Tony Hawk 10 Vs. Skate 2- Tony's Last Chance writes "Next January EA Blackbox will be releasing Skate 2, and you can rest assured that the next Tony, (which would be the 10th title in the main Tony canon) will follow sometime soon. Fans of the series understand why Neversoft had to go back to the drawing board, but they're also worried that a redesign might end up doing more harm than good. What can Tony do to stand a chance against Skate 2? We put together 5 things we felt would give Tony a fighting chance."

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Eiffel3608d ago

Neversoft would do better if they did not release sequels like once a month, they need to take more time and put forth more effort, giving a reason to even make a sequel. Same with Guitar Hero..They are on their 4th title + 3 expansions. They produce games like the Wii produces shovalware.