroom presents, but the tech is so good it's hard to imagine it will get forgotten. Adaptive triggers are awesome. Shooting a bow feels really cool as you can feel the tension rising. Shooting a gun feels like shooting a gun if you add hapticks to it. Possibilities are endless. This is exactly what people should expect from next-gen console.

DarkZane946d ago

@SullysCigar they do have it, but it's pretty basic and it doesn't even come close to what the Dualsense has.

darthv72946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

@sully, why would they feel dumb? Those controllers do have it but Sony has taken what those others did and combined it and improved it. That is usually how it goes. It's okay to acknowledge when someone does something first even though someone else may have made it better.

@scottsman, I've never used an elite controller but I do hear good things. And its funny as i am a big controller collector but that is one that is just out of my price range but eventually i will get both the series 1 and 2. I for one am really big on comfort and until the XBO I felt the 360 had the best feel in the hands. The DS4 was a huge improvement over the previous DS controllers as i really liked the longer, more rounded grips and it countoured to the hands better (for me anyway).

This new DS is even wider and has grips that look to be very similar to the XBO and so i know already that it will be comfortable. Add in all the new 'feel' that it will produce and I can safely say it will dethrone the XBO as my favorite controller for comfort and long lasting game play. Can't wait to get one and a pair of those new headphones to make my PSVR experience even more enjoyable.

boing1946d ago


Not really sure where you think Sony took Adaptive Triggers from? Can you point me in the right direction? Or do you mean this rumble in the triggers Xbox has? That's a completely different feature. I don't think I've ever seen such tech in a controller, and on such scale.

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ALL in for the haptics and whatnot, but I just feel like we need a separate, hour-long rundown of the feel of the controller itself. What’s interesting to me is that there are a lot of comparisons to the Xbox one controller, but I get a vibe closer to the switch pro controller based on its shape- especially the back? Would be interested to hear how it stacks up against that too. Cannot wait to get these greasy paws on that controller.

Shane Kim946d ago

Why? It's like describing sex. You need to try it out yourself otherwise it won't be the same.

boing1946d ago

I concur. It's similiar case like with VR. You 'think' you know how it feels, until you actually try it.

I_am_Batman946d ago

From all the information that's out there, I feel like I have a good idea on what to expect. I honestly don't know what else they could say to make it clearer without having people trying it out for themselves.


Got to admit you’re all making sense, I just want to hear more about it.

ughhhhhh just hope it glides right into the hand.

NEXUS-6946d ago

Just go one step further - it is the greatest controller ever made.

S2Killinit946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Hell yes. Cant wait

Father__Merrin946d ago

Game changer this is. Games will play best on PlayStation, looks like Sony invested in next gen controls

946d ago
darthv72946d ago

I don't know about "play" best but perhaps "feel" best is a better way to put it.

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