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Sony has dropped the DualShock in favour of the DualSense, a new controller for its PS5 console that's packed with next-gen features. But will they get used?

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potatoseal34d ago

"Sony's brave decision to scrap over 20 years of DualShock success and effectively start again with the DualSense instantly pays off because it feels next-generation straight away. Not in a year. You experience it the instant you feel that Haptic Feedback kick in or try to squeeze those Adaptive Triggers. You know it the moment you hear sound transition across the device or issue a voice command to the user interface."

SlappingOysters34d ago

The more I hear about it, the more it sounds like the DualSense could be a defining feature between the two consoles.

Rhythmattic34d ago

check out the Skill up Vid at Sony Sydney .. It seems it really is not a gimmick but a game changer... Thats all they could talk about.

Livingthedream34d ago

Honestly sounds interesting, not really a selling point for me, but seems like a cool feature.

---SLUG---34d ago

You might not have a great grasp of the terms “game changer” and “gimmick” if you think something can simultaneously be both.

meganick34d ago

A gimmick is not necessarily bad. Gimmicks can be good as well.

RickRoland34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Yep, the wiimote was a gimmick...a very popular, game changing gimmick.

BlaqMagiq134d ago

Obviously a game changer. This looks to be the greatest controller ever made.

oof4634d ago

Those adaptive triggers have piqued my curiosity.

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