Battletoads Hits a Million Players

Two months after Battletoads' big launch, the dust is finally starting to settle and our heroes are adapting nicely to life in this gaming generation!

Since their brand new adventure released with Xbox Game Pass and on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam on August 20, the development team at Dlala Studios and Rare have been keeping a close eye on responses to the game. It's been wonderful to see the positive reception from so many players and journalists, celebrating how the game stays true to form in its multi-genre, couch co-op nature, all wrapped up in that Saturday morning cartoon styling.

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Hellcat2020276d ago

I played it through gamepass and didn't care to finish it after the horrible motorcycle on rails section
Godawful game

Ready4nxtgen276d ago

This is not battletoads. Gameplay was really cheesy and the combat was boring amd not challenging. Not.impressed

saint_seya276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

I didnt like it, didnt bother to play it. Didnt feel like the old ones (well idk if is in part my fault too, since i played the others when i was a kid, now im 38). Still i think it could have been better, but then again, maybe is good for others, and i can understand that.

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The story is too old to be commented.