Battlefield 3 Was Released on Oct. 25 & Is Still the Best Battlefield Game of All-Time

Battlefield 3 was released nine years ago this past weekend (October 25), and it's still the best Battlefield game of all-time and here's why.

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ikarodemon38d ago

Just No! Battlefield 2 is the best and Bad Company 2 is the second!

Snookies1238d ago

Bad Company 2's multi-player was amazing...

Nitrowolf238d ago

BC2 my favorite one, but 3 does have a place for me also

annoyedgamer38d ago

It still has players on PC and works on Linux.

isarai38d ago

I miss Bad Company 2, especially the way each new weapon unlock felt fresh, new, and like an actual improvement from your previous gun. Now most guns are almost identical, and nearly all have frustrating shortcomings.

LordoftheCritics38d ago

Just No! Battlefield 3 is the best and Battlefield 2 is the second!

excaliburps37d ago

Eh. BF3 is tops and I consider BC2 the second-best. BF2 is good in the sense that it had all these features we'd see in future franchise release, but it was rough in some areas.

Elwenil37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

BF1942. BF1943 was generic, dumbed down, garbage.

CorndogBurglar37d ago

Bad Company 2
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 3

This is the way

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RaidenBlack38d ago

Come to think of it, most BFs were pretty good. Never tried the console excusive BF2: Modern Combat. But i've heard it ain't that bad. BF1943, BF2, BF3 were the landmarks. BF1 was special.
And BF:V kinda ruined the streak. DiCE should'nt have given up on it. It could've been the largest Battlefield game till date. With huge plethora of content to add. Its the WW2 after all.
I mean ... people are not giving up on Fallout 76 or Anthem. And BF:V was in a much more polished state than these after the Pacific update. Ruined a pretty good opportunity.

Elwenil37d ago

I think a lot of people confuse the PC only BF2 with the console BF2 version, which was not the same. Similarly people seem to confuse BF1942 with the later console remake, BF1943.

Timzster37d ago

Nine years already and still with a dedicated fanbase of its own. Happy Anniversary, Battlefield 3!

TheRealTedCruz37d ago

Was definitely my favorite.
My friends and I used to wreck online.

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The story is too old to be commented.