PlayStation 5 hands-on impressions | Finder

Finder has gone hands-on with Sony's next generation PlayStation 5 console. Here's their PS5 review in progress.

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SlappingOysters31d ago

Of the two consoles it sounds like PS5 is the one that will have the actual wow factor when you turn it on, even if the bulk of the first run of good games are multi format.

Profchaos30d ago

Yeah absolutely the early previews for the series X are basically like it's a fast Xbox and switches games good.
The conversation around ps5 is more how your gaming experience will evolve

ziggurcat30d ago

"There's no longer an optical audio port (which could cripple many home theatre set-ups)."

Someone doesn't know how home theatres work.

If you have a sound bar that only connects with optical, you plug the HDMI from the console directly to your TV, and run the optical from the TV to the sound bar. Nothing would be "crippled." If you have an AVR, then you wouldn't need optical at all unless your AVR wasn't 4K-capable, in which case you would connect it the same way (HDMI from console to TV then optical to AVR).

Rhythmattic30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Just pointing out, Though Old tech I have, A Panny Plasma... (Been bloody Brilliant, still is) , Its Optical out runs into my receiver, Consoles , Media Devices via HDMI... However, My Panny Doesn't do Decode/Pass through from the HDMI to Optical... Optical is only for the Digital tuner in my case....
Though Will be upgrading soon, Just want to point out People should first confirm the TV's Capabilities , just to be sure..... Sure, Maybe all new TV's do this, but never assume.

WireMucks30d ago

I am just glad my PS4 games will work with DS4,.. Have shit tons of those,..(some so damn overused it is funny they still kinda work)

nzjono30d ago

"But its like getting a VB while your mates are drinking Stone & Wood." ROFL brilliant analogy, let me guess you are on the GC?

Rhythmattic30d ago

Well, Im typing this chugging a VB, and about to grab another...
I like a beer for a hard earned thirst....
I do enjoy my wheat beers, Love a Coopers Sparkling , Though the Pale Ale tastes like used Dishwater... Its disgusting.. Furphys covers my Pale ale.... But, If you want a Beer that is but beyond , well beer... Forbidden Fruit. OMG. It is what these micro breweries will never achieve.

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